[ECON] SellMod v0.0.1 - Sell items to the server [953]

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    <font color="#993300">Sellmod - Sell Items to the Server</font>

    Basic plugin to sell items to the server.

    So, this isn't the best plugin ever I realize, prolly only spent ~4-5 hours dev-ing it, and there's work to be done, etc. (I was busy learning Bukkit). There are probably other plugins that already do what this one does, its just meant to be a simple lightweight plugin to do one thing easily.

    Currently it requires the BOSEconomy plugin to function, v 0.0.2 will fix that.

    Can sell the item in your hand to the server, sell your entire inventory, or just sell a specific item. Also available are price quotes so you don't sell everything only to learn later what it was worth.

    Anyways my first plugin project for bukkit, enjoy. Comments, suggestions, bugs, security holes, etc., welcome. (Screenshots below)
    (Hosted on Imageshack)

    Self Reference URLs (for Twitter etc):
    Tinyurl preview

    <font color="#993300">Features</font>

    Syntax for the commands -

    * sellinv [-d ID | -n NAME]
    <font color="#777777"> - (Sell entire inventory, or sell by ID or Name)</font>
    * priceinfoinv [ -d ID | -n NAME]
    <font color="#777777"> - (Obtain price quotes for the inventory)</font>
    * priceinfohand
    <font color="#777777"> - (Obtain a price quote for the item in hand)</font>
    * sellhand
    <font color="#777777"> - (Sell the item in hand)</font>

    The plugin prices may be controlled by a properties file in the plugin folder that is auto-gen'ed the first time the plugin is run. All prices are set to 5 automatically, and if a material is not present in the file (due to updates etc.) it will default to 5.

    <font color="#993300">Roadmap</font>

    Version 0.0.2 -
    * Make BOSEconomy a soft-depend (iConomy & internal implementation)
    * Fix some CLI stuff, like case-insensitivities, color formats, etc.
    * Permissions support
    * Specific item matching (e.g. bricks in stacks of 30 or more, and all sand)

    Version 0.0.3 -
    * GUI interface (MineEdit plugin?)
    * Open to suggestions
    <font color="#993300">Downloads</font>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    Ubuntu One:

    <font color="#993300">Changelog:</font>

    Version 0.0.1 * Initial Release

    <font color="#993300">Bugs:</font>
    * Selling an item in hand causes all other items of same type in inventory to be removed.

    <font color="#993300">Bug Report Template</font>

    <font color="#ff1111">Example:</font>

    <font color="#727372">Craftbukkit Version: [953]</font>
    <font color="#727372">Sellmod Version: 0.0.1</font>

    <font color="#727372">Problem Description:</font> *Description here*
    <font color="#727372">Recurring:</font> YES | NO
    <font color="#727372">Steps to Reproduce:</font>

    - Steps
    - To
    - Reproduce

    <font color="#727372">Other:</font> *Other Content*

    Replace "#"'s with the appropriate version numbers.
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Craftbukkit Version: [size=3][###][/size] (last three digits of your version string)[/size][/color][/b]
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Sellmod Version: [size=3]#.#.#[/size][/size][/color][/b]
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Problem Description:[/size][/color][/b] [indent=2][size=3]*Description here*[/size][/indent]
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Recurring:[/size][/color][/b] [size=3]YES | NO[/size]
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Steps to Reproduce:[/size][/color][/b][size=3][indent=2]
    [list][*] Steps
    [*] To
    [*] Reproduce[/list][/indent][/size]
    [b][color=#727372][size=4]Other:[/size][/color][/b][size=3][indent=2]*Other Content*[/indent][/size]
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    screen shots?
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    Some suggestions for future versions:

    Reload commands
    Would be nice to reload the price list without shutting down the server or doing a full /reload. Something like "/sellmod reload" to force a quick rereading of the file would be quite handy for editing changes while the server is running. Not a very high priority request though, since once you get pricing set up it would be pretty rare to change it without updating the whole server. You'll also want to get permissions or OPs support before you enable this, or some jerk player might bog the server down by typing it over and over.

    Possible ways to make a non-sellable item:
    When sell value of item is 0, say something like "*itemname* is worthless, sorry." Selling an item of this type would say something like "I can't buy *itemname*, it's not worth anything." Of course, the server won't buy the item, just pass back the message.

    Naturally, some items in real life are unsellable because they are too valuble, not worthless, so also make this:

    When sell value of item is a negative value, or maybe some special symbol(whichever is easier), say "*itemname* is too precious to even think of selling." The sell line could be something like "*itemname* looks too important for me to buy from you. You better just keep it."

    The above changes would let users set items to be unsellable to the server, and also provide some feedback to the players why the item is unsellable. For example, the admin could make dirt worthless to the server to encourage mining for other valuable blocks, and the server admin could also make diamond tools too valuble for the server to buy so that players don't accidentally sell them by mistake.

    Minor line changes:
    Right now the plugin happily says "The price of AIR is 0."(or whatever you set it to in the config). Since the player can never be actually holding air, there isn't a way to sell it to the server(that I could find). Maybe the plugin should have an exception for AIR blocks to just not say anything, or instead provide instructions on using the /pricecheckhand command: "You need to be holding an item for me to check."

