Inactive [ECON] MobBounty v4.2 - Simple Mob Reward [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by AOD_Batman, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I want to translate this plugin to my language, but I get a lot of errors that seem related to dependencies when trying to compile the source code.

    Could you please tell us which are the libraries you used?
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    @NickBrahz It should save when it is disabled. Try doing /mbs before doing /reloadall

    @Jonathan Bloom I will take a look at implementing that plugin.

    I am currently working on another plugin called MobLoot that will allow you to change the drop loot of a mob. (I currently have chickens exploding with Diamond armor and tools on my test server. :D) I will try to get this released by this week.

    I was going to add a locale config file in the last update, but iConomy 5.0 forced me to release it early. The libraries I used for it are:
    • bukkit.jar - (Needed for the plugin)
    • iConomy.jar - (Needed for iConomy support must be version 5.0 or greater)
    • Permissions.jar - (Needed for Permission/GroupManager support.)
    • BOSEconomy.jar - (Needed for BOSEconomy support.)
    • MineConomy-0.5.6.jar - (Needed for MineConomy support.)
    • craftbukkit.jar - (Needed for detecting if a wolf is tamed or not.)
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    Thanks, really helpful! I already guessed the last five of them, but not the first.

    Now I have another problem. In some files you import a package called net.mcbat.MobBounty.Utils.Currency, but inside Utils there's not any package with such name. Where is supposed to be found?
    Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
    The import net.mcbat.MobBounty.Utils.Currency cannot be resolved    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Commands    line 6    Java Problem
    The import net.mcbat.MobBounty.Utils.Currency cannot be resolved    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 9    Java Problem
    Currency cannot be resolved    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Commands    line 53    Java Problem
    The method format(double) is undefined for the type iConomy    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Commands    line 57    Java Problem
    The method format(double) is undefined for the type iConomy    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Commands    line 59    Java Problem
    Currency cannot be resolved    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 146    Java Problem
    The method getAccount(String) is undefined for the type iConomy    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 151    Java Problem
    The method getHoldings() is undefined for the type Account    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 155    Java Problem
    The method format(double) is undefined for the type iConomy    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 156    Java Problem
    The method getHoldings() is undefined for the type Account    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 159    Java Problem
    The method format(double) is undefined for the type iConomy    /src/net/mcbat/MobBounty/Listeners    line 160    Java Problem
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    That would be my fault, I forgot I added a file last update and didn't do 'git add' to add it to the repository. It has now been updated with
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    Finally, I can compile it by myself.

    Thank you so much! :)
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    an option to not get any money at all from mob spawners would be great
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    holy crap thank you so much for this :) I was using dropbonus but it looks like that's not going to be updated for a bit...this is really nice though. Coupled with your MobLoot plugin I think I will finally be fully recovered from the mess that was updating to iConomy 5 lol. Anyhow, is there any way to customize the message displayed when receiving a reward or fine? And would it be possible to add the ability to reward or fine on player killing? Thanks again for the awesome plugin!
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    Just got it updated because I've been waiting for a few other iConomy mods to update and it works perfectly straight away with all of them (DynamicMarket, iConomyChestShop and obviously iConomy). So thanks for that. =)

    I did mention logging a couple pages ago and (by no means is this me pressing you for it just commenting) if it's implemented I think it would definitely open up some interesting avenues for website integration (if it's SQL based). I would love to have a rolling kill count under people's posts on the forum or on their profile.

    But yeah, thanks for keeping this up to date so fast and well. =)
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    Kill two birds with one stone here. :p These features were going to be added in version 3.0, but due to the iConomy 5.0 release I was forced to cut corners and release early. I will look into finishing Locale and Logging support for a minor release. ;)

    Someone else has asked for this, I think, and I don't want to include it in this plugin as this plugin is more PvE oriented and I don't want to end up with a huge plugin doing everything. (Essentially why I separated MobBounty and MobLoot.) Also if I were to do this I would want it to be so players could pay to post bounties and bounties would grow when that player kills players.

    I haven't started on this and have no approximate date on when I'll start or release it. It's just something that has been sitting in the back of my head. ;)
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    I changed from ecoCreatures to your plugin in my server.

