[ECON] MineCredit V0.1 - a iConomy Credit Plugin [1000]

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    MineCredit V0.1 - a iConomy Credit Plugin:
    Version: v0.1

    The idea is simple, give youre users the possibility to lend money. But dont give it to them for free ;)

    At the moment you can punish, youre not paying back users, by letting them write gray or / and burn a little, everytime there talking :D

    • Optional Permissions support
    • Fully configureable
    • All configs are accessable ingame!
    • Toggleable Shortcuts
    • Punishments are toggleable
    • Full iConomy integration required!
    • No Database required
    Download MineCredit - Visit the Wiki - Language Files
    Source Code

    PermissionsBukkit (optional):
    • minecredit.user [ /credit or /c ]
    • minecredit.admin [ /credita or /ca ]
    With usepermissions=false every User can access /c and only ops /ca

    Version 0.1
    - Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Love the punishments :D Too bad I removed an economy plugin for my server else id use this!
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    sadly credits without ecnomy doesnt make really sense, but thx for youre kind words :D
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    Didn't meant to be a request :p Its my reason why I can't use it xD
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    You should write PermissionsBukkit support instead of just Permissions support. :)

    Also, can you add integration with bChat?
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    Why? Maybe it supports the still perfectly and better working Permissions 3.x ;)

    Love the iea of this plugin! Am excited to try it out!
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    Im really not sure about this Permissions Stuff. There is an includet Permission support in the Bukkit API, is this ONLY for the Bukkit Permissions? Then why did it work on my Server with Permissions 3 and GroupManager?

    To be true, i / my users dont really use this plugin. We'd plan to sell land to new users, so i created this else they couldnt affort the land. But we realized the most users dont like the idea to buy land on a "small" server ^^ But its well working, and ive seen some servers which only sell there lands, so i thought there may be some use ;)
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    Does this work with RB 1337?

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