Inactive [ECON] MC Jobs v3.1.8 - work hard get paid [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Nice plugin dude, but I have a problem...
    The /jobs info command doesn't work :s
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    No. You're not the only person to have asked, but its a fairly substantial code re-write to do something like that. Currently XP and economy money share the same tables and it's just a simple switch to decide which method runs. To do it where they both pay I'd have to do some math on the basepay or add another type of basepay for xp and one for money then run both algorithms and still have to test for proper implementation of vault or register. The original idea for making xp even an option is to give people who don't run economies the ability to use the mod.

    With that said I do create an event when a job is completed properly. Someone could just make a listener for the event in their own mod and make their own payment system. is meant more for admins to not be restricted, especially if you're running quite a few multi worlds. Otherwise the way you'd add a specific world support is to add a permission So as an example, the default world is called world, therefore the permission would look like this:

    Yes towny will override WorldGuard areas. You shouldn't use multiple region protection mods over the same region. There's a couple of ways around it: 1) Ask the Towny guys to build support into their mod to respect WorldGuard's canBuild flag. 2) Limit who can found new town's in Towny and just make sure they're far enough away from any WorldGuard regions. 3) Smite players who don't follow the rules. :D

    I like 3 personally.

    Not enough info. What does it say? Did you change the default config file? Are the jobs loading in the server.log?

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    do you no how to make an npc town on towny , its ment to act like world guard and allow people to claim plots with in that region ?
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    Yeah that's the idea. I'm not 100% certain how to do it, but from what I recall is that you would just shift the mayor over to a random name that could possibly never log into the server and it effectively becomes an NPC owned town. However it will always take a player to claim new plots for the town and to set the plot prices.

    Their wiki page is pretty good if you want to check it out.
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    Thank´s to you i understand
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    You're welcome. I do plan on adding localization support at some point so you'll be able to switch out all the English to German.
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    found major bug when using WorldGuard region protection:

    you can place enchantment table on protected region
    when have job Builder and earm money bys rightclick 10000 times
    and break flowers on WG region by leftclick when have job Farmer

    this plugin should interact with WorldGuard, otherwise its useless.
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    Are you using version 2.0.18? I've fixed the WorldGuard issues in that version. However there is still a small bug where if you are standing outside of WorldGuard region and break something inside it you will get paid. However I have fixed that and that fix will be in the next version of MC Jobs.

    Lastly in 2.0.18 there's code where you can only be paid once per time_interval for placing and breaking blocks. So even if they can be paid it's only once and can't be repeated indefinitely.
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    thanks for the fix

    maybe add a option to ignore players from pay,
    when they in creative mode.

    that would be nice
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    You're welcome. Yeah I could add a permission for something like that.
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    or even multiworld support would do the same job,
    since we have a creative world
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    There already is multi world support. Just change multiWorld: false to multiWorld: true and then add to let a player use the mod in that world.

    So with the default world of world. The permission would be
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    does it work with GroupManager?
    so add the node ""
    to get jobs worked in main world? my mainworld is called world


    umm im stupid sometimes

    i have already:


    this includes ?

    and its only in the config for world

    **edit2 lool
    i got it now

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    Yeah it should work fine with GroupManager. You're using permissions right now correct? If not you need to make sure you use permissions usePerms: false to usePerms: true

    I just use the built in bukkit permission structure (like every other mod :) ). As far as I know GroupManager works.
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    yeah, there is nothing better than GroupManager
    i guess most server owners use it
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    umm.. I was useing this mod on my server and then my server crashed and couldent come but up, seemingly when I deleted this mod it came back up o-o, are there any mod conflicts? The only mods I have are: Essentials, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsXMPP, GroupManager, iConomy, iZone, MobDisguise, PlayerLogger, PluginMetrics, PvPToggle, SafeCreeper, ServerSave, SimpleChestLock, SimpleRegionMarket, SpawnerAdjuster, Spectate, SWatchdog, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, ZavAutoMessager and Questioner. Nothing any server shouldent have? or I dont think :s Please help!
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    Which version is your server using? How many people play your server? How active is your server? And what is your time_interval set to in config.yml?
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    Version: 1.2.5 , Usually no more than 10 at a time but can hold 25, fairly active, and 0
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    Which version of my mod? If you're using version 2.0.18 or higher set time_interval to at least 1.
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    First, I want to thank you for this plugin. I really like it ;D

