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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Alright, lol stupid of me. But now it is saying Transaction cancelled when my buddy tries to put his item in the chest. I set it up and doubled checked its probably something stupid but I do need help with it :D
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    can i use the built in essentials eco instead of iconomy
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    what are the permissions
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    Thank you sooooo much guy! I love you :D Work perfectly !
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    Permissions is a plugin that allows the Server Creator to edit their players commands. It allows players to use certain commands from different plugins. It is a highly recommended plugin by the bukkit community.
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    What are the Permissions codes???
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    Ah, ça fait plaisir de voir un français qui fait des bons plugins... :D
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    Transactions are not closing on my 617 server. The only way to close them is to either left-click or re-open the shop after taking or placing your stuff. Anyone can grab stuff and walk away without having to pay, and people selling stuff do not get paid until they manually close the transaction. Everything else is functioning as normal. Any ideas what would cause this?
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    Same for my server !
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    i 2nd that..

    also a suggestion/con: one of my users wanted to set up a shop where he'd buy damaged items for a low price, and then repair them (using mcmmo) and then sell the repaired tools, but he was unable to buy damaged items, since an ironpick have the id 257 and a damaged one has the id 257:xx so he would have to set a price for each damage level of any tool in the game to achieve his goal.. (and for some reason he wasn't able to do higher than 257:125)

    could you do something about that, because else the only solution is to allow all items to be sold, and then disallowing everything except tools of any kind...

    i'm thinking something along the lines of: if sellDamaged then accept xx:xx else don't
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    This plugin works correcty but there is one major issue with it and It would prevent me using it.
    If a player tries to buy something that he does not have the money for and quit the game before the server had the time to close the transaction, when he will log back, he gonna have the item in is inventory...
    That's kind of major right ? Any suggestions in the way you handle this kind of scenario ?
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    Some of the shops on my 617 server do not show up to my players then they left click to check prices. I am able to see them all but the players are only able to see some such as Logs, Gravel, Soulsand and Netherrack. Any guesses?
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    Hello the /rshop infiniteBuy on , display : flag buy illimited actived but finally that don't work, item disapear from shop :s ...

    edit :in fact to infinite buy item its /rshop infiniteBuy off
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    today one of my users tried to sell iron blocks using /rs buy +42, but it wouldn't work... /rs sell +42 works fine though... turns out that the id for selling iron blocks is 42:110 ... :S can you fix this in some way?
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    hi, so i have a question. im trying to make all the server shops to a bank account that i created. but im trying to do it in game so other players can do that too in game and i dont have to edit anything. also, while they are under a bank account, i want them to be able to adjust prices, so each shop would have different prices. i know that you are adding individual shop prices in a later update, but for now, i am looking into this. i am using boseconomy. attaching the shops to a bank account works throught the text files, but i want the players to do it without my help. is there a way or is this in the works? or what? thanks and by the way, i love this plugin.
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    How do I link RealShop with BOSEconomy?
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    you can setup all your servershops to a server bank account by editing the shops.txt file... that's the way i made a pawn shop for my server at least...
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    but there is no way to do it in game?
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    having an issue seems when players sell to my infinite shop the items stay in the chest...arent they suppose to disappear?
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    So dude .. here is my german translation.. guess you may need it :D .. i need one so i just changed the fr.lang

