Inactive [ECON/RPG/FUN] TreasureHunt 0.8.2 - Randomly-placed treasure goodness! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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  1. I apologize for the delay - I got fired from my job and have not had time to develop. I'll be trying to catch up in the next week or so.
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    Yikes. Take care of yourself first :)
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    Your latest version says 5c, but the plugin i downloaded says 5b giving off:

    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling TreasureHunt v0.5b (Is it up to date?): null
    at me.taien.TreasureHunt.loadProcedure(
    at me.taien.TreasureHunt.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
  4. Yeah, I'm just waiting for the 1.0 version of bukkit to come out now. I've been having to do a lot of work on my server, so I haven't had time to go find the problem you guys are having. It's mostly because when I started programming using the new configuration stuff that bukkit added I was very unfamiliar with how it worked, and now I'm quite a bit better with it, and I'm almost sure the problem you're having is related to that.

    Actually, let me do some quick changes and make an untested fix for your problem, because I think I know what the problem is. Give me a little bit here.
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  5. Uploaded an untested fix. Let me know if it works for you. If you have errors, post them please. Also, added the Min Distance option (see OP).
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    stuff! ... i mean... awesome, thanks! lol
  7. YEAH! your back. Nice to hear :D
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    Glad to see you back, love this plugin.

    Ran into a problem with WorldBorder, chests can spawn outside the allowed zone :/
  9. I don't run WorldBorder on my server...I use BorderGuard (outdated but still works). Does WorldBorder set a square border? If so, stand at the very center of the world and do '/hunt setcenter'. Then, do '/hunt setmaxdist <num>' where <num> is the distance to the border. That should fix your problem.

    Also, I updated to 0.5e, which fixes a bug I had in the 'setmindist' command and adds a min distance indicator to the '/hunt settings' command.
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  10. Plugin doesn't work for me still after update ;( RB 1337, 0.5e TH and get no errors. But no folder with configs. In the log it just spams through out on start up
    Code (Text):
    1. 2011-11-21 19:26:22 [INFO] [TreasureHunt] Using PermissionsEx.
    And I do /hunt help in game and it just does /hunt back to me ;(
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    After some fiddling around it works just fine for me! (i was an idiot and had the min and max hight values reversed lol. server no likey)
  12. Yeah, I've found that when I use the method the guy who makes PermsEx recommends to detect PermsEx, it throws that message quite a few times (no idea why). It's almost as if the plugin is being loaded quite a few times, since that event only occurs during the onPluginLoad event.

    Anyway, your problem is really weird because I also use PermissionsEx on my server and I have no problems. Very strange. Are you sure you gave yourself the permissions to use the commands? You need the permission to alter settings or view /hunt help, since /hunt help is only useful for admins. The only command any regular player needs is /hunt. /hunt help would be useless to a regular player because they can't do any of the commands in it.

    Make sure you have given the,,, and optionally permissions to people who you want to be able to find chests.

    EDIT: I could add a separate '/treasurehunt' command if you want for basic info for players who don't have access to the admin version '/hunt help'.
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    Oh, i did notice when reloading/restarting, it will say "[TreasureHunt] Using op-only Permissions." several times, though not bunched together. Found it odd but causes no issues.
  14. Alright works fine now thanks. :D
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    any way to remove the chests ? with a command?
  16. It can fade.
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    Awesome plugin! I'll have to try this one out :D
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    yeah found out that when you reload server it removes them, also what does it mean when it tells what value the chest is ? I set my thing 300 600 from the center yet I get some chests values are 1000 plus or this value thing has nothing to do with the spawn range?
  19. Value has to do with the item values you set in the config file. It indicates how much stuff is in the chest. So yes, it has nothing to do with the location.
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    thank you for fast reply ! great pluging makes every1 on my server go nuts after some1 found one and got diamond armor xD
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    I tried installing this, but the config file gets overwritten every time the server is reloaded or stopped... thus any item value changes or item additions, as well as affected world changes won't stick. Any idea about this?
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    stop the server, THEN make the changes. some plugins work that way.
  23. /hunt reload after changing the config file.
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    I am using this plugin its awesome but I got a problem when I start my server it crashes in 1 minute and I don't get any error in console and I removed this plugin for once and it will just go like normall..
    could someone tell me how to fix this
  25. You probably have the settings for where a chest can appear set too tight or have it set to generate chests in areas where the world hasn't been generated yet. It has a chance to generate one once a minute by default and when it does it searches the world for (by default) a dark location underground. You should change the settings in the config file to what you need. If it's not generating a config file for you, try starting the server and then shutting it down right away so it saves settings.
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    its not helping somehow...
    could you maybe sent me in a conversation a default (good) config sir
  28. Currently no, but I could set it up. Although I've never programmed for Spout yet so I can't guarantee that would work. :p I'll have to take a look
  29. here's the one my server uses, alter it as you see fit.

