Inactive [ECON] RealShop - Shop using chests [1337-1561]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Mark PROT

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    its not compatible with boseconomy yet.
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    it was, but the update has made it go poof
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    I would absolutely love to use this plugin, but it is just too much of a hassle to deal with the current bugs of duplicating and stealing.

    I will most definitely download this when those holes are patched :)
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    Randy Schouten

    [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=3][FONT=Lucida Console][SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to RealShop
    at fr.crafter.tickleman.RealPlugin.RealItemStackHashMap.storeItem(
    at fr.crafter.tickleman.RealPlugin.RealItemStackHashMap.storeInventory(
    at fr.crafter.tickleman.RealPlugin.RealItemStackHashMap.storeInventory(
    at fr.crafter.tickleman.RealShop.RealShopPlugin.enterChest(
    at fr.crafter.tickleman.RealShop.RealShopPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=3][FONT=Lucida Console]

    Update please ;)[/code][/COLOR]
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    Works nice whit latest version 0.591 !! Thanks Mr Pillot !! Awesome plugin !!:)
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    Thanks Baptiste. This is awesome.
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    Thanks a lot Baptiste - keep up the good work!
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    I agree I really liked the features of this shop plugin but when my players discovered the duplicating and stealing bugs it destroyed the economy of my world I too will most definitely use this again when those holes are patched.
    For now i'm using iConomyChestShop but a shop for each item must be created and that's a lot of work and space.
  11. Great work Baptiste, absolutely love your plugin!!
    Works great on my server.
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    Randy Schouten

    Nevermind my last comment, works great ;)
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    thank you so much you are one of the few that uses BOSEconomy which saved me from sql's!
    ...I know nothing of those evil things lol
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    Adam Stepney

    I think i'm doing something silly here... yet I'm struggling to work out what the problem is. When I create the shop, set what can buy sold there. I walk away and anybody who tries to open the chest it will say "The shop is already in use by player *playersname*" Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Yes, please please please fix the duping bug! The one my users seem to have figured out was opening a chest shop and equipping the armor before you closed the shop and it duped, or closing minecraft with the shop open. I don't know exactly how they did it, BUT, the log file does indeed flag it as a warning. I warned my players but I couldn't realistically ban or punish people for a glitch, in fact I'm pretty sure one guy duped an item inadvertently because he crashes alot lately. Anyhow, I had to shut down all my shops for now until its fixed, please fix!
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    Bug Found:

    Im using EpicZones plugin BTW,

    When you buy in a shop and put it in your inventory, Then throw it outside, the item wont go back to the chest and add 1 <item you throw> piece in your inventory
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    The plugin is great however ppl cant sell diomands and other high value items.

    I do have enoth money on my and the items is allowed to be sold .
    Please help.
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    Great plugin, and I hoped that I'd find one feature that I really seek for long...this is not a feature request, but simply an idea thrown into the sea of creative minds ;)

    Ability to auto-replenish items in the shop after certain period of time:
    For example - a shop, which sells coal, and every 24h the shop is restocked to selected max value.

    That way we could support players with resources without overflowing the market with infinite goods (as it happens with normal server-side (non-player) shops.

    Anyways, thanks for this beautiful piece of code :D
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    argh wheres the permissions... im trying to set it up so people in my server can use /money pay USER AMOUNT but i cant find it >.<
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    Either i am doing something wrong, or the people in my server are retarded, but they cant seem to sell items in the chest... for ex.. I set up a chest that lets people sell "dirt" to me.. They can open it, but cant put it inside chest...
    So either i'm doing something wrong, or they're retarded...
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    This plugin is the best!!! i have been using it on my server for a while and me and all my players love it!! thank you for it!!! but i have one small complaint, the prices are a little messed, it would be nice to get that fixed.
    Thanks so much!!
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    Josh Harwood

    Players using specific Shops are having their MC clients crashed, and the server Usage Spikes to 100%

