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    MinecartTicketSystem v0.9.5
    Make your users buy tickets to ride your rails!

    Ever wanted your users pay for using your minecart tracks?
    Then THIS plugin is exactly what you need!

    This project is no longer supportet - I'm currently coding a similar plugin that is way more advanced [called the advancedMinecartTicketSystem - aMTS]

    [sourcecode is included in the jar!]

    • Buy tickets by rightclicking a sign!​
    • Place a sign under the track you want to charge a ticket!
    • Every player who hasn't enough tickets gets automaticly kicked off the minecart he is sitting in, when he passes the Sign!
    • Uses iConomy5 or BOSEconomy for the buying of Tickets!
    • [BOSEconomy support is currently experimental]
    • Supports Permissions!
    Update notice:
    Before updating, delete your old config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one!
    And check out the permission nodes.. There were some changes since the last release!

    Simply place the MTS.jar in your plugin directory​
    [requires iConomy5 or BOSEconomy!]​
    Configurate the Plugin:
    To configurate the plugin, open the plugins/MTS/config.yml​
    This file gets automatically generated, if you're running the plugin for the first time.​
    The options:
    - set this to "true", if you want the minecart to get destroyed if a player gets kicked off his minecart​
    - set this to "false", if you only want OPs to be able to buy tickets​
    - [only applies if UsePermissions is "false"]​
    - set this to "true" to activate the use of permissions​
    - set this to "BOSEconomy" to try out the experimental BOSEconomy support instead of iConomy!​
    Using the Plugin:
    To make a Ticket Shop, simply place a Sign with the following text on it:​
    The number on the left are the tickets to buy, the number on the right the price for them.
    In this case, by rightclicking the sign, you buy 10 tickets for 9.49!​
    To charge Tickets, place a sign under the minecart track where you want to charge the tickets​
    The text on the sign has to be like this:​
    Now, if a player rides over the minecart track on the block above the sign, it charges him 2 tickets. Replace the >2< with whatever number of tickts you want to charge!​
    If he hasnt enough Tickets, he gets kicked off the minecart.​
    To prevent that the player stands on your Rails, he ghets ejected 1 block away from the rails, in the direction the sign faces [e.g. if the sign faces west, the player gets ejected 1 block west from the track with the sign under it]​
    /mts - see how many tickets you have​
    /mts give [playername] [ticketCount] - give [ticketCount] tickets to [playername]​
    Permission Nodes:
    • mts.create.CostsTicket
    • - allows a player to place [Costs Tickets] signs
    • mts.create.TicketShop
    • - allow a player to place [Ticket Shop] signs
    • mts.travelForFree
    • - allow a player to travel for free
    • mts.admin.giveTickets
    • - allow a player to give tickets to a player
    v0.9.5: added experimantal BOSEconomy support, reorganized the config.yml and the permission nodes and added an option for destroying the minecart on kick-off as well as an option to allow non-ops to buy tickets​
    v0.9.2: added commands for giving tickets to a player and to check how many tickets you have, minor bugfixes​

    v0.9: added permissions support, cleaned up the code​
    Add permissions support
    Add BOSEconomy support [Currently only experimental!]​
    Add more admin commands​
    Add some kind of Railway Companies​
    Add the ability to buy a day ticket - buy 1 ticket and ride the tracks for a whole day!​
    Find a way to fix that walk-2-meters-away-and-place-a-new-minecart thing​
    Clean up the whole code
    Further notices:
    The plugin was only tested on my local server, with not really many people on it.​
    Would be nice to get some feedback from a bigger server:)
    In addition, I could need a little help by preventing an item to be placed, if a player right-clicks the sign..​
    Hope you guys enjoy the plugin :D
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    Wow! It's great, thank you very much! :) Already working just fine... I've combined it with the Residence plugin to solve that walk-2meter-put-new-minecart problem. :)
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    Another way to prevent the player from walking 2 meters away and putting the new minecart down:
    Simply dig a pit that it puts them over. With water on the bottom, if no damage is wanted, and no ability to destroy the sign...
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    Hey hey hey, what about this:
    If a player gets kicked off his minecart....
    He gets blocked from placing a minecart for a specified time.
    So this way he can't just walk a little further and place a new one!
    And if you anyway want him to drop into water [or lava ;) ] - just do so.
    Wouldn't this do it? :D
  5. Would be very nice of you to make this work with Essentials Economy :'(
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    Very nice, thank you for the option to destroy the minecart.
    Gonna test it right now ;)
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    I can't use the buy ticket function. Any tips to fix problem?
    I use BOSEconomy.
    No errors are shown in console.
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    So simply nothing happens when you rightklick a ticketshop sign?
    And did you set up the ticketshop sign correctly? [should output a message then.]
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    The ticket shop keeps telling me that I don't have enough money. But I do have that amount (even more). It thinks I only have 30 dollars (starting money for iConomy). There seems to be a problem when hooking into iConomy.

    No errors or anything in console.

