Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Doesnt seem to work anymore, clicking on chest and it still says i need to select a chest. Fix it, or this plugin needs to go in trash for inactivity.
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    is it possible to sel groun for example 3x3 is 40 money????
    and the ground is only for u???
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    add a video and i will use that
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    Link broken!! D:
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    Link is back (was working from the project "download" page, hard to maintain all these links on forum, dev page, github, AAAAARGH !). Thanks.
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    Hi, is it compatible with #1597 ?
    Great Job man ;)
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    I REALLY love this!
    I'm so glad there is finally a mod that can sell or buy multiple items in a chest with no SIGN. That's annoying.
    But YOURS. Yours is sexy.
    Just one thing, and it's in ticket form too-

    In the market.prices.txt in the created folder:
    No changes reflect in the game. I'd like to see the items have proper names and prices. IE: '367' is Rotten Flesh, but is called 'food' along with a million other things, and prices for it are all 0.0. And shovels are 'Spade' or something. Anyone have a way to fix this just in case I'm missing something?
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    Is there anyway to import the market prices from dynamic market plugin to realshop?
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    You should update this for enchanted weapons, so that when people buy an item that is enchanted, they get the enchantment with it
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    Thunder Peel

    This has been the only shop plugin I will use, and I only enjoy economic servers that use this. Great job.
    One question: Can I change the names of items? ex: raw fish appears as "Food".
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    I use iconomy!And shop can be open properly!
    Others can buy items sold by me!
    But It didn't add my money!
    Only declease money who bought my item!
    Sorry for my poor english!
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    When I add the ability to sell items to a chest, it reports all the items available to buy and sell, but when I click it afterwards, it lists only one (the first) item as being able to sell. The "buying" list seems to include all possible items.
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    How do i set shop owners to be banks from BOSEconomy?
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    Any chance this getting an update to work on 1.3? I used it on 1.2.5 and it worked great.
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    ChestShop Configin German

    prefix: "&a[Shop] &f"
    iteminfo: "&aItem Information:&f"
    ACCESS_DENIED: "Du hast keine Rechte!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY: "Du hast nicht genug Geld!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY_SHOP: "Shop Betreiber hat nicht genug Geld!"
    NO_BUYING_HERE: "Hier gibts nichts zu kaufen!"
    NO_SELLING_HERE: "Hier gibts nichts zu verkaufen!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_INVENTORY: "Du hast nicht genug Platz im Inventar haben!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_CHEST: "Es ist nicht genug Platz in der Kiste!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_ITEMS_TO_SELL: "Du hast nicht genug Items!"
    NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK: "Der Shop hat keine Waren mehr."
    NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK_IN_YOUR_SHOP: "Schau in deinen Shop %material !"
    YOU_BOUGHT_FROM_SHOP: "Du kaufst %amount %item von %owner fuer %price."
    SOMEBODY_BOUGHT_FROM_YOUR_SHOP: "%Kunde kauft %amount %item fuer %price von dir."
    YOU_SOLD_TO_SHOP: "Du verkaufst %amount %item an %buyer fuer %price."
    SOMEBODY_SOLD_TO_YOUR_SHOP: "%Kunde verkauft %amount %item fuer %price an dich."
    YOU_CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP: "So kannst du keinen Shop machen!"
    NO_CHEST_DETECTED: "hast du ein Schild gesetzt!"
    ANOTHER_SHOP_DETECTED: "Anderen Spieler Shops erkannt!"
    CANNOT_ACCESS_THE_CHEST: "Du hast keine Rechte!"
    PROTECTED_SHOP: "Gesichert mit LWC"
    SHOP_CREATED: "Shop erfolgreich erstellt!"
    SHOP_REFUNDED: "Du hast %amount erstattet bekommen"
    NO_PERMISSION: "Du hast keine Rechte!"
    INCORRECT_ITEM_ID: "Giebt es diese Item ID!?"
    NOT_ENOUGH_PROTECTIONS: "limit ereicht!"
    CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP_HERE: "Hier darfst du keinen Shop setzen"
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    Any chance of this updating soon, the Harvest Moon Server that i part own isn't the same without it.

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