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    StockCraft - Trade real stocks in Minecraft
    Version: v0.3

    • Buy and sell real stocks in Minecraft (courses from
    • Compare profit with other players
    • MYSQL Database
    • iConomy
    • Permissions
    How to install:
    • Install MYSQL Database if not available
    • Install the missing plugins (iConomy,Permissions)
    • Download the rar archieve
    • Extract it to plugins
    • Modify StockCraft.cfg -> /plugins/StockCraft/StockCraft.cfg for connection to the Database
    • Add Stocks with /addid or load example list with /addidlist examplelist
    Config File:
    Edit your config file to access your database and to activate some functions!
    • url=//localhost:3306/minecraft -> change "minecraft" to the name of your database
    • user=root -> change "root" to your database user
    • password= -> Add password of your database
    • detailedpermissions=false -> change to true if you want to activate more permissions, if false you don't need to change permissions if admin rights are "*"
    • shorten=false -> change to true if you want to activate shorting (Check Wiki!)
    • iConomy5=true -> change to false if you want to use an old iConomy Version
    • fee=0 -> If you want a trading fee, you can set one here. (percentage of money paid for stocks!)
    • minimumfee=0 -> Here you can set a minimum fee! (You can leave fee=0 and set a static fee!)
    • /stockhelp -> Help
    • /ids [page]-> Shows the stocks that are available
      • /ids symbol [page]-> Shows the symbols of the stocks that are available
      • /ids s [page]-> Shows the symbols of the stocks that are available
    • /course [id] -> Shows the course of the stock
    • /stocks -> Shows your stocks if you have some
    • /stockbuy [id] [amount] -> to buy stocks
    • /stocksell [id] [amount] -> to sell stocks
    • /stocktop -> Top 10 with the highest profit
    • /addid [id] [symbol] -> adds a new stock to the id list (you can find the symbol on!)
    • /addidlist [name] -> adds new stocks from a file (examplelist: /addidlist examplelist) in /plugins/StockCraft/
    • /removeid [id] -> removes stock from the id list
    • stockcraft.addid -> add this to permissions plugin to allow admins or mods to add stocks
    • stockcraft.removeid -> to allow admins or mods to remove stocks
    • stockcraft.commands.* (only needed if you set detailedpermissions = true in stockcraft.cfg)
      • stockcraft.commands.course
      • stockcraft.commands.stockbuy
      • stockcraft.commands.stocksell
      • stockcraft.commands.stocktop
      • stockcraft.commands.stocks
      • stockcraft.commands.ids
      • stockcraft.commands.stockhelp
    Examples for stocks (with symbols):
    DeutscheBank DBK.DE
    Lufthansa LHA.DE
    Commerzbank CBK.DE
    Telekom DTE.DE
    Infineon IFX.DE
    Siemens SIE.DE
    Oil CLK11.NYM
    Gold GCJ11.CMX
    Gas NGK11.NYM

    /addid BMW BMW.DE

    Get new stocks:
    If you want to add new stocks go to and check the id


    after that add the id in Minecraft:
    /addid BMW BMW.DE


    Version 0.3
    • Added support for iConomy5 (you can still use old versions if you set iConomy5=false!)
    • Added pages to /ids -> /ids [page]
    • Added symbol optiion to /ids -> /ids symbol [page] or /ids s [page]
    • Added option to set trading fee
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Added the option shorten (you can sell stocks which you don't have and buy them later! -> (Check Wiki!) To activate set shorten=true in StockCraft.cfg
    • Added new permissions -> To activate set detailedpermissions=true in StockCraft.cfg
    • Added some error messages
    • You can load stocklists now! Look at /plugins/StockCraft/examplelist.txt! Load the list with /addidlist examplelist or load your own list!
    • Getting courses (/ids and /stocks) is now speeded up!
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    If you want to support me
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    works perfectly! ;)
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    Haha brilliant idea. I love how it actually tracks stocks.
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    cool server...I like stocks...testing it now
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    Jonathan Bloom

    Oh man, if you get this integrated with iConomy, KA-CHING! I'd get this on my Survival server.
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    I love it! Yet more ways for my players to use their hard earned cash [diamond]
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    It works with iConomy Plugin... sorry for my first reply... I didn't get it.

    Thanks for all replies!
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    Torrey Leonard

    Hello, GitHub noob here,

    How do I download it? I went to your GitHub site and accidentally downloaded the source then went to the link above "Rar!" and it shows some sort of Yoda/cat saying I didn't want to go there... Help? I know I know... don't yell at me! :)

    Aside that... I LOVE THIS! This plugin is actually what I've been looking for for ages! Finally developed... with real stocks too! I thought it would be more like Minecraft Industries.... MCI based in Minetopia... or something... this is awesome! Thanks!
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    Sorry that was my fault... I am new to github too ;-)
    Now it should work!
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    Torrey Leonard

    Nevermind! For all you noobs like me, (Unless your indenile then... not-so-smart-at-github-people) Just download it on the page by clicking downloads, a given, then follow the directory on the page bin/StockCraft.rar and unrar it!

