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    Biome - Change biomes
    Version: v0.3.1

    Have you ever wanted it to snow in the desert? How about having ghasts and zombie pigmen in your forests? Well, now you can, weirdo.

    Download - Source Code

    Use the /biome command:
    /biome set [biome name] sets the biome in the chunk you're standing in. (Permission: biome.set.chunk)
    /biome get tells you what biome you're standing in. (Permission: biome.get)
    /biome clear returns the biomes in the chunk you're standing in to their natural state. (Permission: biome.clear.chunk)
    /biome list gives you a list of biomes you can use. (Permission: biome.list)

    Having WorldEdit installed on your server adds the ability to use:
    /biome set-selection [biome name], which sets the biome for every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection (Permission: biome.set.selection), and
    /biome clear-selection, which turns every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection back to its original state. (Permission: biome.clear.selection)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixes a bug that would cause Biome not to work on worlds loaded by plugins before Biome initializes
    Version 0.3 (541 downloads)
    • Permissions support. OPs will still get access to all commands.
    • Stopped reporting the wrong biome in Nether and Skylands.
    • Allow global biomes to be set on a per-world basis, configurable in plugins/Biome/config.yml
    Version 0.2 (415 downloads)
    • Added /biome set-selection and /biome clear-selection, which require WorldEdit to be installed.
    • Changed data storage format to allow for sub-chunk accuracy. Old data will be converted seamlessly.
    • WorldEdit is not required, but will allow /biome *-selection commands if it is available.
    Version 0.1 (43 downloads)
    • Released plugin
    • Called everyone a weirdo
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    it needs MySQL/H2 support
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    Why do you think it needs such support? It's a simple plugin. Are you having trouble with how it is now?
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    It seems the author hasnt been doing anything for a couple of months so I am going to try and update this plugin (chances I will fail are fairly high so dont expect too much)
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    lol I'm not having trouble, just me and some dudes are going around trying to get all plugins (whether it needs it or not) to get MySQL and H2 support... We're trolling.
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    ^That guy sucks
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    Wow... And I hear my friends say I have no life working at Walmart and playing MC most of my time...
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    Does changing the biome also change the grass color to the new biome's right color?
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    It's the only thing the plugin can change I think, and that's the only thing I want :/
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    i tried it on 1.0.0 but no luck...really want snow in my town for christmas so i'll probably take a look at it
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    Can someone update this ? I want snow on my server :< It's Christmas Time!
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    I get an error: Please report the following error to the Biome plugin thread:

    What is wrong?
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    I failed, someone with more experience should update it.
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    Bukkit really needs a Biome plug-in, since this is the only plug-in that I have found that allows you to change the biomes, And I really need this since all of my old 1.7 maps no longer have snowy weather in the snow biomes on my server. Also it is the christmas time ,so snow would be nice.
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    Karl Marx

    I've been working on it for a while now, and should be done soon. I just need to finish storage and test/debug. I predict a basic functionality release within the next three days, depending on how much time I have to work on it.

    Is anyone else still working on it?
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    I am not working on it, but I am glad you are :)
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    When do you think you can release a dev build?
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    Karl Marx

    It could be any time now...

    Everything seems to be working just fine, except that the client doesn't reflect the changes at all. I know that they're sticking, however; so I suspect some new server-side caching is getting in the way. As soon as I find it and finish testing on a real server I'll post what I have.
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    - rawr
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    Karl Marx

    Well, it's close enough for a release, so here it is:

    This is still a work in progress, so report back any bugs here or, preferably, by pm to me. I have not contacted the original author at all, so please don't bother them with bugs in this build. It's still a little too messy to spin off as a completely separate plugin, but once it gets cleaned up some and I'm confident in the performance/stability I'll add it to bukkitdev officially. I wouldn't normally release it this early, but since everyone's waiting...

