[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    Could you please add a feature to rename commands? It would be much easier to type in /sell ot /buy instead of /vs sell. (A lot of people on my server allways forget the vs part, jeez)

    It is quite strange but for some reason I cant sell the white tree (black and white tree, I dunno its name. by black amd ehite a mean a white tree with black dots on it) usuing /sell 10 tree 10 or /sell 10 hand 10
    Tells me I dont have 10 trees (Whith a normal tree* works fine, didnt change any of the items.csv)

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    Can you support this Multi-World? so We can have a different Virtual Shop in different world?
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    Can I make it so that when my users buy/sell they don't have to lose money.
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    can you changed "is selling " to "is selling 1 of " so people won't be confused that the player is selling 2 item for xx.00 Dollars..
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    morizuuki true! just add 'each' at the end. So instead of "player is selling 5 wool for 1.00 coins" it would say "player is selling 5 wool for 1.00 coins each"
    looks like that problem with no ability to put white tree on sale is the same for wool. Only normal, white wool may be sold.
    timelock idea is great!
    sorry for sking you to change vs sell to sell and etc. There is a commandhelper plugin for it.

    Great plugin! The only one I am using on my server xD
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    Thanks for this.

    Selling colored wool has been possible since VS 2.0. Try "redwool"
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    Chris Herbert

    Great plugin. Thank you so much.

    I have written a little PHP script to pull the data from the MySQL and show it on our forums. However, all wool transactions are showing as item 35? How is it possible the plugin knows the difference between the different wool colours in the game but the database is only storing a single integer of 35? This leaves me with the problem that my web page script cannot distinguish between wool colours.


    /vs list me does not work. We have a player called megan. And we see her transactions and not our own!

    Did the multiplier ever get fixed or is it still recommended to leave it at 0.05?

    If anyone wants the PHP script I wrote then send me a PM. It comes with a MySQL table with item names/numbers for lookup purposes therefore this script only works if you use the MySQL storage system.

    Again, thank you for the plugin!
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    @Chris Herbert

    I'd love the script I actually started working on one yesterday. Also /vs list me does not work you have to enter your own name or at least enter it partially.
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    Chris Herbert

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    Did you make changes to the database manager class? Is that where the item stacking occurs?

    @Chris Herbert
    That's great, once you implement damage values and I pull @Astusvis stacking changes it will be perfect.

    Good that's what I thought.

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    Just checked the GitHub, the bug is fixed :D

    Please disregard this post
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    • Version 2.2
      • Implemented Register: iConomy 4-6, EssentialsEcon, BOSEconomy
      • Temporarily removed /vs exchange and /vs invest
      • Supports iConomy 6's physical currency.
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    You had me at "Fight Communism".

    You lost me at "likely to be buggy since this was written on an iPad during a car trip".

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    I completely rewrote it as of 2.0, right now there are 0 reported bugs.

    PICNIC bugs?

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    Why did you remove my rights to use VS? I was from Averad's server, the one where everyone got a 'little mad' at you. I was one of the only people supporting you. Will this be a temp. thing or permanent? And just on Averad's server or all servers using VS.
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    Haha hilarious!

    You've been banned from using VirtualShop2 on all servers with the latest version. If you'd like to talk to me connect to me server, I'm usually there.
  18. I've got one suggestion.

    When you put something for sale, for example 25 logs for 5 dollars each, it will list it as "Name is selling 25 logs for 5.00 dollars." this will fool the players to actually think they can get all the 25 logs for 5 and therefore spent more than what they wanted. I would appreciate it if this text could be changed to "Name is selling 25 logs for 5.00 Dollars each", therefore the players could realize they are about to pay 5.00 dollars a piece, not for the whole amount of 25
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    I keep forgetting to do this. Updating it now.
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    did u update it?
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  22. When will I be able to sell and buy colored wool?
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    This feature was added a month ago.
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    Nice, but why does the download link say [IMG ]

    (Without the space since it would otherwise make an image tag)
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    Any chance of getting investments and exchanges back in?
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    Right you are. Instead it now features a broken image from a source with an internal server error.
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    Damn my cache. I'm switching domains so stuff is effed up.
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    No worries, at least the link itself worked :3
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    You ban people from all servers from using visualshop ? O.O
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    No I banned people from using the plugin because unacceptable disrespect.

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