[ECON] TradeCraft-AE v1.1b - Chest/Gold Based Economy [Permissions] [1337] [BukkitDev]

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    Got it sorted
    It's [CobStairs] even tho tradecraft.txt says it's [cbsstairs]

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    The Zephyr Kid

    Okay so when i have an infinite shop set up when ever someone tries to buy or sell it says "you are not allow'd to buy here". I'm positive i have permissions set up right.... Any ideas?
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    Check your (startup) log and see whether it has this line in it "[TradeCraft] has recognized Permissions". If so, then double check your permissions file(s) (if you switched to Permissions 3.x then the config files changed format).

    If all that doesn't work, please post me your Bukkit, TradeCraft versions and Permissions plugin. And you could send me a collection of your permissions files.
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    How to recover creeper/tnt boomed shops?
    How to see other peoples shop list if I'm admin?

    One more problem.
    "You bought # xxx for # yyy."
    Message has no key to translate in TradeCraft.??.lang.
    I'm translating it in Korean with unicode. But that's gone.
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    Very good points. I've added that translation message. And I started on an option for 'admins' to lookup shops owned by other players (requires a special permissions node). This introduced the need for some more translation entries (I'll try to mention them all in the changelog once I'm done).

    As I should have done before, it should not throw any exceptions for string format/localization entries anymore.

    I'm not sure about the destruction by explosions. I actually never looked into those since we prevent explosion damage to the world. But I'll try to look into it.

    For now, to place back a shop that was destroyed that way (assuming it can destroy a stocked shop). You'll have to disable TradeCraft (Plugman ftw), place back the shop and the sign (with the text as it was) and then enable TradeCraft again.

    Or, maybe you could place the sign first and then the chest, that shouldn't trigger TradeCraft in creating a new shop and thus overwriting the old one. That won't work. You could backup the TradeCraft.data, place the chest+sign, return the backup and do a /tc reload ingame.

    I have to leave in a bit, so I'll release it as an alpha for now (see above post for what changed):

    (rename to TradeCraft.jar!)

    Changes in the language file:
    ERROR_IN_FORMAT_STRING: "There was an error in the format string:"
    NO_SUCH_PLAYER: "There is no such player."
    A_DOES_NOT_OWN_ANY_SHOPS: "Player %1$s doesn't own any shops."
    SHOPS_OF_A: "Shops of %1$s:"
    WITHDREW_X_A: "Withdrew %1$d %2$s."
    DEPOSITED_X_A: "Deposited %1$d %2$s."
    YOU_BOUGHT_X_A_FOR_Y_B: "You bought %1$d %2$s for %3$d %4$s."

    DEPOSITED: "Deposited"
    WITHDREW: "Withdrew"

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    thanks for updating
    translation works ok

    oh i found WITHDREW_X_A causes key error
    it still looking for old WITHDREW key.
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    Thank you, that happens when you try to work too quickly :)

    I fixed that and released 1.0.8.
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    Is there no plan to make prevent others opening Chest and triggering Sign when someone using them?
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    Not at this point no. I have some ideas, but no concrete plans to work on it yet.
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    Is this iCONOMY compatible?
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    So with this plugin you can make it so instead of using "Coins" you can use this like diamonds??


    Right how can i make it so i dont need to open the chest and deposit items...

    How can i make it so i have 64 sand in the chest (with chest protection) and then i have 1 diamond in my hand. And when i click the sign that says

    buy 64 for 1


    It auto buys instead of me having to put items in the chest, then click the sign and then take my items out of the chest.

    So pretty much one click on the sign for the currency item automatically buys the item that is stored in the chest with the sign above it.


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    Yep, or anything you choose, i chose gold ingots
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    Awesome, can it be made to be one click like my above post?
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    No, although thats a good idea...
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    there is a server that uses this plugin but they just have a diamond in hand and clikc the sign and it takes the diamond and gives the item on the sign... Pretty much like iconomy shop but instead of using iconomy it uses Diamonds as the money.
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    Probably a custom mod...or maybe an old update...dunno, but using this unmodified plugin on this version, you cant do that
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    Im pretty sure its this mod, as it uses the exact same sign based command things and when you click the chest it syas the same things ect, but allows you to buy items without putting it in the chest.
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    That's not this plugin. I've seen a plugin that does exactly what you mention, but I forgot the name. That does indeed store the items in a protected chest. I don't like that way myself. But to each their own. That's the nice thing about plugins, you can pick which one you prefer.
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    Do you think you could find what it is called please??

    Thank you.
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    Asking the developer for the name of a rival plugin? Wow.... :p
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    I have no problem with that. But I'm just very busy these days. You'll find it. You know about about http://plugins.bukkit.org/ right, nickyc95.
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    This plugin is great, our server is using this and it just like it should.
    There is a missing item tho - Map (item id 358) and Shears (ID 359)

    Is there a way to put that in manually or do we need an update on the plugin?
    Allso, is there a way to change the item names? som eof them are a bit confusing (redstonewire)
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    Edit the TradeCraft.txt file. You can add whatever item you want to that list.
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    ahh, will do

  28. very nice plugin. do you think people can a message if they login and they have sold something? or even if they sell something while they are online
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    I doubt I'll add that anytime soon.
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    This is a marvelously simple way to enhance the experience of playing on my roleplay server. Thanks for a wonderful plugin.
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    can someone help me please, my players cant use the infinite shops, when they right click the signs, they get "you are not able to buy here" "you are not able to sell here" even if it is the corresponding item. Even when they right click the sign with nothing inside, it doesnt show the price for my players either, ive been reloading, reinstalling, ive added the permissions nodes and it still wont work

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