Inactive [EDIT] Bedrock v0.8 - Flatearth/Bedrock fix [1.2.5 R1.0]

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    Bedrock - Flatearth/Bedrock fix
    Version: v0.8

    I got tired of trying to work out which bedrock/flatearth plugin was being maintained or disputed or ignored... so I made my own simple plugin to replace the bedrock above level 0 as users walk around

    • Tries not to waste time checking blocks it doesn't need to
    • Replaces bedrock with a (weighted) random block
    • Safe for bedrock walled worlds
    • Can disable the level 0 bedrock hole filling
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        // Maximum height to flatten up to (normal servers have bedrock over 0-4)
        height: 4
        // Size of the square to check - the larger the square the more time it takes
        square: 5
        // Check as the player passes below this level
        below: 7
        // Check to see if the bedrock is part of a wall before removing it
        wall: false
            // Set to false to prevent the plugin from filling in holes in layer 0
            zero: true
    // Format:
    // - MATERIAL_NAME:weight
    - STONE:1000
    - DIAMOND_ORE:0.1
    - COAL_ORE:1.0
    - IRON_ORE:0.8
    - GOLD_ORE:0.5
    - REDSTONE_ORE:0.5
    - LAPIS_ORE:0.5
    // Blacklist words
    // - someworld

    Download Bedrock


    Version 0.8
    • Updated to Bukkit 1.2.3 R0.2
    Version 0.7
    • Fixed saving "material" reading "materials"
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    Version 0.6
    • Sorted out configuration loading (at last)
    • Added wall detection
    • Added the ability to disable level 0 hole fill
    Version 0.5
    • Attempt at making the randomness seem more random by re-distributing the stone
    Version 0.4
    • Removed unneeded libraries and code
    Version 0.3
    • Re-worked movement detection, turns out it's hard to detect movement from one block to another
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed brain dead logic
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin

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    Does this mean all bedrock will disappear or what? I want flat bedrock.
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    all bedrock above level 0 will become stone (most likely) or one of the other ores (less likely)
    level 0 will still be bedrock and will have no gaps in it
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    Yup, exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
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    Btw, there is a CHUNK_LOADED event. You could set it up so that when a chunk loads, it is tested.

    Also, you can use

    Chunk[] chunks = world.getLoadedChunks();

    to get a list of all chunks that are already loaded when your plugin is enabled.
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    At the moment, I have no intention of processing whole chunks of blocks, perhaps after I get back from leave.
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    I meant it as an alternative to processing when a player moves.
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    It'll come - I just have a dozen others to get working before I go on leave :D
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    Ow, the random block idea is really cool! I might install this plugin
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    I saw it, but when I downloaded it last it didn't work, there's 3(?) other bedrock/flatearth plugins that don't work for various squabbling reasons so I gave up and made my own.

    I will be continuing this with an entirely separate code base thanks, not to cause offense.
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    strange. i didnt got any "not working" comments until yet. you may want tell me your problems with it so i can fix?

    oh, and i dont get is an offense in any way, its not bad when admins have a choice :)

    the other one, bedrock gap insurance, is probably dead, since msleeper doesnt support it for a long time now. and while i have ported it from hmod to bukkit, i refuse to support it anymore.
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    The random block replacement seems to bug out sometimes. We found an amusing but highly abusable bug just a few minutes ago.

    Here is a copy/paste of the bug report from our forums:
    Unfortunately I have no idea how to reproduce it. A user was just branch mining at layer 2 when the bug occurred.
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    Think it was either a case of me not being able to run it on the latest bukkit at the time, or me not knowing which one was actually being maintained more than "Not working"

    I'll have a look tonight, plugin was written rather hurriedly on the way out the door for a week of leave, though, I can't imagine what would cause it outside of lag or some strange interaction with a protection plugin.

    I'll also add the option of running on chunk load, and probably tweaking the probabilities of random blocks.
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    If you want this moved into plugin releases forum, please update to last RB.
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    This is compatible with the current RB.
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    Moved. Please update the thread title accordingly in the future.
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    Ummm... 450+ would include 602...

    At least that's what my calculator says... current title suggests that it supports 450 to 602 but not 603... I would rather update the title with the build that breaks it (like I did with my other plugins...)
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    It seems to make a large amount of rare blocks down at the bedrock level, making it really easy for anyone to farm them buy just mining straight down, and then skirting across the bedrock grabbing them.
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    A future release will give you the ability to tweak the chances of converting to rare items or regular stone.
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    This seems to be working great with 740, although I'd appreciate the ability to modify the weighting of the various block types - we've been getting a lot of players dropping down to bedrock and pulling 20-30 gold per chunk, and it's playing havok with the economy.

    Looking at your sig, I can't imagine you're too eager to add that feature, but it would certainly be appreciated if you find the time. :)
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    considered inactive
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    I've altered the distribution of the stone so there's less chance of things showing up over and over in the same call, but having said that it's still random.

    I'll look at adding some configuration to it soon.
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    Now, if you could make an infinitely deep world...
    lol jk

    Seriously, though. That's cool!
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    Could make it teleport you to surface -1 somewhere miles away from your current location when you reach bedrock... would give the illusion of endlessly deep world ;)

    No, I'm not being serious :D
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    does it work with 798?
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    Good plugin. Are you updating this to 818?
    Edit: I'm gonna test and see if it works on 818.
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    Anyway to add a configuration to define what block you want to turn it into? as well as a specified range? (eg: instead of change everything > 0 add support to define a range 0-5 or <10)
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    @freman or at least add in the option to change what level it looks above?

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