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Which do you prefer?

  1. Sign-based trading system

  2. Villager trading system

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    Hey there everyone,

    Just want to gauge some opinions and hear some recommendations about economy plugins. I've been using iConomy with ChestShop for my Market. I heard that iConomy is no longer being developed, but I'm sure someone will come out with an update/clone soon.

    I've been considering using EssentialsEco and the Essentials Trade signs. I've also been thinking about having an emerald-based economy, using the new plugin ShopKeepers.

    What do y'all think? Do you prefer a sign-based market system, or a villager trading system (where you can exchange money for emeralds and vice versa)?
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    I prefer the signs
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    signs, villager trading is op and if you install a villager trading plugin it can be a heavy plugin i prefer signs
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    since this got bumped anyway, il just mention essentials signs also support items instead of money as currency.
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    Deffo EssentialsEco w/ signs :)
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