[ECON] TradeCraft-AE v1.1b - Chest/Gold Based Economy [Permissions] [1337] [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ArmEagle, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I have the same problem as MuttsNuts had before. Any idea for that?
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    I think his issue was caused by some other plugin that also hooked on chest interactions. Try with only the basic plugins.
    If you figure out what plugin is causing issues, let me know which one it. Maybe I can make it work together.

    Sorry. I completely missed your post. Do those item IDs still cause issues? I'll try them myself when I find time.

    Regarding PermissionsEx. What does TradeCraft mention at startup. Did it find Permissions (the old plugin) or did it fallback to basic Bukkit permissions (now the 'new' fancier system)?

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    Ah, don't worry about it :p

    Yeah, they do.. Umm, I think it may just be the update to 1.8.. the ids are returning something invalid or nonexistent..? I dunno.

    Also, I found something nifty with the mushrooms/fungus blocks... 99 through 99:10 are all different, as are 100 through 100:10. the faces are different, and the last one is the stalk itself. :p

    (Mind me, the fungus bit is a bit irrelevant, i know... i just thought it was interesting to find "hidden" ids. :p)

    Umm, from what it says in the log, it detects the bridge that comes with pex: permissions.jar
    It's not saying anything about permissionsEx itself...

    2011-10-24 20:22:00 [INFO] [TradeCraft] has recognized Permissions
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    I looked into PermissionsEx briefly. I think it is using/configuring Bukkit's own permissions system, not the old Permissions. I think you should remove permissions.jar so my plugin won't prefer that and use Bukkit's own system.
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    Hmm, that would probably end up breaking a lot of the plugins I use though... ._.
    Plus, I'm not even precisely sure what the format is for Bukkit perms :p
    As far as I've found, there isn't anything on it either, unless I missed it...

    Mind me, was off on a trip for the past week, that's why I was a bit slow to answer. Going to build something in the near future to ensure I have wifi anywhere I go, next time. :p
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    Can we have multiple currencies? :D
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    New Ticket:

    Lastest TC 1.2.0, CB #1550

    items with other itemTypeData doesn't work.
    So we could buy and sell leaves, but no other leaves.


    itemTypeId: 18
    itemTypeData: 0

    Works not:

    itemTypeId: 18
    itemTypeData: 2

    Everytime "you can't deposite this item here"

    Anyone has this Problem too?

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