    I have 2 features that i'm missing in your plugin:

    1. a customizable reward-span would be nice. like you can set 2-5 in config and every kill the plugin would "roll a dice" what exact reward the player gets...

    2. an option to set a reward-rate for specific groups of the used groups-/permission-plugin (for me it is "Permissions")

    These and the already mentioned language-file are the only things i miss in your plugin.

    Great job!

    PS: Sorry if my english is a little bit bad, but its german school-english ;)
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    I know this might be just a hassel request, and that you would rather me going through the github. But would it be possible to add parameters to the config for custom message / color ? Right now it kinda spams the screen, Id like to trim it down to just say
    picked up: 20.00 credits
    in grey and the numbers in green.

    So a good example of the config file would look something like
    #your desired message
         '&gpicked up:&7(your credit variable)&gcredits
    perhaps there would also be a variable code in there for the mobs name. Just an Idea, though I do love the simplicity of the plugin, thank you.

    *edit* Also, the (your credit variable) would be your config code that tells the plugin that a variable goes there from your original code. Much like Iconomy does for their custom messages (edited that in for the people that might get confused by the request from that)
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    I cant edit (/mbr) ElectrifiedCreeper, PigZombie and TamedWolf. The two worded mob names.
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    I will fix this bug in the next update... The names are: Electrified_Creeper, Pig_Zombie, and Tamed_Wolf.

    I am actually currently adding that along with locale support. I will look into percentage. ;)
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    As you have noticed quite a few people are beginning to migrate to your two plugins via the fall of ecocreature, I am also one of these admins. I would like to make the feature request to randomize currency drops between a minimum and maximum value, and rather than simply a time based multiplier I would also like to request group based multipliers. If these are possible thank you very much if not I will try to find some other form of work around. These are the same features @LostIsland above was requesting.
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    Squids don't give money
    fix please
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    This is just what I am looking for. Thanks for the great plugin!
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    Not sure what's going on. I use the plugin Multiverse, so I have multiple worlds... not sure it's relevant.
    Whenever I change the "Rewards" config for better prices, it resets as soon as I reload the server to the original prices. Yes, Im saving the file.
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    There was a problem with MultiVerse with my other plugin too. I will have to look into it. Unfortunately I work full time and have school full time during the summer, so the only time I have to work on my plugin is Friday-Sunday. :(
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    Ok... well am I supposed to put anything in the {}'s next to the world? Like this:

    Creative: {}
    Hellworld: {}
    Unknown: {}
    Survival: {}
    Nexus: {}

    Not sure if I was supposed to do something there.
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    # Define rewards based on a world. If a mob is left out from a world below the
    # default values up top will be used for the missing mobs.
    # Values ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    # WorldName:
    #    MonsterName: Amount
    # Example ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Worlds:
    #     world:
    #         Creeper: 50.0
    #         Ghast: 0.0
    #         Skeleton: 45.0
    #         Spider 30.0
    #     vipWorld:
    #         Cow: -15.0
    Worlds: {}
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    Whats with our feature-requests, Batman?

    Your plugin would be soooo nice with these features...
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    Does this work with essentials economy
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    Not yet, next version will include Register.
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    Too buggy. Last time I tried it, it just didn't work, and now /mb returns "An Internal Error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
    It's impossible to change the rewards. When I edit rewards.yml, it gets changed back when I /rl
    Put everything in a single config file. config redundancy is confusing to users. You have mob reward amounts in both config.yml and Rewards.yml, but the ones in config do not get used.
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    Please attach server logs. Without server logs I can't fix the problem. It seems you may be using an old version as the file "Config.yml" hasn't been used since version 1.02. Please delete MobBounty and reinstall. Also to alleviate confusion while installing , configuring and using MobBounty I have reorganized the top post with an Installing and Configuring guide as well as easy to read tables for the commands and permission nodes.
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    Well being that my comment/pm/convo have all pretty much been ignored I assume you have no intentions of adding any form of coin drop range [min/max] for on kills, thanks anyway and good luck with your plugin. (I mean that seriously not trying to be snide.)

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