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  2. Excuse me. I am trying to run realshop with iconomy and the currency systems dont sync togetehr and their are two different currencies. I have 30.19 dollars in iconomy but when I check a chest that was made into a shop it says I have 13.17 dollars and when buy or sell stuff it does not change my iconomy currency, only my realshop currency.
    Here is what i have in my config file. This is the Text document, "config"
    Also when someone tries to create: /rs create. It says an internal error occured while preforming this command.

    This is also the error i get when someone or me left clicks on a chest that is a shop.
    If you would provide any help or tips please contact me or reply back! THANKS A TON IF YOU CAN!
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    I haven't used this plugin for quite a while due to the duplication bug. I just wanted to check in to see if it has been fixed, or any measures exist to prevent this hard-to-detect griefing. Any users have a problems?
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    wow you should read the last two pages the plugins 100% busted atm lol cant create or do anything XD
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    Damian Mason

    You can't say that. The plugin works perfectly for me.

    The /rs help error is most likely a permissions problem. Try granting realshop.* to your user and see if you still get the problem. ALSO make sure it says using Permissions in the config.
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    gee thanks v.v i took your advice an re-did permissions from scratch and realshop and it doesnt work surprise! I'd like my hour and a half of my life back now :p thankies!
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    Damian Mason

    First of all if it took you an hour and a half to add realshop.* to your user, I wouldn't be surprised if you're overlooking something blatantly simple.

    You need to try all the possibilities before you ignorantly claim "plugin is completely broken." Try rolling back a version.

    Post your Permissions file and your config file. Again it works for me after I fiddled around with it for a bit.
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    in case you're interested i got it :p it wasnt anything screwy permissions or the plugin version because i tried many it wasnt generating the permissions line and previously i didnt have to add it or get any indication i had to add it manually but i did get a much cleaner permissions file :p
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    Alright thanks! I just was confused by the "Found a way to handle griefing" in the TODO, but now that it's resolved I'll start using this awesome plugin!
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    Damian Mason

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    ya it didnt generate that line at all i had to manually add the config option i just noticed it a minute ago
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    Yes I know it's a permissions problem. I want to restrict users to 1 chest in 1 area I specified. so therefore I cannot give them realshop.*. I'm so happy you got this to work for you but it isn't working as intended therefore it is a BUG and needs FIXING.
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    ok mr smart guy :p help me out here whenever i try to sell some items it simply says "No Transaction" but others work great
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    I have a few questions regarding this plugin. I'm new to currency and shop plugins, I haven't used any yet. I want to try using this plugin with iConomy, but I need to know if what I had in mind is possible.

    As far as I can understand with this plugin, if I have an account with 10 money, for example, then set up a shop that offers users to sell to me X item for 1 money, every time someone sells me something my iConomy account will be deducted by 1 for each item they put in the chest.

    So now onto my question... My server community so far established an idea of currency. Basically, they craft green wool (Like dollars!), which is their currency, build shops, and trade their goods for green wool. I'd like to know if there's a way to set up a "shop" in which they can drop off their green wool for the price of 1 currency, but this particular shop would serve as a sort of bank that has limitless funds. What I want to know is if I could set up a shop that has limitless funds, so that whenever users "sell" their green wool for virtual currency, it's not taken from another user's account, such as my own, since I would have set up the shop.

    I'd like to be able to participate with my users without giving myself infinite amounts of money just to supply this bank.
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    Damian Mason

    I didn't say that was the solution. I said TRY giving them that and then fiddle with it until it works. Then you know permissions is working. Now you can try switching realshop.* with If it doesn't work now, then it is truly a bug. Troubleshooting 101, isolate the variable. I know nothing aggravates a developer more than when users insist it's a bug and refuse to properly troubleshoot. It helps neither parties.

    Do you own the shop........Who is supposed to be paying you?

    I thought you meant your shop worked for others, sorry. Try issuing /rs daily. If that doesn't work check to see if the items you are selling appear in market.txt or currentvalues.txt.

    This is how my server works as well except with iron ingots as 100 coin and gold ingots as 400 coin. You might want to look into the essentials package and read up on shop signs. You can create a sign that sells/buys unlimited green wool for a set price. I have these around my world as banks functioning as currency exchanges.

    RealShop can work as well but you have to create another user who owns all the shops and has an iconomy account of 1,000,000,000+ so he never runs out of money. He would sort act as a government printing more money and releasing it into the economy. However I feel like this is a sloppy solution to the problem since it ruins all the statistics under /money stats. You could wait since Tickleman has said he plans to create some sort of option where chests have a non-existing owner with infinite money.

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    Until that is added, this sounds like a fine workaround. How would I go about creating another user?
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    Cava :)

    So I have a group of shops bound to one account, an NPC 'Merchant's Guild' sort of thing. To regulate the economy a little via supply and demand, I leave it to the players to populate this account with money, rarely 'printing money' myself. In other words, if not enough people are buying goods from the guild, the shops will simply 'close' (cancel transactions due to lack of funds).

    In your next update, if there's a way, could you possibly add some specific, configurable error messages for this sort of thing? Something like "Shop is currently only selling due to a stock surplus." Or maybe include an option to automatically 'close' a shop whose account is empty (and I suppose automatically open when there are funds). Would be awesome to have such a feature if you have time!
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    Update To 779 I'm Need This
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    Drei Gyuu

    I'm guessing probably most plugin developer will wait after 1.6 is released this week before they release a new version of their plugins.
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    Damian Mason

    Set up the shops as yourself. Create a new iConomy account named...Merchant for example. Stop the server, go into the RealShop folder into shops.txt and replace your name with Merchant. If you want to "print money" give merchant a lot of money.
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    Careful there! When a transaction is cancelled it replaces the item with an INFINITE amount! (you can select it and then right-click as many times as you want, as described in my previous post). And the colored wool still doesn't work.
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    Can you link a shop to a specific iconomy account?
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    Damian Mason

    You can by editing shops.txt. Make a shop with your normal player and then go into shops.txt and replace your name with the Iconomy account name.

    It's a workaround until this gets supported.
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    Alright, that ain't too shabby. Thanks alot!

    Oh and I guess that doesn't work with iConomy 5 bank accounts yet right?
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    Damian Mason

    Latest version worked for me.
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    soo everything works fine! but i have a problem... if i want to change the price of an item i just get "/rs help" in chat as message idk why permissions should be right but heres my permissions for my default user group..

    - 'BOSEconomy.common'
    - 'BOSEconomy.admin.reload'
    - ''
    - 'realshop.create'
    - 'realshop.delete'
    - ''
    - 'realshop.sell'
    - 'realshop.price.set'
    - 'realshop.price.del'
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    Having the same exact problem...Rshop 0.63, CB 803, I have the realshop.* permission. It works fine for OPs. I'm also using GroupManager.
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    Damian Mason

    As it's been said before, check your config file for RealShop make sure it says permissionsPlugin=Permissions or whatever you're using (I don't know if RealShop supports GroupManager or if you just use a bridge.)
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    i checked it and everything is still fine with with me and other players can create shops but cant change the prices of there own shops ....
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    Maybe try changing the file endings to .txt, move them to your server, then change them back to what they were... I dunno just guessing here...

    Oh please please please please add bank support for BOSEconomy! That would make it possible for multiple owners, having the shop deposit money into a bank that both owners can acess. The turnstile plugin has this feature, maybe ask the creator that plugin for tips on how to do this?? It would make me soooooo happy :D

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    Lol, this was solved waaaay ago. He changed so that it auto creates the file at first reboot. And its nowadays in .txt.
    Answered old stuff without knowing? :p

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