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    SignsPro - V 1.0.2
    Buy and sell with your signs

    To start selling place a sign that says [Sell] on the first line. On the second line place the name of your item followed by a comma and then how many of that item you wish to sell. On the 3rd Line place the cost for EACH item. The plugin will then auto-format the sign to fit your specifications. You need SignsPro.sell permssion to make signs.


    Uploaded with


    Uploaded with

    To buy from an already place sign right click it. Then type /confirm to confirm your purchase and away you go. The player gets their money (even if offline). Remember to buy from signs you need permissions.

    • Buy/Sell From signs
    • Players can make their own signs
    • Player still recieve money even when offline
    • Simple Light Weight Alternative
    • iConomy and it's Dependencies
    Permission Nodes
    • - Buy from signs
    • SignsPro.sell - Sell from signs
    Don't worry when players break your signs. They'll be safe (Unless it's your sign).

    Download - Source not available
    Note: I am in no way a "pro". It is just a name

    V 1.0
    • Initial Release
    V 1.0.1
    • Bug fixes
    V 1.0.2
    • Added a "Use Permissions" setting
    2nd plugin. Hope for Plugin Dev rank :p
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    looks nice, you're sure to get the dev rank soon, oh, and FIRST POST!
    friendly suggestion, i would use dropbox, or something like that, instead of mediafire, either that or a direct download. Those ad sites just get annoying.
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    Once again, great work! :)
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    [TAG] Name vX.X - description [CB]
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    Bukkit team is picky lol
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    yet it still is wrong, edited

    the title gets parsed by autoupdate scripts
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    Thanks. Didn't realise it did that.
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    Hey man, Great plugin, love it and just started using it on my server. Just one problem, when a item name is too long (Glowstone Dust) (Diamond pickaxe) ETC. It will not work, or perhaps i am doing something wrong. Hopefully there is some fix. Thanks, hope to hear from you!
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    its about time someone made a plugin like this :D you are awsome kind sir :)

    can we sell items based on data values?

    i think that you may be able to use data values, glowstone is 89
    try it and get back to me

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    Hey thanks for the tip, It works now. Except it still doesent show the the name of the item, which is ok.

    1 278

    Thats what it ends up looking like. But thanks again man, great plugin. Recommended.
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    Thanks. I'll try to implement that
    Thanks for reccomending it. I will try to fix.

    EDIT: Bugfixes added
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    what you can always do is put a sign overtop saying 278= diamond pickaxe, i know all the data values by heart now so its not a problem to me :) but for players i understand

    can i make it so a sign spawns the items and sells them to the player, i basicly wanna make it so there is a shop where players can just click a sign and buy and sell their items. is that what this plugin is, im a little confused lol

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    At the moment this plugin is for Player to Player trade. I will soon be releasing a plugin for major shop trade(1 main server shop). It's ready and will be uploaded soon.
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    okay that is the plugin that i need, I CANT WAAAAIT :D !!!! any idea when the release date is?
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    Hey, was wondering if you knew how to make the permissions work. The other people on my server cant use it but i can, and im not the smartest person when it comes to getting permissions to work
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    Which permissions are you using?
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    To be honest, i have no idea how to answer that question. All it says is "you do not have permission" to sell stuff unless your a OP, and i do not want to OP everyone on my server. I use a bukkit server if that helps.
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    Which Permissions plugin? SuperPerms? Ordinary permissions? Or none at all?

    I will put in a special setting for you soon.

    Ok Try re-downloading now and make sure to set general.usePerms to False in the config

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    I'm using Groupmanager, I only downloaded the Plugin and put it in the plugins folder, what else do i need to do ?
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    Ok ill just redownload and try, and i dont use any kind of permissions plugin, i just have the regular permissions file in my server folder.
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    Hey ive Re-downloaded it. And I didnt get to try it out until a few days after. And its not working my friend. I will re download and try once again.
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    Okay so... I got this plugins for my faction PvP server (there are small shops where you can buy/sell things like armor, weapons, plants, etc.) And when I make a buy sign, it works AMAZING! But when I try to make a sell sign it says there is a Syntax error. For buy signs the lines are as follows:
    Line1: [Buy]
    Line2: Ammount of item to be bought
    Line3: Item name
    Line4: The price
    For sell signs I use basically the same thing.
    Line1: [Sell]
    Line2: Ammount of item to be sold
    Line3: Item name
    Line4: The price
    I am not using iConomy, but I am using whatever gives you the /bal command (A.K.A /balance). I know a friend who has a server much like mine, and he does not have this problem. He does not have iConomy either. Please reply to this and let me know if there is anyway to fix this problem

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    This plugin looks great for my server which I am creating a zombie survival area on.

    Although, could you create a setting so that you can set the sign to infinite stock?
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    Drag and drop it in. Change that thing in the config. /reload and you're good to go. (EDIT: I will not include GroupManager as rumors are that it has gone inactive).

    Hmm... I need to intergrate the use of EVERY permissions plugin here... (Daunting).

    At this moment in time this plugin only works with iConomy. I think you're mixing up my plugin with someone else's, because [Buy] Does not exist in this plugin. This plugin is for player --> player item trade in X amount (chosen by the seller).

    Assuming you are using my plugin your syntax is indeed incorrect. It should be like this:
    Show Spoiler

    2: Name, Amount
    3: Price for EACH
    4: Empty (Plugin will put your name here automatically)


    Are you using Essentials Economy?

    By infinite stock do you mean like a global shop, because if you do this is the plugin for you. Since players buy the whole stack(stack sold on the sign) of items, it cannot theoretically be infinite.

    If you want infinite stock you'd want to look at my other plugin there.

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    This plugin no longer works for me whatsoever
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    if i should buy something, i need to download anoter plugin who give me money???
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    You need iConomy Plugin. It will act as your "Money" System. Which one do you use?

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