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    Sign Chest Shop
    0.4.5 (last update, edit 9/20/2011 6:27pm)
    0.4.52 dev (last update, edit 10/3/2011 4:18pm)

    Allow users to establish an economy through shops. Players can create chest shops which others can purchase items or sell items to. Server admins can create world infinite shops which allows trade using or one of supported economy through register API.
    • Customize your own shop signs (no longer requires strict formatting)
    • Player shops
    • Server shops
    • Supports register API (BOSEconomy, iConomy, Essential Economy)
    • sign colors [for regular signs and shop] &0-9 &a-f
    • Currently has no lock protection (included in dev build)
    PERMISSION (open)

    Bukkit Permission Nodes (Ops default)
    shop.create.player : allow user/group to create chest shops
    shop.create.server : allow user/group to create server shops

    COMMANDS (open)

    /shop new <buy:sell> <quantity> <material> <price>
    /shop debug
    /shop flush
    /shop flush <player>



    Thanks to Minecrafta2z for the extra tutorial video.



    DOWNLOADS (open)

    Current stable release 0.4.5
    Shop 0.4.5

    developmental builds
    Shop dev0.4.52

    - logging, config/protection,new command /shop hand,
    - basic protection
    - fixed food issues and right click placement, item usage bug when interacting with shop
    * use at your own risk as these are developmental ()

    Old release : supports physical currency, old format
    Shop 0.3.1
    Documents (only for 0.3.1)

    Click Here

    CHANGELOG (open)

    updated register, now supports iConomy6
    fixed issue with currency format, added two command for Ops, /shop flush <player>
    1.8 compatible, minor format change
    properly removes shop upon player chest destruction
    restricted placement of signs on already owned shops (re-implement from 0.3.1)
    new data storage, no longer dependent on sign format
    users are now able to customize signs to their liking
    rewritten and revised for performance/user friendly
    some features are still being rewritten
    fixed a security issue dealing with players being able to mimic server shops
    fixed version information in plugin.yml
    added register api for major economy plugins support
    added physical shop option in configuration and currency definition
    added player chest type sell, players can now create shops that buy items from others
    updated handling code
    removed hard coded currency display
    fixed critical inventory exploit
    updated to new sign format, server can now use buy/sell instead of server buy/sell.
    updated player shops are now defined when creating chest shops whereas server shops are not localized to chests
    corrected op permission
    corrected remove last element bug
    properly removes regular items and items with modifiers
    fixed null pointer exception
    fixed inventory transaction
    added server shops
    added material modifiers to shop
    rewrote inventory handling
    initial release

    To Do
    - Bug fixes and compatibility
    - MYSQL web interface/database
    - Re-implement protection
    - Configuration
    - command line for item name, damage values

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or bug report(s)
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    0.3 will support physical currency like ingots etc instead of using economy plugins.
    You just have to place it in front of the chest side you are attaching it to, to be precise, the block in front of the chest on the same ground level.

    iConomy 6 and all other major economy will be supported.

    Hopefully I can finish a few minor configs today and release it.

    Updated to 0.3, changes are logged. Let me know if there are bugs/errors since I had minimal testing with this version.

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    Thank you!
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    Thanks for update! Using plugin for my server.. I think this is best shop plugin around there.
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    i found out this plugin will make lockette's chest lock disbable.
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    this is a cool plugin works :D
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    So like this?:

    It wasn't entirely clear on the OP.
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    yep, let me know if you run into any errors/problems!

    Thanks! c:
    Yea, its currently not compatible with lockette. I can make my signs detect the lockette signs, to prevent them from creating if it exists etc, or use the lockette sign as protection. Problem is I can't prevent lockette signs from laching on a shop chest, if it happens another user not the owner of the chest attaches a lockette, both users will be locked out. Lockette has no sign protection or sign detection outside its own. I might have to change the priority in the future but that would mean adding a chunk of code to detect and make up for a plugin which is outside its purpose. For now, you can disable the protection in the config if you use other protections.

    Yes, c:, just type the format in after. Just anywhere as long as its somewhat facing the chest should be fine. I also need to update the instructions or make a video when I have more time (or if someone can create one with simple usage), sorry if instructions are not clear.
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    I always get an error saying java.lang.NullPointerException and im using Server signs and i am using Essentials Economy
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    I tested both signs from essential, essential economy, everything works like its intended. The only case I can think of is that you don't have an account registered for the essentials economy. I might have to look further into this, do you have a more detail log?
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    I use essentials eco works fine for me, no errors, I can list plugins and compare might be a confliction
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    An account registered for the essentials economy? i can check my balance and stuff if thats what you mean and for a more detailed log, what exactly are you asking for?
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    It was a while ago but i am on this server and they had signs that were like this

    you right click this sign=

    Buy 64 for 1g
    Sell 64 for 3g

    g=gold (currency)

    I was wondering if this plugin of yours is like this, or could u make it liek this. Because i loved this sign layout
    If anyone knows what plugin this is, give me shout. been looking for ages for the plugin, still cant find it
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    Can someone help? I set the currency to feathers, and put a sign infront of my chest that says:
    262 Arrows
    but when I rightclick on the sign, nothing happens, and in the bukkit gui, a message pops up. It reads:
    "[INFO] Shop: java.lang.NullPointerException"

    This is the only plugin I have on this server. Help would be appreciated.
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    Like an error log from console when the event happened with all details.