    Some notes:

    This is a "snapshot" build, so there's still a lot of debug messages and general "unfriendliness" to it - be cautious, and have backups ready!
    I have completely changed the config system, so delete/move your old Biomes data folder before running.
    The only commands currently available are (/biome) get, list, set, and set-selection.
    You will need worldedit installed to make selections and actually change anything.
    Clear is not yet implemented. If you need to remove a region: note it's coordinates in game, and delete the relevant section from the config manually, and reload the plugin/server.
    The plugin allows regions to overlap, but makes no guarantees as to the order that they are applied. Please report back strange behavior.
    Use set to change your current chunk, or set-selection to change your current worldedit selection. They do the same thing internally, it's just a matter of preference. ;)
    I am especially interested in performance, so let me know if you notice any serious lag after installing.
    This relies on the 1.0.1-R1 rb of bukkit. I've tried it on a few earlier builds, and no luck. This build changed the (default) biomes in my maps again, so update craftbukkit and make sure you still need this before installing it.

    And now for the bad news: this will not (yet) change the "tinting" of leaves, grass, etc. in game; nor will it change rain into snow. This appears to be generated client-side now, or through some other mechanism I have not yet discovered that was not present when the original plugin was made. I'm still looking into a solution, but it could be a while, or even require a client-side fix; so I'm releasing this now for those who want to "unfreeze" their spawns, etc. I just used this in conjunction with worldedit's //regen command to turn a chunk of my map into a mushroom island, complete with Mooshrooms; so it's not completely useless ;)

    EDIT: I've uploaded a new version (same url) that fixes the issues with /reload and the nether, and removes the spammy debug output on the console. To be clear, you can change the normal world biome to nether (not sure if it does anything) but you cannot change biomes in the nether.
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    My Question is, what's about the water? Will it freeze or change its colour?
    I've got a problem with the ugly water, which is in swamp biomes :(
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    Karl Marx

    That's the same reason I started working on this. Unfortunately, anything graphical like tinting for water, grass, trees, and the distinction between rain/snow is all generated by the client from the world seed now. Freezing/thawing, mob generation, and other non-graphical effects can still be changed though.
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    Snow is really easy sir :) with world edit simply type /snow <radis> ~ will cover that radis for were your standing :D

    I really will find no use for this plugin untill in has support for changing swamp biomes into normal ones or snow as most other users want to..

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    You failed to mention this is only with worldedit ;)
    Also this only places snow, it doesn't make it start snowing...
    Also the snow only appears on/in open (uncovered/with a roof) blocks/areas *you will figure it out*
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    Remeber this is still a "work in progress", its not even on BukkitDev yet.

    @Karl Marx I really like the idea, but whenever i try to type a /biome command like "/biome set-selection snow" it just gives me the help thing that gives the commands and all. Can you clarify this? And maybe make a clearer command list? Would be much apreciated

    Edit: :D all fixed now, i did something silly with bukkit

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    Can't you do like the claims of the plugin Faction to set a Biome :D ? (Set a biome per chunk)
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    For those of you wanting a very snowwy biome for the holidays or something, one way to get that is by creating a new world, and then delete the level.dat in that world file, then replace it with a snow world's level.dat, some seeds i know for this are -1712063054013911627 and idon'tlikepie Both of these create a snow world that is two maps large.
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    @Karl Marx I would suggest communicating with the Spout team for anything client-side.

    No he didn't...
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    Karl Marx

    I believe biomes used to be handled on a per-chunk basis, so that was the only way to set them. Now they're handled per-block. I could re-implement chunk based selections; but the plugin would still really be doing the same thing on the back end, so I don't see much point other than for those without worldedit. Is that why you want it? I'm currently working on starting over with a clean code base; but I can prioritize that if there's a legitimate need (I strongly recommend you install worldedit though, it's nifty.)

    EDIT: I went ahead and added chunk selections. The download is in my previous post. Use /biome set [biome] to change the biome of the chunk you are currently standing in.
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    The guy I quoted forgot it ;), if you meant he didn't forget read what I quoted...
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    What i make wrong? I Have bukkit 1.0.1.R1 but when i type "/biome get" or "/biome set-selection snow" i see only again the Help Message and not more! Can you tell me how you solve this Please?

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