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    Biome - Change biomes
    Version: v0.3.1

    Have you ever wanted it to snow in the desert? How about having ghasts and zombie pigmen in your forests? Well, now you can, weirdo.

    Download - Source Code

    Use the /biome command:
    /biome set [biome name] sets the biome in the chunk you're standing in. (Permission: biome.set.chunk)
    /biome get tells you what biome you're standing in. (Permission: biome.get)
    /biome clear returns the biomes in the chunk you're standing in to their natural state. (Permission: biome.clear.chunk)
    /biome list gives you a list of biomes you can use. (Permission: biome.list)

    Having WorldEdit installed on your server adds the ability to use:
    /biome set-selection [biome name], which sets the biome for every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection (Permission: biome.set.selection), and
    /biome clear-selection, which turns every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection back to its original state. (Permission: biome.clear.selection)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixes a bug that would cause Biome not to work on worlds loaded by plugins before Biome initializes
    Version 0.3 (541 downloads)
    • Permissions support. OPs will still get access to all commands.
    • Stopped reporting the wrong biome in Nether and Skylands.
    • Allow global biomes to be set on a per-world basis, configurable in plugins/Biome/config.yml
    Version 0.2 (415 downloads)
    • Added /biome set-selection and /biome clear-selection, which require WorldEdit to be installed.
    • Changed data storage format to allow for sub-chunk accuracy. Old data will be converted seamlessly.
    • WorldEdit is not required, but will allow /biome *-selection commands if it is available.
    Version 0.1 (43 downloads)
    • Released plugin
    • Called everyone a weirdo
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    I had the same problem. For me it was a permission issue.
    With the original plugin the permissions could be:
    - biome.* for administrators

    - biome.get (In which biome I am standing?)
    - biome.list (Which biomes are existing, not yet implemented in K.M.'s version I think)
    - biome.worldguard (Players can only set the biome of their owned World Guard regions)

    At least biome.* is working.
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    Oh wow thats very nice :) Thanks it works now :)

    Is this right that falling no snowflakes? :(
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    It says "Please report the following error to the Biome plugin thread: :/ What should I do? :( I realy want this plugin, and I need it :( Please help me
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    @krhj1110 did you add permissions?
    @StolleJay I wasn't an op, and I hadn't done permissions (im new to bukkit), I think oping myself allowed me all permissions
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    Hi am getting this error when i use any command:
    i am running craftbukkit 1.0.1
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    Please, please update this. It would be used in many different servers.

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    Jake O'Bi

    Thanks man, updated this plugin, it's really kind of you!
    Hope you'll success to fix problems with water, grass, leaves, etc... Because we have a Swamp Biome in the middle of our Ocean on our Big Community Server :)
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    can't up ??? That will be usefull
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    will you be able to change grass color with this plugin?
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    This plugins works with 1.0.1 ?
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    Jake O'Bi

    Yes it works.
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    There is a plugin which (will hopefully soon again) changes the visible weather for Spoutcraft users.
    Unfortunately the developer is not able to update till next year (but it's at least not abandoned).
    Most wanted feature is a worldguard-region based weather. Maybe a collaboration between this two plugins is possible.
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    hey guys,

    if i try to change something or try to find out what biome I'm in, i get this message

    Please report the following error to the Biome plugin thread:

    so I have no idea what is wrong, so I hope you guys can help me.

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    I am planing on updating this plugin. Sadly the dev has been away for a wile :(
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    Karl Marx

    I am having a hard time reproducing the "" error. Can anyone who is getting it tell me any more about the problem? It is a generic message left over from the original code, but it's most likely caused by trying to change biomes in the nether (nether support is currently not available, but I am working to add it to my spin-off plugin.)

    I need to know:
    1. What you were doing when the error occurred (typing a command, logging in, changing worlds...)
    2. What type of world you are in (normal, nether, skylands...)
    3. How your permisisons are set up/ if you are op

    If you have access to the server console/logs, that would ultimately be the most helpful.