    CB version # 677
    RS version unsure how to find it

    the server reports:
    01:09:44 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �flandre11�f�7:�f ok this shop kicks me
    01:09:52 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �flandre11�f�7:�f ramores
    01:09:57 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �framore123�f�7:�f yeah
    01:10:00 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �framore123�f�7:�f my shop is scrued
    01:10:02 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �framore123�f�7:�f i duno what  happened
    01:10:03 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �flandre11�f�7:�f put a sign up
    01:10:10 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �framore123�f�7:�f there is 1
    01:10:25 [INFO] �7[Member]�f �flandre11�f�7:�f no signs that says anyhting bout it being broken
    01:10:26 [INFO] �9[PLAYER_COMMAND] Giggaflop: /warp spawn
    01:10:32 [INFO] �9[PLAYER_COMMAND] Giggaflop: /spawn
    01:10:35 [INFO] �9[PLAYER_COMMAND] wassup789: /spawn
    ----- NOTE: This is Where i Try The Shop ----
    01:11:11 [INFO] Connection reset
    01:11:11 [INFO] Giggaflop lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    01:11:11 [INFO] �7[Donorv2]�f �2wassup789�f�7:�f ?
    01:11:13 [INFO] Freed 247.73096466064453 MB.
    Realshop.log says:

    2011-04-19 01:03:57 [WARNING] Player aznaztek logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:04:18 [WARNING] Player ramore123 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:04:27 [WARNING] Player ramore123 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:04:28 [WARNING] Player SilverFoxer logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:04:32 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > Rymdgrodan: Sold 332 (Snowball) x48 (45.6)
    2011-04-19 01:04:57 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > Rymdgrodan: Sold 331 (Redstone) x64 (1660.16)
    2011-04-19 01:05:13 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > Rymdgrodan: Sold 331 (Redstone) x64 (1660.16)
    2011-04-19 01:06:54 [WARNING] Player enrage0 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:07:12 [WARNING] Player Rymdgrodan logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:08:26 [WARNING] Player landre11 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:09:24 [WARNING] Player landre11 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:10:55 [INFO] [shop Welcome!] melaniebeedot > landre11: Purchased 270 (Wooden Pickaxe) x1 (1.86)
    2011-04-19 01:11:11 [WARNING] Player Giggaflop logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:13:02 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > Rymdgrodan: Sold 35:10 (Purple Wool) x12 (5469.72)
    2011-04-19 01:13:02 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > Rymdgrodan: Purchased 264 (Diamond) x10 (6105.9)
    2011-04-19 01:13:47 [WARNING] Player wassup789 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:14:16 [INFO] [shop InfniSell] Giggaflop > ramore123: Sold 4 (Cobblestone) x43 (24.5)
    2011-04-19 01:14:30 [WARNING] Player wassup789 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    2011-04-19 01:18:57 [WARNING] Player ramore123 logs off being into a chest-shop !
    Shops.txt Reads:

    My Config Reads:

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    Salut, pourrais tu améliorer la façon dont la transaction ce termine ? Actuellement il arrive que des personnes recoivent l'argent quelques minutes après la transaction. Une detection du mouvement de la personne serait parfaite je pense.

    Merci et à bientôt !
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    Beh... C'est déjà comme ça que je fais, en détectant les mouvements.
    Sur mon serveur beaucoup de magasins et pas besoin d'attendre plusieurs minutes après la transaction. Bizarre.

    There is no proof that this come from RealShop !

    Your player has been disconnected during it's transaction, perhaps due to the server's CPU peek. RealShop detected that the player disconnected, but it does not say anything about problems occuring into RealShop.

    Did you make this several times ? Is it crashing always when you are making transactions into RealShops ?
    Perhaps I should try it with your whole configuration (world and plugins directories)... xD

    What are you thinking about "messed" ?
    A round problem with iConomy has been found. 0.593 should repairs that. Is it working better now ?

    I don't know, sorry. Need your full configuration (world and plugins directory) and full information to test this.

    There are no permissions on RealShop.
    /money functions permissions are in the iConomy plugin. See with them, not with me xD

    Haaaa, thanks. Not a bug report, love that :)
    I make a note, but... perhaps for version 3... well this will be a little bit complicated, and I don't want my shop too much complicated (it's already ? ooops, well...)

    No enough information sorry.
    Please give the config.txt, market.txt and shops.txt files, and tell me which shop in the shops.txt (coordinates or name if you have one) has got the problem.

    Yes, this is an anti-throw protection.
    They are not allowed to throw items until the transaction is complete !

    I can't make a reliable fix for that.
    The only idea I have is to do something when players log back in the game (ie).
    As : removing the items from it's inventory and put it back into the chest.

