Inactive [ECON] Simple Region Market v2.2.1 - The best market for WorldGuard regions [1.3.1-R2]

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    Simple Region Market

    Please visit for the latest downloads & news!

    I am still OpenSource, licensed under WTFPLv2 !

    • Version 2.2.1
      • Fixed a bug in limits that came up when buying/renting a region
    • Version 2.2
      • Rewritten limits system
      • Added priorities in limits
      • Limits command /rm limits done (works in the console as well)
    • Version 2.1.4
      • Fixed hotels and maximum renttime in templates
    • Version 2.1.3
      • Added new limits global.player.playername and name.player.playername
      • Fixed a bug when expanding regions
    • Version 2.1.2
      • Templates can now use [[price]]:[[time]]
      • Changes LET and HOTEL to use [[price]]:[[time]] and added [[account]] in the last line
    • Version 2.1.1
      • addmember, removemember & addowner, removeowner functionality
      • templates.yml will be automatically updated
    For any older versions, look on the GitHub page and search through the commits.

    I am not affiliated with the team on BukkitDev. They are doing their own Simple Region Market. I am not the one who fight wars, I just don't care what they do. This is the original Simple Region Market with me as the original author and I continue, because others asked me to do and I want to.
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    Chris Hackett

    Awsome! let me give it a go!
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    ive set up the permissions and it still tells me i dont have permission to buy regions
    are u sure its
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    I am sure it's "".
    Are you using a Permissions Plugin that uses Bukkit's permissions functions?
    Or just tell me your Permissions plugin and it's version.
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    try this

    open SimpleRegionMarket.jar (winrar ,z7 ,..)
    open plugin.yml and change

    description: Admin commands, Buying/Selling regions
    simpleregionmarket.admin: true true
    simpleregionmarket.sell: true
    default: op
    default: true
    default: true

    save .... finish
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    Well, it is a solution but not a final one so I would like to hear what Permissions plugin he uses.
    Greetz Zorro
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    Im a Server owner and of course I have Admin permissions, but, when I try to make a sign for selling a plot it tells me that "You don't own this region". I have the permissions sert up and everything.. so I dont know why an admin (Server owner in this case) wouldnt be able to make a sign to sell a plot that he/she made

    Also it works fine with version 1.2 for some reason... but not 1.3

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    Normally with the permission "simpleregionmarket.admin" or if you are OP you can simple sell every region.
    This message should not be there in those two cases.

    strange? Newest Bukkit version?

    Please tell me your Permissions plugin with version and if you are op (Original Minecraft op) on your server.
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    Permissions 3.1.6 and yes I'm an Op
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    Well if you are Op, you automatically have the "simpleregionmarket.admin" permission and can do anything without giving permissions to yourself.
    Maybe there is an incompatibility to the new "plugin.yml" that I added for 1.3 because of Permissions 3.1.6 is inactive.

    But I will quickly bring a "hotfix" out (I don't know if it helps at all, you could try it), but I know that you can't set permissions with your outdated permissions plugin.
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    Thank youuu :D
    im using permissions(yeti)3.1.6 i think i kinda just dragged it over from my 1.7 folder and its been working :$
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    So same for you here.
    I am using PermissionsBukkit on my Server (No problems yet). If you are able to change your outdated permissions plugin: do it!
    I will not support any outdated permissions plugin, sorry.
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    Chris Hackett

    Hey things are working great, thanks for the fix! I'm running the Mincraft Monday server Check us out if you want. Thanks for you work!

    Edit: How hard would it be to have signs pay the person who places them so people can sell property?
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    Well.. it's not hard. People who want to sell something need the permission "simpleregionmarket.sell", a region (with themselfes as owner) and a sign. Then they do the same as you do.
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    Yeah Great!! Thanks so mutch!
    I'll try it later!
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    how do i rent region or hotel room?
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    I am recieving this error when I boot the server with the plugin

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    You need CraftBukkit's Recommended Build (at least revision 1317), because of the update to YAML 1.9. Older versions of CraftBukkit are not supported anymore.

    Greetz, Zorro
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    Hey there,

    First of all thanks a lot for this awesome plugin, even though its not working properly with permissionsEx as I think.

    I've setup a very basic server with just permissionsEx and your plugin and for some reason it doesnt let me access any of your plugins commands with a default user. The admin user and also OPs can sell/buy plots just fine, but not normal users, even if they do have the permission nodes for it.

    Any idea?
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    Which Versions do you use? CraftBukkit/permissionsEx/my Plugin
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    How is it possible to change the prefix on the messages this plugin posts when regions are purchased etc
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    I dont really know what prefix you mean. (Maybe give an example)
    But I think you can only change it over the source code.
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    the part on the messages which state in blue "SimpleRegionMarket"
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    Yes, you can only compile your own SimpleRegionMarket with my source code. You have the permissions to do that, just think of the GPLv3 ;)

    Greetz, Zorro
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    Would you at all be able to add a section in the language pack for altering that in your next update as I cant program Java
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    Thank you SOO much, i'm gonna try to asp!
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    Wow man :X
    I used this plugin and it works just wonderfull....but when it came time for permissions...update it for permissions 3 its the best of them... and it works perfect aldouth its inactive.
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    Thank you very much, but...

    Sorry, Permissions 3 is marked as Inactive/Unsupported Plugin and I dont support an unsupported or outdated plugin, when there are new ones that do the same stuff. It's work for me that it's not worth for me. Maybe you can understand this, sorry.

    Greetz, Zorro
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    Using CB 1337, PEX 1.15.1, SimpleRegionMarket 1.5.3 permission added for specified group and getting
    "You do not have the permission to buy a region".

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