    /pricecheckhand should say something like "*itemname* sells for 5, so 10 would be 50." if holding multiple items. Basically it would be nice if it told the player the total amount of money they will earn for selling their held items as a group, since the sell command takes all of it when the stack is sold. Right now it can be a bit confusing and sound like my 64 dirt is worth only 5 currency, just like my 1 dirt is.

    Multiworld prices:
    Big suggestion here that will probably be a bit far off. Multiworld pricing would be pretty handy, so that creative maps could have different values for items then survial/RP maps. But it might also make the plugin take a lot more memory and space, losing it's simplicity.

    The plugin is really sweet, clean, and does what it says though, so good work! It's very useful to have when one doesn't want to install massive full economy overhauls. :)

    There was a bug here too but you fixored it. Good job! :)
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    Thank you kindly for all your feedback, thanks to DarkGriffin for catching that. Please re-download the file if you have not already, the problem should be fixed.
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    the post is missing a header and changelog (or I don't see it anywhere which is really sour formatting's fault)
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    Thank you. Changes Made.

    However two points I would like clarifying:

    Firstly, I figured between a Roadmap, Bugs, and Features, I already am giving more information than a simple Changelog would. I don't really see the need for one, it seems redundant. Maybe you could clarify why one is necessary.

    Secondly, if you could clarify whether you meant my formatting was poor or not. I did my best with the BB code available to make it clean, logically structured, and readable. Perhaps you could share the BB-code for Spoilers, as I think that is about the only way to clean this up (especially as this forum's BB code rich editor is essentially un-usable when asked to do anything more complex than very simple formatting).

    If you meant that my formatting is "poor", perhaps you could elaborate on the preferred formatting "style" (I spent a considerable amount of time to make the layout look pleasing). Or perhaps your plugin guidelines could be a bit clearer, or you could clarify that the board is broken in some manner for you.

    Forgive me if I seem a tad testy, but I don't take kindly to being told something I spent a deal of time attempting to format correctly is in fact, "sour", especially when the poster in question doesn't even take the time to punctuate properly.

    I don't believe that the formatting is unreasonable, I've submitted formal reports that have served as more than adequate, similar in format to my post here, and never once have I heard the term "sour" applied to them.
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    The preferred style is the template in submission guidelines.
    I think there is too much formatting and the post then becomes less readable.
    Objectively - using those "horizontal lines" just makes no sense since you visually separate sections using section names using different color and big (too big for my taste) font.

    But that's just my constructive criticism, if you want to have it like this, your choice.
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    Excellent plugin! I might download and try it out :p

    (Im not trying to argue, please dont think I am...) Anyways, I think the thread is wonderfully formatted. Personally, I had no trouble reading it at all. I like the colors - they are not too dark and they are not obnoxiously bright. Good job :)

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  10. what an original idea, Im sure a thousand other people havent made this
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    I'm sure they have. :) However, thousands of other people also likely thought this, and didn't make a plugin, thought this, and added to their AWESOMEPLUGINTHATDOESEVERYTHINGUNDERTHESUN (X_X), or thought this, and have vanished into obscurity and/or dis-repair.

    Also, its just a good way to practice plugin maitenance before trying to invest in a more complex project.

    You're welcome to not use my plugin if you don't want to. :)
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    I like this plugin. I hope you can get permissions out soon because it's very exploitable having a legitimate survival and freebuild world with spawning.
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    U have such a good quality and yet simple plugin, could there be a buy ability, with the same base coding as the sell option did.

    Great plugin.
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    Where is the permissions codes?
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    Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for all year. I use BOSEconomy and only lacked a way for players to sell directly to the server (ours is a small server, no way to have a true trade/economy self-sufficient.) Waiting until Bukkit has a 1.8 RB before reloading the server, if someone can tell me if it still works with it at that point I would be grateful.

    We also use ChestShop with that, so players can set prices higher than what the server has, to have some sort of supply/demand dynamics. I set the server prices low for selling to and high (for very rare things)for buying from so people find it less hassle to sell to/buy from each other or just go find the diamonds and glowstone themselves. I especially like that you have the list add missing items automatically if they are missing.

    As it is, thank you for the work! I wanted to at least thank you for the plugin now, before you get discouraged. No, no one else I know of has written something like this other than Essentials. I am trying to move away from Essentials, so this is just what I wanted :)
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    Looking forward for update! iConomy 6 and PermissionsEx, please!
  17. Erm, is this plugin still active :D?
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    pls update it i want to have it on iConomy :/
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    I apologize for the hiatus. I assure you all an update is in the works, look forward to it in the coming week.
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    Awesome :) Was looking forward to trying it out. Our server is finally up and running again.
  21. Are you still planning to release it?
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    sellmod error.JPG what do i have to do?
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    This was made for build 953, we are now on 2530. It won't work.
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    will there be an update?
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    Probably not. Not unless someone decides to take this and BOSEconomy over.
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