Economy System, With A Twist

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    I think a nice, new, economy plugin would be great, something like iConomy is now, except with a bank "pin" and a way to "login" to your bank account, and after logging into the bank account, you can withdraw/deposit as much money as you desire.

    Now, you're thinking, "Why would we need this complicated system when iConomy, etc. can make the economy system so simple... But that is the genious of this, it may not be the simplest way to transfer virtual money on a server, but, it is efficient.

    Ex. Player1 walks into the Server Bank.
    Player1 then opens a new bank account for X amount of money & deposits $5,000
    Player2 walks into the bank, but Player1 is gone already, and is not there to transfer money to Player2
    Player2 then contacts Player1 VIA /Msg (/Tell, etc) & recieves Player1's bank "pin" and is able to take money.

    Now, some requirements may have to be....
    1) To pay another player, you must be inside a designated banking zone
    2) The pins will keep player's money secure, and they will be customizable, so people can give their pin away, but change it later
    3) Players will be able to buy multiple banking accounts, so for example, one personal and one shared
    4) Players can use this as a good way to team-up with their friends and keep a controlled amount of money between the group

    I hope someone finds my idea to be interesting, gave this a good amount of thought! Thanks for your time. -Jake

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