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    Sign Chest Shop
    0.4.5 (last update, edit 9/20/2011 6:27pm)
    0.4.52 dev (last update, edit 10/3/2011 4:18pm)

    Allow users to establish an economy through shops. Players can create chest shops which others can purchase items or sell items to. Server admins can create world infinite shops which allows trade using or one of supported economy through register API.
    • Customize your own shop signs (no longer requires strict formatting)
    • Player shops
    • Server shops
    • Supports register API (BOSEconomy, iConomy, Essential Economy)
    • sign colors [for regular signs and shop] &0-9 &a-f
    • Currently has no lock protection (included in dev build)
    PERMISSION (open)

    Bukkit Permission Nodes (Ops default)
    shop.create.player : allow user/group to create chest shops
    shop.create.server : allow user/group to create server shops

    COMMANDS (open)

    /shop new <buy:sell> <quantity> <material> <price>
    /shop debug
    /shop flush
    /shop flush <player>



    Thanks to Minecrafta2z for the extra tutorial video.



    DOWNLOADS (open)

    Current stable release 0.4.5
    Shop 0.4.5

    developmental builds
    Shop dev0.4.52

    - logging, config/protection,new command /shop hand,
    - basic protection
    - fixed food issues and right click placement, item usage bug when interacting with shop
    * use at your own risk as these are developmental ()

    Old release : supports physical currency, old format
    Shop 0.3.1
    Documents (only for 0.3.1)

    Click Here

    CHANGELOG (open)

    updated register, now supports iConomy6
    fixed issue with currency format, added two command for Ops, /shop flush <player>
    1.8 compatible, minor format change
    properly removes shop upon player chest destruction
    restricted placement of signs on already owned shops (re-implement from 0.3.1)
    new data storage, no longer dependent on sign format
    users are now able to customize signs to their liking
    rewritten and revised for performance/user friendly
    some features are still being rewritten
    fixed a security issue dealing with players being able to mimic server shops
    fixed version information in plugin.yml
    added register api for major economy plugins support
    added physical shop option in configuration and currency definition
    added player chest type sell, players can now create shops that buy items from others
    updated handling code
    removed hard coded currency display
    fixed critical inventory exploit
    updated to new sign format, server can now use buy/sell instead of server buy/sell.
    updated player shops are now defined when creating chest shops whereas server shops are not localized to chests
    corrected op permission
    corrected remove last element bug
    properly removes regular items and items with modifiers
    fixed null pointer exception
    fixed inventory transaction
    added server shops
    added material modifiers to shop
    rewrote inventory handling
    initial release

    To Do
    - Bug fixes and compatibility
    - MYSQL web interface/database
    - Re-implement protection
    - Configuration
    - command line for item name, damage values

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or bug report(s)
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    Sign format looks very clean. :)

    It would be cool if you can include the infinite Item Shop signs. :)
    Maybe make the string [Server] for the player line?
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    You really expect users to use Zoom to view your post?

    and you need a download link for non-members, attachments are not visible by default
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    Yea, sure I'll add it once I clean up a bit more from the initial release and complete a few features.

    I didn't think it was that small, but i'll change the font size; i'll also add an external link, didn't know that non members can't see the link.
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  5. seems not to work with wool ...
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    Hello, thanks for the input. I haven't got around to adding it yet till next release. I also fixed a NPE and rewriting a few things. Next release should have server side infinite sell/buy shops/color wool/ and a few other improvements from initial.

    Updated 0.2: Wool and other sub item types should be functional, updated and fixed NPE, server signs for unlimited buy/sell.

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    Only thing I don't like about these sign shops and stuff is that anyone who wants Diamond stuff or whatever, can make a sign that gives them diamond for free or something. I have one of these sign shop (Well it's not specifically a SIGN shop, but it uses signs) plugins and I'm afraid of economy abuse like that.

    However I'm probably going to replace it with this one since I like the look of this one better. ;)
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    Rest assured, there is no way for them to make unlimited signs unless they are given OP. All basic buy chest shops require users to place items in the chest/stock up in order for others to purchase from. Else if the chest is empty, doesn't have the exact item value, selling damaged items (unless specified) what will return is an "out of stock" message. :)

    I made sure to account for cheating, economic exploit when I created this. If there is any exploits or work around however you do find, let me know and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I should also update this in the intro so others know as well.

    Seems to be a few bugs for item values and minor permission for op opening lock chest, working on a fix.

    Updated 0.2_1: should now fix op permission on default, also fixed inventory not properly removing the last instance of ItemStack in inventory.

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    When I buy something, instead of using iConomy money it uses 'gil' PLease help
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    I have that problem to.
    Also, I use the names of blocks I want to sell (eg. buy 1 stone for 1), so people know what they're buying, but I've got the problem that some items are too long to fit (eg. Mushroomstew (Mushroomstew for = 16 characters)). I tried Stew, but that doesn't work. Are there some short names I can use, or can you add a file where you can specify the names of items and blocks (like: 3 = Dirt, 3=Mud)?
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    Me as well, But it still uses the iConomy money it just says its gil. I would like to change that but there no config file.
    And my signs don't have the text colors like yours does, is it suppose to be like that?
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    @Marinedalek, @xGhostRid3rx,
    Sorry about the name being in "Gil" it was hard coded from testing and since it uses iConomy I was thinking of using the default name for the next version. But doing so won't have it be flexible, I'll do something about it to where it's customizable. Worse case i'll have to remove the "no configuration," in my plugin tag and add light and easy configs.

