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    Professor Omega

    OmegaCurrency - Real, physical money.
    Version: 1.2.1
    *Also please link to this topic if you do update it.
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    A successful server needs a money system. From gold as money to virtual economies. I think virtual economies are a great but some servers need a real currency.

    The coins themselves are useless. They dont do anything special besides being used to replace gold ingots as a currency. It really depends on the server owner to make them useful. On request I can add a diamond coin or other coins that would have a good purpose.

    Iron Coin:

    Gold Coin:

    - Adds Gold and Iron coins

    Current Bugs:
    None for this version


    Version 1.2.1
    • Updated
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed a few bugs created by the bug fix
    Full Changelog:

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    Version 1.2.1
    • Updated
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed a few bugs created by the bug fix
    Version 1.1

    • Fixed a few bugs.
    Version 1.0

    • First release
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    Awesome, been looking for something like this. Only issue with it is how can it interact with other plugins, e.g citizens. Any way it could ever hook into vault or something?

    Also no download link?
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    Professor Omega

    Whoops. Fixed
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    Since the author ignored your post;

    "The coins themselves are useless."
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    Professor Omega

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    i dont understand i tryed crafting it but it didnt work
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    Professor Omega

    Did you install Spout?
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    It's approved, but I recommend changing the download link to at least something where we can see the url.
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    Professor Omega

    Thats not a link shortener. It is the link that my uploading program Cloud makes. But, I will try to use dropbox instead...
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    That's quite cool. Is there a way to change the way they are crafted? I would like to change it like there are no Iron Coins, just Gold Coins and I would like to get 8 Coins from 4 Gold Ingots. Something like that. Possible?
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    Professor Omega

    I would recommend Spout Materials for what you are suggesting.
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    it would be awesome if this could be like Astaen said!
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    Professor Omega

    Yeah still working on that...
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    awesome! i can't wait :D
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    Do this plugin work with MoneyDrop ?
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    Cool, I tried to do this with UltraItems but then the plugin changed and it didn't work anymore. But I will use this! :D
  18. id like to make a suggestion if i may... theres one thing stopping from using it so far...

    were spout only so this would be great.

    please add config to set the name of each for example goldcoinname=Groat ironsilvercoinname=a half.

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    Is it possible to edit how many coins yielded from 4 iron ingots?
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    I would rather like a system where 1 gold ingot=5 golden coins wich you can use in player-and admin-made shops.
    Actually, I could live without the iron coins, i just need a physical currency. Is that possible? Also, I would like a slightly smaller texture on the coins, and no Z in the middle.
    Thanks on my behalf, OriGanG
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    SWEAT! Exactly where i was looking for! Thanks you so much! Going to try it now.
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    Hey, I crafted but each time I got the item "Flint" as a result.. With both gold and iron.

    I have Spout.jar plugin installed. Anything wrong?
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    hey, i don't want players to be able to craft money (one of the rules for real money to survive :D), so could you add an option like craftable: true / false once you've added iconomy support? that would make this plugin really one of my favourites (for as far as it not yet is, ofc)
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    would you make coins out of diamond and wood as well thank you
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    Professor Omega

    You need to use the spoutcraft client.

    I'll think about it.

    I'll add a config for the plugin with a choice of making it craftable or not

    I'll add a config for the plugin with a choice of name

    I dont think so...
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    Right, sorry if I'm a nooby about this.. so all the players on my server have to use the SpoutCraft client?
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    Professor Omega

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    Okay thanks.
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    1 gold equals 10 dollars, 1 iron equals 1 dollar, one coal equals one cent
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    Professor Omega

    I am having a very hard time adding iConomy support. But thanks for the value suggestion.

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