    # CLIENT
    +owner's shop +name is closed=Der Shop des Users +owner +name ist geschlossen.
    Dropping items when you are in a shop is prohibited=Das fallenlassen von Gegenständen ist im Shop nicht möglich.
    Nothing can be sold here=Hier kann nichts verkauft werden.
    Nothing to buy here=Hier kann nichts gekauft werden.
    Price can't be calculated from recipes for +item=Price can't be calculated from recipes for +item
    The shop +name is already in use by player +client=The shop +name is already in use by player +client
    You can buy +items=Du kannst hier folgendes kaufen +items
    You can sell +items=Du kannst hier folgendes verkaufen +items
    Welcome into +owner's shop +name. You've got +money in your pocket=Willkommen im Shop von +name +owner. Du hast +money in deiner Tasche.
    Cancelled purchase +item x+quantity (+linePrice) +comment=Achat annule +item x+quantity (+linePrice) +comment
    Cancelled sale +item x+quantity (+linePrice) +comment=Vente annulee +item x+quantity (+linePrice) +comment
    Cancelled transaction=Transaktion annuliert.
    No transaction=Transaktion fehlgeschlagen
    Purchased +item x+quantity (+linePrice)=Du hast +item x+quantity (+linePrice) gekauft.
    Sold +item x+quantity (+linePrice)=Du hast +item x+quantity (+linePrice) verkauft.
    buy not allowed=Dieser Kauf ist verboten.
    damaged item=Diese Waffe hat bereits Schaden.
    no price=Kein Preis angegeben.
    not in market=Nicht auf dem Markt vorhanden.
    sell not allowed=Dieser Verkauf ist verboten.
    Stolen +item x+quantity item duplicated !=Achtung!+item x+quantity wurden gestohlen und dupliziert !
    [shop +name] +client purchased +item x+quantity (+linePrice)=[Shop+name] +client hat +item x+quantity (+linePrice) gekauft.
    [shop +name] +client sold +item x+quantity (+linePrice)=[Shop+name] +client hat +item x+quantity (+linePrice) verkauft.
    Now clients can buy +items=Nun können User +items kaufen.
    Now clients can sell +items=Nun können User +items verkaufen.
    Now clients can not buy +items=Nun können User keine +items mehr kaufen.
    Now clients can not sell +items=Nun können User keine +items mehr verkaufen.
    The chest you selected is not a shop=Die Truhe die du ausgewählt hast ist kein Shop!
    The chest-shop you selected belongs to +owner=Dieser Shop gehört: +owner
    The shop +name has been created=Der Shop +name wurde erfolgreich erstellt.
    The shop +name has been deleted=Der Shop +name wurde erfolgreich gelöscht.
    The shop +name is now closed=Der Shop +name ist nun temporär geschlossen.
    The shop +name is now opened=Der Shop +name ist nun wieder eröffnet.
    The shop +name was given to +playerDer Shop +name wurde an +player übertragen.
    Welcome into your shop +name=Willkommen in deinem Shop +name
    You must select a chest-shop before typing any /rshop command=Du musst erst einen Chest auswählen, tippe dann  "/rshop" ein um einen Shop zu erstellen.
    You selected +owner's shop +name=Du hast +name +owner´s Shop ausgewählt.
    Damaged item buy/sell flag is=Beschädigtes Item setzen.
    Infinite buy flag is=Unendliches kaufen Flag setzen.
    Infinite sell flag is=Unendliches verkaufen Flag setzen.
    Trade market items only flag is=Nur Market-Items erlaubt!!
    Calculated price (from market/recipes) for +item : buy +buy, sell +sell=Prix calcule (marche/recettes) pour +item : achat +buy, vente +sell
    Error while setting player's price for +item=Erreur dans votre prix du joueur pour +item
    No player's price for +item=Pas de prix du joueur pour +item
    Player's price deleted for +item=Prix du joueur supprime pour +item
    Player's price for +item : buy +buy, sell +sell=Prix du joueur pour +item : achat +buy, vente +sell
    You did not set any price=Vous n'avez defini aucun prix
    Calculated price (from recipes) for +item : buy +buy, sell +sell=Prix calcule (recettes) pour +item : achat +buy, vente +sell
    Daily log was dumped into the realshop.log file=Daily log was dumped into the realshop.log file
    Daily prices calculation simulation is into the realshop.log file=Daily prices calculation simulation is into the realshop.log file
    Error while setting market price for +item=Erreur dans votre prix du marche pour +item
    Market price deleted for +item=Prix du marche supprime pour +item
    Market price for +item : buy +buy, sell +sell=Prix du marche pour +item : achat +buy, vente +sell
    No market price for +item=Pas de prix du marche pour +item
    Real daily prices calculation log is into the realshop.log file=Real daily prices calculation log is into the realshop.log file
    Reload RealShop configuration files=Reload RealShop configuration files
    Usage: +command=Usage: +command
    /rshop market <itemId>[:<itemDamage>] <sellPrice> <buyPrice>=/rshop market <itemId>[:<itemDamage>] <sellPrice> <buyPrice>
    /rshop price <itemId>[:<itemDamage>] <sellPrice> <buyPrice>=/rshop price <itemId>[:<itemDamage>] <sellPrice> <buyPrice>
    +owner's shop +name : +opened=Du hast den Shop von +name +owner geöffnet.
    /rshop HELP summary=/rshop HILFE
    accepts damaged items=Aktzeptiere beschädigte .
    infinite buy=Unbegrenztes kaufen
    infinite sell=Unbegrenztes verkaufen
    market items only=Nur Marktplatz ITems
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    /rshop infiniteBuy on/off/rs ib 1/0Clients will buy infinite items into this shop (auto-reload). You should do this with admin/server shops only (default is on)
    /rshop infiniteSell on/off/rs is 1/0Clients will sell infinite items into this shop (sold items automatically deleted). You should do this with admin/server shops only (default is on)

