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    bvImporter - binVox Importer:
    Version: v0.6

    Hi! It is my first Plugin I want to release, I have another one, but it's completly different from this.

    The function of this Plugin is to make VERY easy to import your binvox figures to the Minecraft World, is absolutly recommended use it with WorldEdit to get the best result, but WorldEdit is not necesary because my plugin doesn't use any WE function.
    So, now It is very simple, but I will increase it's features if I see a good feeling of the comunity.
    Sorry If you don't understand me, I am Spanish and I don't know english very well

    • Put bvImporter.jar in your Plugin's directory
    • Starts Bukkit
    • Enter to the game and execute /bvList
    • Now a folder has been created in Plugin's directory so there is where you have to put *.binvox files.
    • When you have the files there, you can put in game /bvList to see the files you have
    • You now need to Load a file so you put /bvLoad FileWithoutExtension
    • When The chat say it has been loaded, you can now Insert, with the command /bvInsert <Id of Material>
    • IT DOES NOT ACCEPT Sub-Types, sorry about that.
    • If you don't like the position of the statue, you can put /bvUndo
    • Any help? /bvHelp

    Next Thought Features:
    • Rotate de Statue
    • Sub-Material Ids

    • Load an Insert binvox files.

    Download The Plugin

    Changelog: Version 0.6
    • Started!

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