Inactive [EDIT] Bedrock v0.8 - Flatearth/Bedrock fix [1.2.5 R1.0]

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    Bedrock - Flatearth/Bedrock fix
    Version: v0.8

    I got tired of trying to work out which bedrock/flatearth plugin was being maintained or disputed or ignored... so I made my own simple plugin to replace the bedrock above level 0 as users walk around

    • Tries not to waste time checking blocks it doesn't need to
    • Replaces bedrock with a (weighted) random block
    • Safe for bedrock walled worlds
    • Can disable the level 0 bedrock hole filling
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        // Maximum height to flatten up to (normal servers have bedrock over 0-4)
        height: 4
        // Size of the square to check - the larger the square the more time it takes
        square: 5
        // Check as the player passes below this level
        below: 7
        // Check to see if the bedrock is part of a wall before removing it
        wall: false
            // Set to false to prevent the plugin from filling in holes in layer 0
            zero: true
    // Format:
    // - MATERIAL_NAME:weight
    - STONE:1000
    - DIAMOND_ORE:0.1
    - COAL_ORE:1.0
    - IRON_ORE:0.8
    - GOLD_ORE:0.5
    - REDSTONE_ORE:0.5
    - LAPIS_ORE:0.5
    // Blacklist words
    // - someworld

    Download Bedrock


    Version 0.8
    • Updated to Bukkit 1.2.3 R0.2
    Version 0.7
    • Fixed saving "material" reading "materials"
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    Version 0.6
    • Sorted out configuration loading (at last)
    • Added wall detection
    • Added the ability to disable level 0 hole fill
    Version 0.5
    • Attempt at making the randomness seem more random by re-distributing the stone
    Version 0.4
    • Removed unneeded libraries and code
    Version 0.3
    • Re-worked movement detection, turns out it's hard to detect movement from one block to another
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed brain dead logic
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin

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    I intend to add configuration that lets you change the blocks and the randomness. However I fail to see the point of changing it to support custom level ranges as I've never seen bedrock above block 5.

    Updated, now with a fairly complete configuration file.

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  3. Is it normal that i do get the following message as soon as i start the server?

    19:08:28 [INFO] [Bedrock] Materials not configured, using defaults
    And i do have a properties file in "./plugins/Bedrock" with materials and weight defined...
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    So if I set the flatten height to '0' there will be 1 layer of bedrock at the very bottom of the map?
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    You should only get that the fist time you ever load the plugin (edit: this version+)

    No, flatten height is how far off the bottom to look at replacing bedrock

    So if you set it to 1 then you will have no bedrock on layer 1 but you might have some left over bedrock on layers 2, 3 and 4

    It's default configuration leaves 1 layer of bedrock at the very bottom of the map - layer 0 - while removing any bedrock found above that between layers 1 and 4 (inclusive).

    Was probably very tired when I made those config options - the naming doesn't make much sense (they're based on constants that did make sense)

    But essentially, if you just want 1 layer of bedrock on the bottom of the map, and no bedrock above that in the usual 'random' way - then use the default configuration.
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    Alright thanks. I am getting the same issue as Lathanael though, I get that same message every time I start the server.
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    Ok, I'll have a look at that tonight...

    Fixed - was looking for "materials" but writing "material" - plugin will rename the field automatically next time you load it

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    Hi there, thanks for the plugin. Any chance of multi world support, because if you run skylands, when you jump off the edge to wake up, when you hit the bottom block it turns to bedrock around you - you cant get out of skylands lol. It just keeps making bedrock as you walk around at the bottom. Anychance being able to turn off for specific worlds so plugins like dreamlands continue to work the way it was intended. thanks in advance :)
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    Change the config
            zero: false
    Of course, this means that it won't force layer 0 to be bedrock on any world
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    would it be possible to make this plugin run per world? i have a skylands world and my current bedrock plugin totally ruins it when people fall to their deaths.
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    Just an option to not touch layer 0 would be fine for now.

    edit: Looking at the source, it does not touch layer 0 if !
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    Pretty sure that's what I said a couple of posts go...
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

    I made a pull request on github allowing multiworld support (a simple blacklist).
  14. Is it possible to use this plugin to completely remove bedrock so you would fall to your doom (or so you can go through with the Inception mod)?
  15. This still works as of Bukkit 1185. Please update your title.
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    Is this plugin abandoned? No activity from the dev in this thread for 2.5 months and a decent amount of time on github too...

    I'd really like to see the world blacklisting pull request get included and to know if it works with the latest RB...
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    Of course it still works, hence the lack of updating. Use it all the time on my own server.
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    My server has been getting the following error:
    Does this have something to do with your plugin? Or is this another issue?
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    Considering my plugin doesn't do anything with furnaces, I expect not
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    You using lava forge? It causes that error.
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    Nope. Just the CB #1337 build with some plugins. I suspect it would be an issue with the build of CB itself though.
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    Yea it's possible. We should prolly bring the problem up to them
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    Will this plugin be updated for Minecraft 1.0.0?
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    Will there be a RB for Minecraft 1.0.0?
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    I would love to see this plugin updated, considering it is the only Bedrock flattening plugin i've been able to find. Any chance of an update for 1.0.0?
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    Should already work.
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    Plugin Updated, Download here
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    Awesome! Glad you updated!

    Been through so many bedrock flattening plugins.. hope you keep this one active. :)

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work.
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    If you can't find the download link for this plugin that would be because the mods for this site have decided I must edit my personal website to suit their policies.

    The issue here being I chose to provide you the option on my website to click on a link that displays advertisements in order to throw a few fractions of a cent my way as a way of saying thanks, no-one is forcing you to click on this link as there is a direct link right beside it that you can use to download without advertisements.

    The mods don't seem to like the way I run my personal website so they've removed my links, they think the comunity is better off without my plugins than with difficult descision of picking which link to click on - worried about making people, who they evidently deem unintelligent enough to make the right decision, jump through hoops.

    Well, they've given you one more hoop to jump through - now you must google my plugins to find them.

    And for the record, statistics from my server logs show me that people prefer the links - if you want my links back here you'll have to complain to a mod.
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    That sucks.. It was a bit difficult to find your website on Google from basic search credentials.
    The only page that now links on is your Github.
    It also seems like there was a BukkitDev page for your plugin but it either also got deleted or you closed it :(
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    They closed it, the tip here is to look for fremnet not freman ;)

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