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    Hello everyone. Please forgive me, but I am new here ^^; I may have this is the wrong section again.
    So far so good with bukkit as our server, but I have limited my users/friends from tping and using other commands because we have a few that would over use the commands. This would make the game less fun if we can't limit these people from doing w/e they want, but it limits the people that do not over use it forcing me to tp them.
    I was woundering if there is a Economy plugin that does this base off commands such as for tping around? I did look around, but I am so new and there are so many I am a bit lost on what can do what. Any tips?
    -puts a price on commands or w/e I want
    -can work with other pluins (again with price)
    -somewhat detail in how to use it
    -was thinking is could turn our iron, gold, or dias into usable cash
    -idk? :confused:;
    Also note we're using the 1.0.0 unrecommed patches (right now 1492)... I understand if the plugin wont be comp for 1.0.0 for a while, but we are looking for anything that will be updating fast to it or can already work.
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