    I previously ran into problems with sign formats, my goal was to make it lightweight, but still customizable. Some default item names are ridiculously long, too long for the sign to fit (15 character max per line), I came up with one solution is for users to input the decimal ID instead of name. Users can then input their own name after the ID so for example on line 3
    "1 &4Stone!!" = [1] Stone!!
    being displayed on sign generation

    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values for decimal id
    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Classic_server_protocol#Color_Codes for color codes, &0-9 &a-f

    I'll have an update as soon as I finish rewriting the structure and for the currency type as well.
    If you guys can come up with a good solid solution better then mine (for sign format), by all means feel free to break this one down and let me know! Working with signs is limiting, it can be spacious if you strip off colors; and it can save space with certain formats like reducing Buy to B. But having all those will eventually make it less user friendly and confusing which is what I don't intend for this plugin.
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    I think the sign format is perfect infact its the best I've ever seen, My opinion is it shouldnt be changed like I said my opinion.
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    Thanks, I understand now, Great mod! Best sign- shop mod i can find!
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    If you add a config file, could you maybe add an option for disabling iconomy and sell everything for free?
    I wanted to build a kind of supermarket for those on my server who can't "/give" cause its a little annoying if you have to give someone 100 stone every 5 mins ;)
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    Works amazing!
    Like above I would love a cconfig to change the "gil" to another currency :)
  17. i am new to this whole thing and i am having a problem with the hole plugin thing... it would be a great help if you guys could/would help me out.
    my problem is that i can get the plugin on the server working fin and ever thing (thats easy) but only op's can use it, when please dont have op power they cant do anything but buy...
    i have tryed adding a plugin which gives all the power to do it but it never works. dont know if its me being nooby or what but just cant do it, please help if you can
    Thanks Daniel
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    @ktbanh OMG Awesome plugin, can you add localisation for make the plugin multilingual :D ?
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    Sorry, I've been a bit busy and off so I haven't had time to reply and finish things up.

    @ifrezzax, @Shooty,
    Thanks! Yes, I will be adding a configuration file and language file so users can customize messages once the revision/restructure is complete in 0.3@danieleisler
    Hi danieleisler, to give other players permission you need to edit the Permissions.yml file in your main plugin directory where you start up minecraft. If you are using build 1000, bukkit should auto generate a Permissions.yml file automatically.

    I'll upload an example permissions for it, if you want more control, advance permissions then you'd need BukkitPermissions Super Perm to say give individual users, world etc.

    (I haven't tinkered with default bukkit permission as much as I should, so i'm not sure if you can add individual players/world etc)

    The node for permission is "shop.create" without quotes, download my attachment and see.

    Critical update for exploitable event, should be fixed and working 100% as intended without exploits (hopefully)
    Minor removal of "gil," till 0.3 is finished

    pleasure to have ya.

    @cyberdude : If you INSIST, I will give you a file that will run the server without the CMD (WINDOWS ONLY)

    1- Download
    2- extract into minecraft server folder
    3- edit and point it to your bat
    3- change your bat to run_server.bat

    Attached Files:

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    Very nice looking plugin, will try it out when I get back from work tonight!
  21. Thank you for your help - however how do i get the Permissions.yml if i don't have build 1000 which i assume is another plugin?
    and i have searched for "BukkitPermissions Super Perm" but cant find it could you please assist me there
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    Hi Daniel, when I referred to build 1000, I meant craftbukkit build 1000, it's been updated now to 1060 (have not yet tested). It is required to run all bukkit based mods. On default, it should auto generate a permissions.yml in the directory where you start your Minecraft server.


    If by chance you want to give all players permission and no restriction, you can copy/paste the example permissions.yml into your main Minecraft directory and it should allow all players access to "shop.create"

    If you want to use another permission system e.x. permissions 3, to have more control of permissions for world, or player specific etc.


    Let me know if you need more help regarding this issue or if this is not helpful at all and I will try to further help you to the best of my abilities.
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    Does this work with essentials eco? Does it have register?
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    Any update on when 0.3 ? will be avaliable?
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    i would like the next update of this mod, me and my friends on my server is really looking forward to have this on my serv! we are using iron ingots and diamonds as our currency so we are wating for the next update could you hurry it up please :)
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    Hey guys, I've been busy so haven't gotten around to replying. I've been working on the plugin when I have time to spare.

    I'm setting up the users config, the shop sell is already finished still need a bit more, perhaps at the latest sometimes next week. If i can get around to it, maybe a day or two.

    I already added nik's register API so it should work with all major economics or default to physical items in the next release if no economy plugins are detected.
  27. Looks like an amazing plugin, but I would really like to have the ability to buy items with gold ingots. Like TradeCraft, but so that it doesn't kill my server with lag :D

    I will stick around this thread to see any updates :)
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    I'm currently using this plugin on my server, but I'm having trouble getting non-server shops to work
    Members have the Command node in permissions, but when they add a sign it doesn't update the same way.
    I'm wondering if I've done something wrong, reading the explanation it says "place a sign facing a chest" I assumed that needed to be above the chest, but perhaps not? Please let me know what I may be doing wrong.
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    plz make it so it support iConomy 6.0

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