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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Baptiste Pillot, Feb 23, 2011.

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    well as you made the shop and your buying from it im betting you gave the shop to an NPC?
    if you did you need a SQLite editor and you need to add the npc name to the list of players in the minecraft.sqlite file in iConomy plugin....

    if im totally wrong about how you have that set up maybe a little more information.
    are you using iConomy?
    is it your shop or have you given it to a player or npc?
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    Josh Harwood


    Join and talk to either Giggaflop or jaxier about the plugin.
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    I'm a little bit confused.
    I am under the impression that infinite buy setting means that the shop always keeps what is originally placed inside it regardless of people buying the items.
    And that infinite sell setting means that items sold to the shop do not appear in the chest.

    I have both of these setting turned on and yet when I buy an item there is always the amount I bought missing.
    And I am unable to sell an item back because it just gets cancelled.
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    Need it too.
    I need to set Seller (Groups/persones) and Buyers (All/groups/...) how can i do that ?
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    I'm having an issue with craftbukkit 531, it doesn't let my users sell items, it always says canceled transaction when they put items in and try to leave. If it's an issue with 531, it would be nice if you could update it, thanks.
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    The "buying" is disabled by default. To activate it, type the following command (after you click the chest) :
    /rs sell -0
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    Yes, I have done this, I've tried everything and read the wiki a couple times over, it something with the plugin, I've even deleted the plugin folder and had it remade and still nothing.
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    It's weird, I also have version 531 and I do not have that problem.
    Does the player who owns the shop has enough money?
    Anyway, it's better that it was Baptiste Pillot who answers you ^^'
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    What do you mean by have enough money? They are trying to sell the item to the shop. If it means anything, I'm using it with iConomy and have the latest versions of both plugins.
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    Rick Boss

    I didn't give it to an npc, it's mine. I'm the admin and I'm trying to set up a couple shops and such. It's a double chest. those work, right? i think i read that they do.
    Using iConomy.
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    When a player sells to a shop, it costs money to the owner of the shop, so if he does not have enough money, the transaction is canceled. Is this your case?
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    Ahh I see, I'll try this right now.
    EDIT: No luck, I added more than enough money to my account, created the chest, did /rs sell -0, gave someone a diamond to sell and it canceled the transaction as soon as they put it in the chest and walked away, is there something I'm missing? Do they have to do something else to finish the transaction?
    EDIT2: at this point I'm going to try using version 522 of craftbukkit and I'll post back here afterwards.
    EDIT3: Well thankfully downgrading didn't break any of my plugins and it works now! Thanks for all your help though.
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    I found a glitch. If someone takes a block from the shop and puts it into their hand, then immediately places it after leaving the shop, then they can mine it and keep the block. Any work arounds to this?
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    double chest do work because i have one set up =]
    the way you explained it makes it sound like you are trying to buy from your own shop and as far as i know that cant be done.
    also have you looked to see if you have enough money to buy the item you want?

    it sounds like its just something simple that has been over looked but i cant really say as i didn't make the plugin and i cant see how your server is set up =[
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    Can it possible to set who can buy and sell on a chest ?
    I need that for make jobs
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    The only thing that bugs me about this plugin is that there is no currentValues.txt or something of the like where I can see a list of current-day prices. I'm willing to donate to see this put in (so I can list it online and not have to do funky stuff to answer people's questions).
  18. I think you should steal them back as soon as the player connects if you can't get them when player disconnects :))
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    my main problem is it seems to use decimal places and iConomy doesn't.
    is there a way to change that?
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    What version of iConomy do you have? As far as I know, the latest iConomy does support decimals.
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    Josh Harwood

    can you have the account file loaded from disk when modifyed? so that other plugin authors can intergrate with realshop's economy
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    I could create a "restock" mode. It's strange, if you gave the shop back to you, you should be abble to restock the shop for free. perhaps click the shop again after the "give"
  23. Both of those settings are quite misleading with their nameing... does infinite sell mean sell to the shop or it sells infinitly to me? it should be renamed to "shopInfiniteSells" and "shopInfiniteBuys" its more clear that it means that the shop is the one who buys and sells..(yes, its the opposite right now - "sell" is selling TO the shop)
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    im using 4.4.7 and cant find decimal support. even if im being a noob and not seeing an obvious setting in iConomy it would still be cool to turn the decimals off in the shops
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    It can be not easy to create an account for a player who never did connect to the server ! I don't know if we can do that with iConomy. I ask iConomy author to permet this on a future version :

    This should work.
    You can use the following instruction, too, more easy than modifying the file :
    /rshop market <itemId> <buyPrice> <sellPrice>
    You should read the full documentation on the wiki !

    Beware : this will do that for all shops !
    Look at the wiki doc : you can do that for one shop only (if you need) with the command :
    /rshop infiniteBuy
    Well done :) I asked iConomy authors to give us something to do this easier. Perhaps one day...

    Look at the wiki. Set the daily recalc to false and set your prices[/quote]

    • No error into the realshop.log file when you attempt new shops creation ?
    • How many lines into your shops.txt files ? could you please send me one ?

    This will be done someday. Approchoaching into the roadmap, please be patient...

    Yes, it will probably work. Try it !

    You perhaps have an old version of market.txt and/or dataValues.txt. If you did not change anything into them nor activate daily price recalculation, delete them and launch your server again, they will "respawn" with all values, including the 351:11 of your yellow dye.
    Or try with the latest release. This works on mine.

    It always say "no transaction" when you leave your own shop. Only other players will make transactions into your shops. You are using your shops like if it were a simple chest.

    The only thing I will be able to to at the moment is to log "strange transactions" into the realshop.log to enable admins to detect this kind of griefs. I did not found any 100%-secure way to detect that people went out of the shop, craftbukkit does not give tools for that...

    I will probably study it when Permissions integration.

    dataValues.txt exists, for base items prices.
    It's true there is no complete values file including crafter items... I will do this on a further release.

    LOL. Why not. I could log any unsolved transactions to back-steal players as soon as possible. It becomes complicated, but that's a way to do more secure things... Thx

    Yes, I could. An API (as iConomy does) would be cleaner. I suggest plugin authors to be iConomy-compatible, and server admins to enable economyPlugin=iConomy on my config.txt file, as iConomy is used by a lot of plugins today.

    Are other plugin authors using my integrated RealEconomy ? Or will you ?

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    Josh Harwood

    i wanted to get the lottery plugin to interface with this plugin, as i can't stand the permissions plugin that iconomy requires :(

    he was wiling to support you but couldn't see how to as he couldn't write to accounts file directly or interface with your built in economy via your plugin
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    Sales and purchases How do I get?
    using mysql.
    Please tell me the formula.
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    shopInfiniteBuy=true works well for me because all shops on my server are NPC run =]
    thanks for the advice i will set the daily recalc to false now :D


    Strange it is already set that way... is there something in the way crafted items are calculated that will result in them having a fraction?
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    Is there a way to allow my shop to buy everything and not only selected items
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    Just remove everything from the buy list.

    I reinstalled from scratch, with the latest update, and now it works. Thanks

    Is there a way to add items that use the damage value to the buy sell list without editing the shops.txt?
    When you go "/rs buy 44:3" it adds 443 to the list, however, if I add 44:3 directly to the txt it works fine.

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    yeah, im using this and world guard, and i cant get it to work with world guard. any thoughts?

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