[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    this happens to me too, I've stopped using this plugin until this is fixed.
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    permissionsEX supported? it seems everyone can /sell
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    Any solution to this? I really want to use your plugin but not if it does this and crashes my server
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    Same, please fix it !
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    Is anyone here ? -_-
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    I am also having the above error, but I don't know what is causing it exactly..
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    some of my players can dupe diamonds by:

    put your item scroller in the first slot (make sure it has no item in it)
    then type

    /buy 1000 diamond

    you get 1 free diamond in that first slot!
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    That sounds bad....
    I'll look into it
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    Thanks dude! you're the man!
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    Our server is suffering from deflation due to the non-existence of the gold exchange and the fact that the server has some upkeep fees associated with Towny that remove money from the economy. (We recently upgraded from 2.3) Any idea when the exchange plugin will be ready, and/or do you have any recommendations in the mean time?
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    any chance of adding support for permissionsEX ?
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    I think pex is already supported, I'm using pex and its working for me
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    Must MySQL be localhosted for WebInterface to work? Because im not able to make it connect to remote one
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    Please Help!!

    I have no Idea why, but every once in awhile, the server kicks all players and spams the console with
    [Shop] §f[SQLite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet
    [Shop] §f[SQLite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet
    [Shop] §f[SQLite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet
    [Shop] §f[SQLite] Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet

    And when I say spamming I mean about 30 lines of this per second.

    I'm currently running Bukkit 1112
    On windows 7 ultimate x86

    Please help me with this, i'm becoming increasingly worried about leaving my server running while i'm away.
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    so you can stop users using /sell ?
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    You should add better documentation to this.. you page isnt very descriptive on how to set this up. also... i type in /shop to bring up the gui and it says "unknown command" i just cant seem to figure this out
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    Why are you posting here. There is plenty of documentation at BukkitDev and if you bothered reading ANY of it you'd realize the GUI is a separate plugin.
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    This plugin doesnt work with the latest iConomy. If I have 1000 Dollars and wants to buy stone for 100 Dollars there is an error like I havent no money. If I check i see i only have 10 Dollars anymore but no items. Did the correct commands. Also the permissions doesnt work. Member without sellpermissions can do all virtualshop functions. You should update it because in generally its a great plugin with huge bugs.
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    Try build.blockface.org

    You might have an old version.

    Secondly, please learn how permissions systems work. By default the permissions are true since this makes sense for most setups. To have a nob-standard setup you need to subtract the nodes.
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    Is there anyway to have this world shop only work in specific areas? ie. just in spawn. I like a localized buy/sell area but i don't like chest shops where you have to go around and try and find the lowest price and what not.
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    I fix this by setting the plugin to use mysql data base (on config), works fine now. I used to have that problem.
    If anyone could tell me how to setup webui i would apreciate.
    I got it directly in VS folder and changed sql.php info, but no idea wich adress it runs, or if its runing at all
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    I'm having a hard time getting this VirtualShopGUI to work. I went to http://build.blockface.org/view/All/ and and got the latest version of VirtualShopGUI. All I get is a Gray pop up window that only says "Items for Sale" when I use /shop. It has nothing else on the popup.

    What am I doing wrong here? I would like to get this working for my server.

    Any help would be nice.
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    The GUI needs work, it's very glitchy
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    Ok, thanks for the reply and letting me know.
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    Some players on my server are using the shop like a storage room. Is there a way to limit the max amount per item a user can sell to 1 stack ?. This would solve the problem.
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    The /buy command is ignoring any amount parameter and buying 64 of an item.
    Only whats available of that item is given to the player but they are charged for 64 on stackable items.
    Is there a way to fix this?
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    if a player sell something for 0.009, the shop will only show 0.00. This is used for scaming people
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    Why don't u just take away their cancel command and then LMAO at them when they can't get it back?
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    Two requests/suggestions

    1) What I am looking for is a restriction that allows the use of /shop-commands based on a Blacklist/Whitelist setup. The whitelist would only be allowed in specific zones and the blacklist would be what is restricted all over the map unless it is in the whitelist for the zone you are in. This way you could make people go to those zones to buy and sell their items.

    You might say "well they have chest shops for that". I would say that it is very hard to find the items you are looking for in chest shops and then even harder to find the lowest price for it.

    2) This plugin uses generic commands like /cancel and it can cause issues with other plugins out there. More specifically it causes an issue with the Heroes plugin bc heroes uses the /cancel command too. Maybe you could change the config.yml to have and option to have all the commands to have to start with /vs and ignore them other wise. Or in the config.yml let use specify what we want the commands to be. ie. /shop=(whatever command we pick) say like this: /shop=/vsshop or /shop=/vs shop. That way if they are conflicting with other plugins we can change them as needed.

    (FYI: I have put this suggestion up on heroes too.)

    I put this on the DEV site too, but it didn't look like it is widely used so I posted it here too.
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    There is a massive bug in this that allows users to gain infinite amounts of an item without ever spending any money. Caused a massive economy dump on my server.

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