    Interesting format, My plugin is not in that format however. It seems like you right and left click to buy/sell. Setting it up that way will require a new branch of format and setting which would add more to it for simple sign usage.

    I just tested out this plugin without any plugins, you are getting a null error since in your configs, you have economy plugin: true just change true to false, and you should be fine, it will accept physical material, in which 266 = gold or you can change it to a different currency

    Hm, this is the first time i've heard of any issues about server crashing. This plugin handles nothing of world files, no saving, chunking, etc. The only thing it loads is the configuration. It's a one time process per server startup, What it handles is basic calculation and basic item manipulation removal/addition/swap.

    I've had my server running with around 25-40 players avg and no crash related to shop or server corruption. Had shop since 0.1; 2.2 has been running for 2 days just about.

    I'll have to look into it as this is the first case, Do you mind sending me a list of plugins you used? Is this with server shop or player shop, and how heavy is the usage of both?
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    Well i get [INFO] Shop: java.lang.NullPointerException every time i try and buy/sell items to a server sign. (My server wont be using player shops only Server shops)
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    Hi lauris, I sent you a pm with my email.

    The only case that should happen is if its not detecting your economy plugin. Did you by chance dl the essentials separately/renamed files/packages etc? Easiest case is to turn Economy Plugin to false in the config and see if that works for you. If it does work then it happens to be the case above or perhaps an older essentials? Let me know.

    Edit: could be a case where another plugin is using register as well, and two packages are colliding, I'll update the package name for register later and see if that is it; else try checking the above.
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    Yes after reading on here and then taking a closer look at my bukkit gui i noticed that it was running MC 1.7.2 and my essentials was for 1.7.3 (fail on my part :3 ) so i downgraded and now your plugin is doing exactly what i want it to :) im very happy with it now that its working and im sure when my server goes online, everyone else will be as well.
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    Arhhh well would you be able to do a separate plugin for a donation for me please?
    Much appreciated, and yes if you were holding 64 stone you right click and receive 2 gold, if you were holding
    3 gold you right click and receive 64 stone.

    I would love it if you could make this edit/attachment/plugin for me, if you say yes i shall donate
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    One thing i have noticed, items that ave damage values (eg, coloured wool and double slabs) can be sold through your shop. Here is the problem, coloured wool sells fine but double slabs will only sell a double stone slab whether you have it set to sell a sandstone slab or not.
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    Hey, the request is not difficult, I just don't know if I much time this week. I'll let you know in-case you haven't found the plugin you're looking for in the near future.

    Hi, ;) thanks for the heads up. I've tested it however and found no traces of the bug you reported. Could it be the messages? The message i have set is general as i'll add more precise messaging in the future when I have more time. Was this for server shops or for player?

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    I using IConomy and this (quite a bit of other plugins too) and before 3.1 of your plugin it worked fine with all my other ones but now that downloaded your 3.1 when ever i click a shop it does nothing and doesnt give me errors and when i set up a new shop nothing happens so i looked at the console and it said it loaded Shop so idk what wrong?
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    Hmm, It should have no impact if you are just upgrading. Where you using 3.0 previously? There should be no changes at all in format/mechanics. Its just a bug fix. If you previously had version 2, 2.2+ had changed the sign format and read is a bit different before. It's more picky.

    Did you recently install a new plugin outside of Shop? or was Shop the only plugin you upgraded? You mentioned being unable to create a shop, which could be one of two things. You don't have permission/op, another plugin is or another plugin is conflicting and overwriting it.

    It shouldn't have anything to do with configs, but you can also test case it and delete the Shop folder, let it auto generate a new one.

    Try isolating shop and removing all other plugins, having an offline localhost server with it running. Then add plugins one by one from your main to the test. If it doesn't run then, it's most likely something wrong with the download. If it does run then it's a plugin conflict.

    If none of the above works, when you have free time and if you don't mind, please send me your plugin list. I'll try to narrow it down if none of the above are the case.
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    OK wow thnx ill test this out tonight, and yes i am hosting a server, so it is for players to use when they create their own as well as my own sever shop for everyone

    So sorry but you have made an alteration??? so hard to tell who's saying what in the forum, is that your picture?
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    The message told me that the correct type of double step was sold and the correct type was put into the player inventory however when you place them they look like a stone double step and not like a sandstone double step or wooden double step like they should. And it was server shops as i believe player shops would draw the correct type from a chest.
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    I'll run a check when I can and i'll let you know what I find.
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    I was wondering how to make a shop from [Server] i am op and i still cant seam to do it
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    Hello, to create a server shop, place a sign anywhere without attaching it to a chest. Type in the same format you would if you were a player creating a chest.

    This is being moved to


    and has more detail and example on how to create. Let me know if that did not help you and i'll post some examples.
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    Okay Thank you, i was placing the sign on a chest.
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    Great plugin :). One problem though, I was making a chest shop and the buy/sell signs attached to two chests, but were not attaching to the last chest. I have no clue why.
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    Hi dany, did you attach the signs to a double chest or is it two single chest spaced one block from each other? (if it's the latter) then most likely its a minecraft mechanic that. Each sign attachment technically counts as a block.

    If that's not the case, can you post the exact case and condition/signs formats/location of attachment/ etc in detail and i'll have a look at it. (i've retested this many times over and found no traces of it being unable to attach unless a) sign format is invalid, e.x. quantity is not 1-64. (might have to and change this later)

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