    Also, a quick response to some of your posts:
    This plugin does currently support the list command.
    craftbukkit 1.0.1-R1 (or later, probably) is required.
    You need to explicitly have the required permission or be op to use any commands.
    If you get the command help message after trying to use a /biome command, you most likely lack the required permission.
    This will not change the color of grass/leaves in an area, only the behavior of weather.
    If it looks like it is raining in a snowy biome, it is actually snowing. This is normal, and it is related to the grass/leaf coloring issue.
    I plan on adding an accompanying spout component to fix the grass/leaf coloring, but it will come later. If there is another plugin (like properweather) that makes this easier for users, then I would consider working with the developer to make it happen. Of course, they might just make this plugin unnecessary along the way...
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    i have test the biome plugin on a new 1.0.1 bukkit server (recommend build), its no other plugins run at this moment and iam op. i become this error:

    the log shows nothing if i use the /biome command, but its come a error at serverstart:

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    Karl Marx

    From the log you posted, it appears that you are using the old build from the top of the thread. This plugin has been abandoned, and I have unofficially taken it over until my own plugin is finished. See my thread on page 6 for details and a (hopefully) fixed download.

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    so yeah , i don't really know what commands i can use but if I type one it says : and yeah could somebody help plz ? :)
    i'm op at my server so i don't know what's the problem i'm using the newest version of craft bukkit and the version of biomes from page 6 ...
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    I get this weird error: Please report the following error to the Biome plugin thread: WorldChunckManager
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    when trying to set a biome by doing
    /biome set tundra/desert/snow/swamp/forrest it just comes up with the ocmmands u can use...
    like /biome set TYPE /get:/etc.
    whats wrong?I am using the version karl posted on page 6 btw
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    ohhh i dont see it, sorry i will test it now :D

    edit: oh i have see, you have write that the biome change dont change the color of gras, leaves and water :( there is already progress in this direction? :( i need this function so much x.X
  23. Ability to update or data source file please
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    Karl Marx

    Would those who are having problems re-download and post the results? I added an extra check for "the end" type levels that seems to have improved stability.

    If the plugin keeps printing the usage/help message when you try commands, it has most likely failed to load or crashed. Whatever the problem is, it is probably simple to fix, but I need to know what errors are occurring on the server console/logs. Simply posting that the plugin told you to report here does not help; I need info!
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    This is what I get in the server log by starting the server. I have the version of page 6 and also have the permissions.
    I don´t know if this helps to fix the problem, I can´t understand anything of this stuff :)
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    @Karl Marx
    Is there any way to change the map?
    Im planning on making a map with 8 biomes in it.
    And they are all big and not random biomes everywhere.
    so 1 big map with 8 big biomes.
    But im looking for ages everywhere.
    And i cant find a solution for this :S
    I tryed terrain control and some other things.
    But all of this dont actually change the biomes.
    Is there any way to change them or to create a whole new map or something?
    it dont have to be from bukkit it can also be software or a sp mod or something.
    Please tell me there is lol.
    And if there is not then please make this plugin do it.
  27. If you can just change the biome and then try to edit a regen with world or simply load the card completelychange all the biome and then delete the file that contains the blocks
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    I've just install this plugin and when I typed " /biome list"

    I need to report to you :

    Why ?
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    Karl Marx

    I'm not sure about the permissions stuff- what permissions system are you using? I'm using PermissionsEx without problem.

    It looks like you have another problem, however. The class not found (LongHashMap) error indicates that craftbukkit is not up to date. Anything prior to the 1.0.1-R1 recommended build (including in-dev builds since the previous rb) will not work.

    The download:

    Try that, and see if it fixes your problem.

    Change the map how?

    You can use this plugin to change the behavior of the biomes in an area, but the look of the area is hard coded on the player side. A workaround is planned, but not yet implemented.

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    what's now with the color of biomes?
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    Sure your using the new version of the plugin by Karl Max?

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