    I tried these commands and it keeps ending up being OFF. Anyone mind explaining what exactly is going on and what these do?
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    for one, is your infinate buy and sell options off to begin with? because that was the issue with mine. you can also put the flags in manually in the shops.txt file. thats what i usually do. and they allow you to sell and buy items from and to the shops infinitly. so if you buy something and exit, the items will respawn back in the chest.
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    I'm asking this question as well. I see no info on how to set this up for my permissions file. I have tried -'rshop.*' but it didn't work. Nothing works for this plugin. Doesn't even come up in help. Any ideas ?

    I am starting to think this is a bogus plugin. I have tried for two weeks. Its never worked.
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    Right so something caused major issues on my server. If you take more than you can pay for... You get it for free...
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    not as far as i know.. :|

    left click your shop, type "/rs infiniteBuy on" and than it should work... did for me anyways.. :S

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    I'm using iconomy and my users are able to buy items from the shop but they cannot sell items into the shop.


    This is my config file:

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    grrr... thats disapointing... ive noticed that it wont deduct or add from the bank account either.
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    my plugin does not use permissions. look at the doc.

    Probably another plugin breaks my plugin's event.
    Try removing plugins one by one. When mine works, you will have found the bad boy !

    Same answer

    I did really forgot that... I will do something ! And add the capability to have a lower price for damaged items... Watch for the next releases... thanks.

    He should be refferenced as a griefer in the realshop.log log (look for [WARNING]...)
    I hope I will be courageous enough to develop some kind of punishment for griefers (or payback-latter features, or something like that).

    Wait for 1.0

    If they see nothing when left-clicking, they must be another plugin that prevents blocks damaging/destruction. Unload-reload this other plugin, as this must be loaded after mine (I know, this is not practical at all).

    are you saying that if you infiniteBuy off infinite works, else not ??? inverted option ?

    well... to authorize players to sell, you must use /rs sell. /rs buy is used for ... buying ! logical, no ?

    Iron block is 42 all alone, not 42:110

    Youre question were strange, perhaps you should re-formulate them...

    Each player can give its shop to who he wants. Do you want one virtual player for each real player, or one "global" virtual player ? In this second case you've created the virtual player and your players can do /rshop give virtualplayer and that's it. In the other case... ask some help to BOSEconomy authors, they will help you giving your players the command to create new accounts withou entering into a txt file...

    Now players can adjust their price for themselves (all their shops). There are no per-shop price. Something I will probably add in a middle future...

    Into config.txt : economyPlugin=BOSEconomy

    'hope this will work with the last version of BOSEconomy, I don't test each release...

    Cool, thanks. Will be integrated into my next release :)

    Perhaps a bug, I will check it before next release

    Perhaps a bug, I will check it before next release

    Please read the doc. No permissions links for today, it's in the TODO section, not in the CHANGELOG !

    Please read issues log, this is a known issues. You can punish griefer, found them into the realshop.log file, look for [WARNING].

    This plugin will not be 1.0 without a turnaround for these issues... but this will be an awfull patch ! Craftbukkit gives no way to make sure transactions with the way I've choosen.

    Don't forget to do /rs sell -0. Shops are buy-only by default.

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    ok, well that helps. but i guess the bank accounts would be a virtual player. right now, i have the server shops set to my bank account, but the issue is its not adding or taking away money when people buy and sell items to my shops. so the issue is in effect, you cant grow wealth or loose wealth. so thats why.
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    My users love this thing. I love that it adjusts the price daily based on demand. Very well done.

    Anyway we can get a MenuMetaMod plugin for this?

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