Inactive [ECON] Paid2Mine - Get paid to mine items with iConomy [928]

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    Get Paid to Mine!​
    Version 0.3.0

    Download | Source Code | Latest Dev Builds​
    Wiki | Contribute Ideas | Donate

    Live Chat @ #pwnage
    In-depth description of what the plugin does.​
    /minepay [-version|-clearrec|countrec|force|-reload]​

    How do I install Paid2Mine?
    It's fairly simply, really. Download it and upload / place it to your plugins directory, and run your server. Configure as necessary in the values.yml file in plugins/Paid2Mine, and execute the command /minepay -reload as an Op.​
    For an example configuration, please visit our wiki.​

    • 0.3
      • Update for #928
      • Adds Permissions (Paid2Mine.getpaid)
    • 0.2
      • Update for #860
      • Disables "Farming" or "Boosting" of money
      • Supposedly fixes issues with the timeout on updating iConomy (please let me know if it does!)
      • Added /minepay force (force payment)
      • Added /minepay -clearrec (clears records)
      • Added /minepay countrec (counts records)
      • Added /minepay list (lists all items in the config to a player - this will be updated)
      • Records are temporary logs (upto 2.5 minutes) for the boosting prevention.
    • 0.1.2
      • Implemented user alerts in-game
      • Updated for CB 740 and iConomy 5
    • 0.1.1
      • Fixes the (sometimes occurring) not being paid for different items.
    • 0.1
      • Initial release.
    To-Be Implemented:
    • Permissions
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    Update the plugin plox :'(
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    this is a great and useful plugin and it's a shame this isn't working anymore now i started using iconomy6.
    it would be great if you could update this plugin
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    I love this plugin and would love to see it updated, but it looks like he isn't going to update it. I was going to poke at the source and just see if I could fix it, but it looks like the stuff he uploaded last is 0.2 so it would pretty much require adding in all the other permissions stuff which could be a pain. Yet again another plugin someone drops and has way outdated source.
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    I love this plugin and would love to see it updated, ive also looked at source and if it was version .3 i'd probly try my minimal knowledge of plugin making and update it xD

    but i would love if some1 else could potentially update it ;)
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    D: I cant find any plugin that pays on a configurable time and configurable amount.
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    Can I use this to make players have to pay to mine instead of the otherway?
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    plugin is dead :(
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    no its not i'm working on a replace this thread hasn't been up dated sense April 15^th i have fixed all the error except 1 line,there wasn't much in the first place, i should be done soon :) hope it works

    i'm working on a version with ico6 support shouldnt be long bro

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    I'll come up with an update this weekend for permissions + ico6. I may just make it use Vault for the economy. I won't be doing any bug fixes as of right now, as I've been busy with managing a hosting business. The joys of customer support and financials!
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    I have use the lates paid2mine but now i start 2 get problem have use it a wile now. but it crash with a update on iconomy so i did go back 2 the old 1 but i need the new 1 for citizens :/ so it will be nice with a new version
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    Date you replyed for say an update: 9/02/2012.
    The date is now: 1/03/2012.

    WAKE UP! :)
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    Please update ! i have always used this, and now i want to use it again
    please make it vault compatible so you wont van iconomy issues again
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    update plz to minecraft 1.2.4 thx
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    where's the download button
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    This hasn't been updated in a long time and am guessing it won't be. I have been using MCJobs instead as it gives you pretty much the same functionality and then some:

    Just figured I would post it in case anyone else was looking for a replacement.
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  19. When i try to click the download link, it takes me to this weird website.. with no download.
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    Hey guys, i made a request to get this plugin updated and some one was kind enough to do so. PLEASE, check it out!

    Im using this on the server i help run and it works Great!
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    Also, like SICC I've made a variant of this plugin due to it being outdated so you can check it out via my profile! Just trying to give options :)

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    Because the domain is either parked or been sold.

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