Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    For EdviniL


    mmm.... upercase sensitive?, if use p giveme a error in console... try whit P
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    I'm not sure if this is a known issue (it wasn't on the list) but I'm using RealShop 0.62 with Bukkit 766 and all of the shops are locking up on the server as soon as someone uses it. For example: if I right click to enter a shop, then leave, then try to enter it again it will say "This shop is already in use by calzoneman" even though I'm not using it. The problem appears to persist until the server is restarted.
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    Drei Gyuu

    Try punch the ground after you exit to finish the transaction even though there was not any.
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    I think I found a bug. In all of my shops, when a player buys something he is never charged until he reopens the same shop, then he is instantly billed. If he doesn't reopen the shop, he basically gets the item for free.
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    Multiple Problems with this plugin now. You cannot create chests, edit or anything at this time now. I typed the command it replies with "/rs help" everytime.

    The other thing is /mny set commands do not work period.
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    Drei Gyuu

    I saw on his to do list that he is working on this. Although, I've edited my market.txt and it is sale-able now. I only got one problem though, It worked for the Saplings, Wool, Dyes, Diamonds, But it can never tell the difference between coal and charcoal.

    Also, 2nd time im going to mention this, just so I have everything in one post. if i have pluginPermission=none and shopOponly=true it wouldt let my non-op players buy/sell or even open a shop. I do not run any permission plugins. My solution for this is just to set shopOPonly=false this will allow your players to create their own shop for now. I have a feeling tho that I'm missed something thats why its doing this

    But other than that Version 766 bukkit plus the latest version works.
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    why is lava and water bucket cheaper than bucket? from 180 something to 50? I dont get it
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    I really like this plugin. Just one request. Could you please make it so you can attach a chest shop to a BOSEconomy bank account. This would make my server so much better thanks. I will even consider donating if you add this feature.

    Thanks in Advance,
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    I tried it with uppercase, but it still didn't work. :/

    EDIT: It works now. I tried with the wrong player group. Thanks!
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    command doesn't works. Used build 760 + iConomy 5+
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    i tried it. no change...
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    if it works, it's a good way to do this :)
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    RealShop can't set prices for items set. Items can only be sold / buy with a price for 1 item.
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    The fixing of duping/stealing/deleteing items from shops
    - I am working on it

    The ability to tie a shop into no one person. This way even admins can sell to shops.
    - give your shop to a NPC : you can create an account for a non-playing-nickname, give a lot of money to him and /rshop give the shop to him.

    A command to add an item to the market file while in game.
    - Look at the documentation : it exists ! /rshop market commands.

    Faster transactions. Sometimes it takes up to a minute for the sale to go through.
    - Interesting. Tell your players to click the shop (or anything) when they go out the shop. When they do that, does the transaction complete immediatly ? This could help them.

    Stealing warnings stored in a separate file (if it can't be fixed).
    - Stealing warnings are near to disapear with my anti-glitch work.
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    Je suis en train de tout revoir la détection des vols. J'espère que ce sera plus fiable bientôt.
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    I don't know what it means, not tested nor fixed yet.
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    I catch the player disconnect event to release the lock on the chest.
    Ask your players to click somewhere to validate the transaction immediatly when they leave the shop, there can be a delay when they leave the shop, seen sometimes.
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    /cbr help ??? is another plugin collapsing with realshop ? I don't know anything about this /cbr commands sorry.
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    what is "re-arranged" ?
    there is only a re-sorting of items when the transaction is cancelled. this will be fixed on the next release.
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    ? thanks for the information. Not enough data to help you.
    Check documentation, iConomy and RealShop version, and test it again.
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    It's 766 compliant, and 740 too.
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    Perhaps you don't have an iConomy account ?
    I will see where this crash append, and fix it for the next release
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    Okay, will test / fix it. Thanks for this bug report.
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    Stupid questions ahead :
    Did you reload the permissions ?
    Are the permissions set on the correct user's group ?
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    - The permissions are 'realshop.*' and not '-realshop.*' what a strange idea you but a - in it !
    - Beware the case :
    and not permissions !!!
    You should have read an error / warning into your server / realshop log on launching.
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    I will test /fix it. Thank you for this bug report.
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    strange. you can't enter the shop because he is locked by... you ?
    very strange.

    some changes on check looking will be on next release. this will perhaps work better.
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    a delay on completing transactions, it seems to happend sometimes. Tell your players to click anywhere when they go out a shop to get the bill immediatly.
    if they don't click, they should have the bill after a few moment (the next click somewhere / walking away).
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    did you activate permissions without using it well ?
    for /mny, I will check this.

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