    Thanks henning! PLEASE make more economy plugins, if you do, I will worship you! Thanks!
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    If there were awards for revolutionary plugins of the month/year/quarter/whatever, you just won the award.
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    Torrey Leonard

    Whenever I add an id like APPL or APPL.DE it says no such id... for your example you use BMW.DE i tried that and nothing happened, along with /ids and other commands that dont work :(
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    Its aApl not APPL -> try:

    /addid Apple AAPL

    And /ids doesn't work if there are no stocks added...(also /stocks) I will add an error message!
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    tha d0ctor

    umm i now this might be a little too complicated for v0.1 but does this have support for dividends?
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    No sorry... not yet! Maybe in later release...!
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    You want to know what would make this even better? support for BOSEconomy! Then i would totally dl it
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    What are the permissions nodes?
    If permission nodes aren't being used, can you add them?
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    Yes you are right I missed that. The nodes are: StockCraft.addid and Stockcraft.removeid

    I will add more nodes later!
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    Can you add one thats like 'StockCraft.use'? Ability to /ids, /stocks. /stockbuy, stocksell.
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    City Builder

    Everything seems to work with the one big exception of:
    /stock -> Shows your stocks if you have some

    I do /stock after having bought stock and I get a unknown console command message.

    Any clues why all of the stock system works with the exception of being able to see what stocks I've bought?


    EDIT: The correct command is /stocks (not the s on the end) the instructions in the OP are incorrect.

    Merged Post:


    First off love this plugin, would love to see more quality econ plugins.

    I only wonder what kind of load this might put on a server? I notice that anytime that a player does the /ids command we get the MC message of 'can't keep up, did the system time change or is the server overloaded".

    Is this plugin really putting a large load on our server, or no?

    Thanks again

    EDIT AGAIN: I believe that the /remove <id> conflicts with another plugin though I don't know which, when I try to use /remove msft I get a message:
    Too few arguments,
    .remove <type> <radius>

    Any chance of changing that to like /stockremove
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    I don't think its much load but I havn't tested.

    The command is /removeid [id] not just /remove...

    Yes I will add... will be available in 0.2!

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    City Builder

    Ok, the docs in the OP are wrong then, they simply say /remove [id]
    Just like the /stock command listed in the OP should be /stocks
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    Shame on me...thanks!
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    maby you could make in-game stocks that admins/ops can make? and players can buy/sell/trade.
    and maby have it like in with the Ijobs plugin? or Uquest? i try to keep my server as close to reallife as i can :D
    im nuts right?
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    Could you have a special sign set up which displays the stock price, and updates say hourly?
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    Torrey Leonard

    Ok thanks... now how would I know the stock id from the stock symbol, I can't find aApl on
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    City Builder

    Go onto and type in AAPL in the search, if you are then just looking for general stocks and you don't care what they are, look in the left side bar and click on each different one where you'll then be given the name of the company (which is what I use for the ID) and the stock symbol.

    You can probably get more like this than you'll actually want to put into your system due to the limitations of the chat panel in Minecraft.
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    Torrey Leonard

    I got a market summary, (on the left hand side) news, currencies, "investing ideas" and "market movers" but no real id's/symbols.

    Also, along with everthing else I've said :) I have some suggestions for the future:

    1. Maybe have a default set of id's with major names in it, or even full of all the symbols automaticlly...
    2. If 1 doesn't happen, then maybe we could have something like /id aApl BMW.DE ____ _____ ____ instead of one at a time...
    3. A shortened command would be nice for players buying... /s (stock) b (buy) __id__... /s b __id__ __amount__
    4. Maybe make it easier on us by using actual symbols not id's, I know this could be hard of course so no need to rush if you decide on it, but it could help allot!

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    City Builder

    Sorry, I meant click the words finance search next to where you can type in a stock symbol, then on the search page type in something like aapl, then it will list more stocks on the left side bar, everytime you click on one of them you'll get a somewhat different list of stocks come up on the sidebar.

    That's how I filled our stock system.
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    I am not quite sure how this should work... maybe on large servers... but if you have a good idea -> tell me!

    I will think about!

    I have added an Image... check the plugin post.

    -> 1. Yes I will give an option to load default stocks... so if someone has a good "default" list with international stocks please tell me!
    -> 2. I will think about to add that
    -> 3. you are right but maybe more clear so that there is no complication with other plugins (got problems with shops)
    -> 4. It would be hard to remember for the users but I will keep this in mind...maybe both...!?

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