    EDIT: Found out why this was happening. I had a nickname on me (from Essentials) and the plugin looked up me at the iConomy table as my nickname not my username.
  10. Would you be good enough to implement an option, that also OPs have to pay and don't travel for free? On my server, I'm OP and I also want to pay for a travel, because it's more realistic...
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    The sign didnĀ“t output message. I think I did set up the sign wrong. I will try again tomorrow.
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    Can anyone post a picture or video of the rail setup? I'm a bit lost...
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    I have now created a working tixet shop!
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    I have a problem with this plugin, he charged iconomy of my entry fee but not the current account. all my users start at $ 30 but if you have more money in the account means the plugin you only have 30 dollars from the start

    iconomy config
    Holdings: 30.0 # Default holdings on hand upon join / creation.
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    I have a issue with placing the signs correctly. I've been doing:

    [Ticket Shop]
    10 : 5.50 (also did 5,50 etc)
    I tired "t" and "T" and stuff like that

    Same goes for costs tickets sign. Could you please help me figure out what I am doing wrong?
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    Could you add functionality for it to use an in-game item as currency like item id 34 (piston face) as an option to either buy the tickets from the ticket-shop-sign or as the tickets themselves so I don't have to add iConomy/BOSEconomy to my server?
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    the plugin thinks i only have 30 Bucks on my account. But thats wrong. somethings wrong with it connecting to iconomy.
    same problem as hanver & azlan here in this thread.
    azlan posted kind of a solution, because he had troubles with his "essentials" plugin. but i dont even use "essentials", so that doesnt count for me.
    hope you can fix it somehow or tell what i am doin wrong.

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    For some reason it seems to be using Essentials economy instead of iConomy. I uninstalled essentials but it's still getting the balance from the wrong source... It says I have no money, yet I do. Any ideas?

    I tried reinstalling and removing stray essentials files.

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    @ Razick

    Look a few posts above you. I've already reported it but no support. I've decided to remove the plugin again. it does not work properly and if you or bugs on user does not enter then you can forget it.

    the problem is in the config iconomy search. sort is a feature-how much money a user gets when he is the first time the server calculates the joint and the ticket system and not the current account. also destroy the carts or kick is not working

    iconomy config
    Holdings: 30.0 # Default holdings on hand upon join / creation
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    I got all that fixed, however, I can't place the sign below the track because the track breaks... How is that supposed to work? Help appreciated, thanks.
  21. Maybe you want add a option that grants player that bought a ticket a minecart?
    (I did modify your plugin for my server so it does contain that feature, just thought
    it would be nice in general for all)
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    is there a reason you dont give any support? several users telling you about the same problem and it seems that you dont even consider to just give a word to them?
    cant you be at least honest and tell us that you dont have a clue yourself whats goin wrong.
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    mmh great plugin but i got an error by creating the sign :( "Error creating the ticket shop sign!"
    plz help...[creeper]

    ahh now it works! :)) ive just forgotten to put spaces between the number and the colon :)
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    I've got the same problem as some users here : the plugin watch my player's start holdings in iConomy and not their current account.
  25. Can you work it mit minecart mania beacause when i Lock a cart than the player is jailed in the minecart when he has no ticket because you plugin can't kick them from the minecart
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    Don Redhorse

    would you also make the direction of the eject a little bit more configurable?

    U:1 R:2
    meaning a block one up of the track and 2 to the right of the sign

    and even better

    U:1 R:2 B:10

    where B is for back.

    With this you could push the player back to a specific position.. perhaps directly in front of the sign to buy tickets.

    BTW: Register is an api for all economies afaik.. perhaps supporting that would be better.
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    Hey guys,

    I was on vacation for a few weeks now.
    I want to thank you for all your tips, bug submissions and advice.
    Well, when i was away, I had much time to think about my plugin, what I could do better, features I could add and how I could make it more realistic to a modern train system.
    I came up with a revised concept that I call aMTS [advancedMinecartTicketSystem].

    It offers
    - the ability to create train stations
    - the ability to add several platforms to your stations
    - the ability to set the zone of a station [for zone tickets]
    - more realistic tickets [e.g. you buy a Ticket for a specific route]
    - better ways to prevent evil guys from traveling without having a ticket bought
    - a nice route planner that tells you where you have to change trains

    It'll need some time to code this, but the outcome should be worth it.
    I'm developing an testing it on my local 1.8.1 dev-bukkit server.

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    i got a huge minecart system ... and i will be more than happy to help you test it ... if you want :p
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    Would be an honor to have you testing it ;)
    I'll contact you when I'm far enough with coding
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    cool :D
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    Well, I finally make progress x)
    took a while to find those annoying nullPointerException errors, but now I fixed them :D
    Until now, you can add platforms and stations by placing the according signs.
    Next step would be to delete them by removing the signs.
    And then there should be a possibility to save the whole stuff in a file so you don't have to recreate all the signs after every server reset..
    Then I'll add some commands so you can connect stations....
    And after THAT I'll add the ticket shop system ;)
    Ah, and permissions support.

    Just to keep you up-to-date :D

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