Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Est-ce que le client avait assez de sous pour payer ?
    Il y a des bugs, parait-il, quand ya pas assez de sous pour payer, où ça se dédouble (avec un WARNING dans le realshop.log en principe).
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    okay i just upgraded a few plugins this one included and i'm trying the beta but everytime i click on a chest shop all i get is the welcome to shop you have XXX money message and then shortley afterwards the no transaction message but the shop screen doesn't open
    and there is no errors listed in the server console

    okay i just checked other chests that shouldn't be affected by your plugin and they won't open either so maybe it's something else

    sorry it was a problem with one of essentials features i fixed it
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    I cant find any lang.txt file in my server folder ;/
    Maby you could send it to me? :)
  5. Hi tickleman, first of all thank you for the plugin :) It's a great addition.

    I did notice one bug; if you /rshop close a double coffin, only the selected part wil be closed. The other side of the chest will still be open as a shop.
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    edit, all commads for shop not work.

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    Beta is very bugged for me. iConomy 5 and 0.6 Beta, creating shops and trading works fine, but when i do any other commands such as /rshop sell +318 it just echo's /rshop help. Thats for every command except /rshop create. Help?

    Also, /rshop help returns /rshop help, only /rshop ? works.

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    all commands not work now, can' t create a shop with beta version.
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    tha d0ctor

    /rshop create doesn't work btw
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    you'll have work to do iconomy chnaged his tructural layout

    EDIT: apperently your grabbing iconomy wrong look at API
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    Lang files are into the "zip files" downloads
    When you set a language code into config.txt, with language=..., the file is automatically created if language code is supported (today : fr, en, de, sv for help file only)

    Thanks for this bug report.
    I will try to think fixing it before next release

    - please send me RealShop/config.txt and your permissions file

    - please send me RealShop/config.txt and your permissions file
    Check that all needed permissions have been activated if you are using permissions.

    Did you activate permissions ?
    Did you set all the permissions you need ? (ie. permission enables realshop's help page)

    Did you activate permissions ?
    If yes, did you set up the realshop.create permission for your player ?

    The BETA version works with iConomy 5.x
    The actual release works with iConomy 4.x

    Please use the good version for your iConomy :)

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    And in my permissions file i have - '*' for the group im in so that cant be it.
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  14. I put thing in my shop but when I leave it says no transaction. Please Help ;(
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    Heyho, pls help me, my problem:

    when i create an shop, and use the command /rshop sell +331 for redstone sell get it work. But, when i click left came the message : "clients can not sell" ... and when an other play its try came "no price" but in the "market.txt" is redstone included, here i show:

    331 ;0.046 ;0,046 ; redstone

    ... with other items its works :(
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    Is there a way to add infinite stock? So that when players take from the stack of 64 , it stays at 64?

    And would having an earlier version of iconomy make it so that /money account is not tied to the realshops account? the currency doesn't seem to work together.

    Also when selling at an infinite admin chest, make it so that the items sold to the chest dont fill up space?
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    i tryed both
    same reasolt saying internal error
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    i was haveing trouble with the infinite item commands from this until i found the commands on the wiki the infinitebuy command sets it up so that the item refills itself and the infinitesell command destroys anything they put in using a 1 or zero at the end turns it on or off

    infinitebuy command
    /rs ib 1
    infinite sell command
    /rs is 1
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    thanks jay ill try it out, know anything about currency matching up? im using iconomy's ecoCreatures
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    I don't think this feature is currently implemented... If it is then please let me know...

    I would like to limit the number of shops each permissions group can open. So that the majority of players are limited to only having 1 shop.

    Please look into this feature :D
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    I thought every mod that had iconomy support used the same iconomy /money.
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    Here's some feedback:

    The plugin seems to be finally working well at the moment, I'll deploy it on my server and let the users test. Great job, by the way!
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    I had changed to BOSEconomey!
    Works very well.
    Icomeny is death for me in case the developer is more a DIVA as a full developer....


    Or must i use +0 for sll bones?

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    If i try to set a price for my items it doesn't work. i have the RealShop beta and iConomy5
    for example dirt: "/rshop price 3;3.0;4.0" but then it says: "No player's price for #display" and "Price can't be calculated from recipes for #display"

    If i type:. "/rshop price 3 3 4" it says "Player's price for #set: buy...."

    The plugin always takes the price from the market file i can only set an own price in the cinfig file of my shop.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm confused.
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    My default players can't open the chests :/ I have set in their permissions but only shopkeepers and above can open the chests D:

    EDIT: Fixed. It was worldguard :C
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    It wont work to me when im using it with iConomy.
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    I like the plugin but whenever I use Iconomy, the money doesn't match up right between the 2 plugins so whenever I get money for Iconomy it won't recognize it for Real shop so I have to go in the accounts.txt file and manually change the amount of money I have to match the amount of money I have in Iconomy.
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    .6 beta does not seem to use iconomy 4.6 or 5.0. In the log it says its using its own /mny economy. Not iconomy's /money.
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    Exploit that my players reported: if you cannot afford something and you put it in your inventory, it will go back into the shop. But if you do this repeatedly, it will stay in your inventory.
    Also another exploit I found when I was trying to reproduce the one above: Have no money, take an item from a shop, drop it (with the mouse) and before it reappears log out. The item is now gone from the shop and your inventory. This plugin is so awesome but has so many exploits >.<
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    If you don't want to use/can't use iConomy, use BOSEconomy instead. I use it, its fantastic.
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    tha d0ctor

    any developments with the new update, nearly all the commands are broken so I can't change prices although the shops with with iconomy 5 and the new beta .60

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