[ECON/MISC] DeathPenalty v1.08 - Take money from players when they die [1060]

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  1. DeathPenalty by Pandemoneus
    Version 1.08

    This plugin makes players lose money when they die. This includes a configurable threshold, amount lost and messages.

    • Players lose money when they die
    • Gives money to player killers
    • Configurable via a YML file
    • iConomy 5.0 OR BOSEconomy 6.2 (if both installed for whatever reasons, iConomy will be used)
    • Permissions 3.x (optional)
    • WorldGuard 5.2.3 (optional)

    Launch once to create a configuration file.
    It is then located at /plugins/DeathPenalty/config.yml.

    Options are:
    • Money: [amount] - money to lose on death
    • TargetMinMoney: [amount] - money a player must have at least to lose money at all
    • LosePercentage: [amount] - percentage of the money the player should lose when he dies -- NOTE: this will be used instead of "Money" if not 0.0
    • BalanceCanBeNegative: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money can be negative after subtracting
    • FloorAfterSubtraction: [true, false] - determines whether the player's money should be floored (rounded down) after subtracting (iConomy only)
    • ShowMsgOnDeath: [true, false] - determines whether a message is shown on the player's death
    • NotEnoughMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies but didn't have enough money
    • LostMoney: [message] - shows this message when a player dies and when he had enough money -- Use <Money> to make the plugin insert the amount lost, <Currency> to display the currency name and finally <Percentage> if you want to show the percentage defined in 'LosePercentage'
    • GiveMoneyToKiller: [true, false] - determines whether the player who killed the victim should receive the money lost by the victim
    Permission Nodes:

    • deathpenalty (alias: dp) - shows the help
    • deathpenalty reload (alias: dp reload) - reloads the plugin
    • deathpenalty info (alias: dp info) - shows the currently loaded config


    Version 1.08
    • Penalty money is now cut off after the second decimal
    Version 1.07
    • Added PermissionBukkit support
    Version 1.06
    • Added customizable version for the killer message
    • Added new tag <Victim> to display the victim's name
    • Added new tag <Killer> to display the killer's name (only works when you were actually killed by a player, of course)
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 1.054
    • Slight restructuring of code which should also fix a NullPointerException
    Version 1.053
    • Attempt to fix multiple subtractions and loss of money although player did not die (NOTE: as always, needs testing for PvP)
    Version 1.052
    • Killer should really receive money now (NOTE: Test it)
    Version 1.051
    • Added message for the killer that he received money
    Version 1.05
    • Added PVP reward (NOTE: This needs testing, I can't do that on my own)

    Version 1.04
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Added Permission 'deathpenalty.losemoney' that makes only certain players lose money on death
    Version 1.03
    Note: Had a big typo in the plugin name. Make sure you reconfigure everything and delete the old plugin!
    • Added WorldGuard support
    • You can now set whether penalties get applied in WorldGuard regions
    Version 1.02
    • Added more tags, <Percentage> and <Currency>
    • Fixed bug causing an exception in replaceTag
    • Added support for more than one occurence of a tag in a string
    Version 1.01
    • Added percentage removal
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    Very nice, but there are many other plugins that does the same thing. I guess this is supposed to be lightweight since it only takes money.

    Why hasn't this been approved yet?
  3. I made the plugin on request, because the other available were outdated.
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    Khan Jal

    Thank you for the plugin :) Just installed to our server and already hated. They'll grow to love it. Muhaha.
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    can you add a permission that only a group will be penalty for dying??
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    this would be good!
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    How do you edit the WG regions so that it doesn't take money away on death? I have MobArena installed and it takes their money when they die, so I'd like to put the arena in a region to stop that.
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    this is exactly what I use the region option for, mob arena. just create a worldguard region around the arena, and it works. you can't control specific regions it will not remove money when you die in ANY region.

    as an addition to the plugin could I request a PVP option so if you are killed by another player the money you lose goes to the killer?
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    To add on to that, I'd also like to request that you be able to list and specify which WG regions would/wouldn't take money on death.
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    I use BOSEconomy, not iConomy... No good for me. Maybe you could include BOSE?
  11. Sure.

    To be honest, there are already other plugins for that. =/

    Hey, at the moment there is no way for Plugin Devs to set custom tags to certain regions, that's why I couldn't include it in that release. I am sorry, but you will have to wait until WorldGuard enables that. =/

    I will see what I can do. ;)

    Version 1.04
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Added Permission 'deathpenalty.losemoney' that makes only certain players lose money on death

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    that's true, but this is nice and lightweight. plus, if I use another plugin to handle that, people who die in PVP will still lose their regular amount from dying, aswell as have money stolen when killed in PVP
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  14. Version 1.05
    • Added PVP reward (NOTE: This needs testing, I can't do that on my own)
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    my players report it not working, also could it tell the killer that they got the money from the person they killed?
  16. I just killed myself and it did work.

    Version 1.051
    • Added message for the killer that he received money
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    Ill test this.
    Edit: couldnt test since Im using essentials eco :(
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    isn't working for me, tested a few times now, killer doesn't recieve money or get any message
  19. In that case: I need you to give me the plug-in names of the other plug-ins having a pvp reward and that are open source OR I need a server where someone can test with me.
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    I don't have any other plugins that affect PVP / deaths
  21. No, that was not what I wanted from you. Earlier you said:

    Which are those other plug-ins you are talking about?
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    any other plugin that I might have used to take money on pvp-death
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    for some reason it doesnt work for me. i use permissionbukkit cout that be a problem? (yes i also use the bridge)
    and does the plugin detect if a permission is intalled or how does it take this (optional) flag for permissions.
    this plugin would be realy what i need.

    if i try commands or killing someone (with permissions set) just nothing happens. if i ise /dp it says yopu are not authorized to use this command. unless i am in the group with the permissions for the help ... well
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    got it working now -> pvp reward also doesnt working for me :-\
  25. I can't do anything about that when I don't have a server (with another player) to test it on. =/

    Version 1.052
    • Killer should really receive money now (test that please)
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  27. @dark_hunter: Thanks, did you set the percentage to 100% or why was it 3x 0.0 Dollars afterwards? (assuming you did kill him 4 times)
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    Nope only once then it spat out the message 4 times. My config follows:
    ### Learn more about how this config can be edited and changed to your preference on the forum page. ###
    Version: '1.052'
        Money: 250
        TargetMinMoney: 0.0
        LosePercentage: 0.0
        FloorAfterSubtraction: false
        BalanceCanBeNegative: false
            noPenaltyInWorldGuardRegions: false
            ShowMsgOnDeath: true
            NotEnoughMoney: Lucky you! You didn't lose any money.
            LostMoney: You lost <Money> for dying!
            GiveMoneyToKiller: true
  29. @dark_hunter: Could you do another test for me?
    Please kill someone with at least 1000 dollars. And which economy system are you using?
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    i used this plugin and when a creeper explodes next to me it says i lose money from dying even though im still alive. this seems to happen every time i get hurt and it lowers my hearts significantly but not enough to die.

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