    Or if the item was crafted : well, I don't know. Perhaps pay it late (with a unpaid bill for example) when he will have got enough money ? I think I will finally do that...

    Did you walk away enough, until it says "no transaction" ?
    There is a few seconds delay and walk-away distance to follow for this.
    Pls try again, sure this is not the best way but usually this is sufficiant.

    A post with nothing to reply !!!
    Thanx !



    "Someday my prince will come..."
    And someday I will be anti-grief-proof.

    pls be patient ;)

    It seems too, now.

    Look at the wiki page, there a table with the list of commands for "ops" and for "normal users".
    Someday permissions will come (not done yet :))

    No problem for me (and lot of others).
    Do you still have the problem with the most recent version ?

    Some next version will do everything with right-click, so you should not have the problem when this will come.
    Please be patient.

    Tested and working.
    When a shop (or all shops) is infiniteSell on, the item disappear from the shop (so there is always room to sell other items, that's the way how infiniteSell works).

    Not understunding, no problem for me.
    Perhaps working fine since last RealShop builts (some changes have been done to make this work).

    Not understanding, no problem for me.
    Perhaps working fine since last RealShop builts (some changes have been done to make this work).

    - The buyer (you or the shop's owner) must have enough money to buy things
    - sells are disallowed by default, use the /rshop sell -0 to allow to sell anything to the shop
    - the shop owner or an admin you have restricted buying or selling the item in this shop. use the /rshop command to know anything about corresponding shop.

    There were some bugs at the time you wrote this, problems with craftbukkit #670 I did not see, sorry.
    Perhaps better now. But beware : some ways to grief still exist... (should be some [warning] entries into the realshop.log, but I know it's not the best way to help).

    Thanks for your patience.

    should be fixed now

    should work now

    should be fixed now

    should be fixed now

    This is a known problem with damaged items.
    I will try to make it work better soon I hope ('just need time to do this...)

    C'est possible. Va lire le wiki pour les commandes /rshop price.

    now works

    ... or when you click somewere.
    I've seen it tonight, will try to repair it soon.

    There were some bugs in #670. Should work better now with this craftbukkit.

    I don't have the time to test RealShop with all existing plugins sorry.
    Perhaps if some other people have problems with simplebarter or backback, I will have a look.
    But it's easier with more test-information.

    Into config.txt :

    instead of the default economyPlugin=RealEconomy.

    Look at the server.log, there must be an error loading BOSEconomy. Perhaps a case mistake ?
    Give me what server.log tells about loading the economyPlugin and I will perhaps be able to help you.

    It's in now. Thanks.

    Perhaps RealShop don't like spaces after the ,

    Perhaps if you pay me one million bucks...
    Not motivated for the moment.
    If a mod developper want to fork the dev, he can do this, I will integrate his work !

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    i mean a little of them are a bit outrageous and i don't think it has anything to do with iConomy, but it's more to do with the market portion, such as how bread is 60 and one peice of lapis lazuli was something like 155 but the block was only 50. Thats all i mean.
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    I've set the market prices totally randomly (joke, hem, almost)
    You can change the market prices if you think my prices are awfull, look at the doc.

    I think server admins are old enough to use their eyes and look for the shop plugin they prefer... They don't look only for reliable plugins, but for fun and easy to use for their players too.

    I think the success of RealShop comes from the fact that clients of the shops don't have to type any /trashbin commands to buy stuff. That's why I wrote this plugin instead of using one of the thousands already existing shops, and that's why it's a little bit more complicated to make something 100% reliable.

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    Josh Harwood

    Every single time. feel free to join my server
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    This is why I use realshop. I dont need my members to memorize a ton of different commands. The dropping of items into a chest, or removing items makes things easy.

    Im glad to see you haven't given up on this plugin. I am still on an old build and things are working great. I wont upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5 until this and a few other plugins are up to date.
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    I wasn't complaining by any means, nor had I expected you to test for them, I simply wanted to point out the given incompatibility between the two. Thank you so much once again for the plugin.
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    En tout cas, très bon travail, tu mérite de sincère remerciement !

    Au passage, nous avons trouvé un petit soucis lors des transactions si la personne déconnecte, les objets sont quelques fois gardés dans le coffre même avec le infiniteBuy

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