    Code (Text):
    1. Singles:
    2.   DIAMOND_PICKAXE: 240
    4.   CHAINMAIL_BOOTS: 600
    6.   DIAMOND_AXE: 240
    7.   GOLDEN_APPLE: 1000
    8.   DIAMOND_LEGGINGS: 380
    9.   DIAMOND_BOOTS: 300
    10.   DIAMOND_SWORD: 240
    12.   DIAMOND_SPADE: 240
    13.   FIRE: 600
    14.   CHAINMAIL_HELMET: 600
    15.   DIAMOND_HELMET: 340
    16. Multiples:
    17.   BRICK: 4
    18.   MUSHROOM_SOUP: 160
    19.   PISTON_BASE: 100
    20.   THIN_GLASS: 20
    21.   SULPHUR: 20
    22.   LAPIS_BLOCK: 200
    23.   GOLD_BLOCK: 160
    24.   GOLD_INGOT: 18
    25.   IRON_FENCE: 40
    26.   TNT: 80
    27.   GLOWSTONE: 12
    28.   FEATHER: 4
    29.   STONE: 3
    30.   SMOOTH_BRICK: 36
    32.   COOKIE: 20
    33.   JACK_O_LANTERN: 140
    34.   PISTON_STICKY_BASE: 240
    35.   WATER: 100
    36.   IRON_INGOT: 30
    37.   SLIME_BALL: 60
    38.   IRON_BLOCK: 240
    39.   PUMPKIN_SEEDS: 300
    40.   RAILS: 20
    41.   DIAMOND_BLOCK: 800
    42.   DIAMOND: 200
    43.   ENDER_PEARL: 100
    44.   REDSTONE: 6
    45.   MELON_SEEDS: 160
    46.   OBSIDIAN: 40
    47.   WEB: 120
    48.   WHEAT: 8
    49.   SMOOTH_STAIRS: 30
    50.   FLINT: 4
    51.   VINE: 14
    52.   EGG: 10
    53.   GLASS: 6
    54. Options:
    55.   HuntTool: ROTTEN_FLESH
    56.   ChestChance: 55
    57.   ChestInterval: 30
    58.   ChestDuration: 60
    59.   MaxDistance: 3000
    60.   MinDistance: 210
    61.   CenterX: 8
    62.   CenterZ: -81
    63.   DrawWeight: 4
    64.   Worlds:
    65.   - world
    66.   MinLightLevel: 0
    67.   MaxLightLevel: 4
    68.   UseMarker: true
    69.   MinElevation: 4
    70.   MaxElevation: 50
    71.   MaxElevationRare: 25
    72.   CanSpawnOn:
    73.   - STONE
    74.   - SMOOTH_BRICK
    76.   - OBSIDIAN
    77.   SecondsBetweenChecks: 5
    It goes in TreasureHunt/config.yml
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    Ran into an issue tonight running a treasure hunt 'event'.

    Running the latest TH release, bukkit 1489 and the latest PEX (if that matters). Basically the issue was, once I spawned the treasure, we had about 40-50 people all typing /hunt over and over (on a 10 second cooldown) to find where its at/how far away they were. Once they started doing this, though, we had major server lag (TPS / Clock issues) very quickly. I am assuming the /hunt command makes a call to the player to see their location and checks that against the treasure, then reports a message back to the player. Is there any reason this could cause a ton of server lag?

    Edit: Actually it appears to be a problem when people get CLOSE to the chest, when it is perhaps doing the constant checking to see who is closest over and over? It starts tanking the TPS very heavily. Is there any way to disable that?

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