    I got a question, I dont know if I just did not notice this or whatever, but is there the possibility to stop e.g. a miner cutting down trees(with drops) and woodsman to earn something for mining?
    But i've got another question: Is the bakerjob implemented already? Its listed in the config and you can earn money by crafting bread, but you cannot earn money by cooking fish.
    Furthermore, as a fisherman it is not possible to earn money by catching fish, or is this me being to silly to fish?
    I have got a similar problem with the farmer, mostly he does not get money, only sometimes, and this seems to be random. Is this me?
    I am using the actual version of your mod and the latest Craftbukkitserver.
    I use Vault and BOSEconomy

    I would thank you very much for some help :D

    Edit: I could help you with a german translation, if you do not have one already ^-^
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    First thanks for the kudos. :)

    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here. If someone has both the miner and the woodsman job they'll be payed for both. Are you asking for people to not be able to join both jobs?

    You actually can get paid for cooking in a furnace it's just a little touchy. There's a bug with bukkit where sometimes it doesn't properly register the furnace click. So what I do is click a couple of times on the spot where you add what you want to cook. It'll pay you as the item gets cooked, but you have to stay logged on.

    Fishing was broken. Thank you, fixed in the next build I'm putting out.

    As for a German translation that would be great. I'm still working on my format for the localization file, but when that's done I'll let you know.
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    Would this be compatiable with rpg essentials? or maybe you could make it so they could work really well with eachother? RathelmMC im willing to support you a lil :)
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    Oh well, you can join more than one job? I did'nt notice that at all, sorry.
    So, is it possible to limit players to do one job, and then they can only collect material connected with there job?
    So, woodman=collecting wood, selling the wood for money and buying something to eat etc., because he can not cultivate plants or something, this would be quite cool for an advanced economy, not only based on money, but on wares.

    Oh well, okay, now it seems to work, thank you for that informaton, I think me and my friends can handle this. :D
    Do you know anything about the farming issue? Is there a special trick?

    Fishing was broken. Thank you, fixed in the next build I'm putting out.

    Just tell me if its ready ^-^
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    Well in what way are you asking for it to support rpg essentials? For example I added mcMMO support because I like mcMMO's repair skill. So there was a direct way to implement that mod into my mod.

    I ask because I don't use that mod on my server. Someone else asked for better Heroes support as well. I don't mind looking into those options, but I have a core list of stuff that I want to implement sooner than later before I add too much extra fluff support. So if there's something direct to add that's easier than tying the mods together.

    Also there's a causality support system as well. Depending on what you want added it may need that rpg essentials add support into their mod for my mod. It all depends really.

    Yes the default is 3 jobs. There's a max_job value in the config.yml. You can make it one if you'd like or 100. It's however many jobs you want the player to have.

    As for farming I haven't seen any issues with it, but I'll look into it. What exactly do you do that doesn't pay you? Specific examples would be very helpful since farming pays for placing, breaking and killing.
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    Just needa ask before downloading,
    I use the orginal Jobs, but people can cheat in it(like placing and removing saplings in woodcutter job and mining iron ore and replacing it in Miner job). I was wondering if this fork of Jobs has that bug/glitch fixed?

    I'm getting this anyway but it'd be sweet if there weren't any bugs...
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    Oh ok, very good. Thank you again ^.^

    Well, I tried breaking wheat and melonds and i planted new seeds for the wheat, both on a 9*9 field and I did get 3 Coins

    edit: I did this again right now, and I got 1 coin for the first melon I destroyed, but I only get this single coin.

    edit2: I found the problem: I reduced the payment to 0.5, so it didnt work mostly. Still, thank you very much for your help!
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    Okay not to get off track here, but I have to respond to your one point. This is NOT a fork of Jobs. Everything here is written by the ground up by me.

    As for your question. Yes in a way. I have a LogBlock dependency where it will look to see what players have done and not pay accordingly. Also, using miner as an example, it charges the player when you place iron ore and pays when you break it. I have more plans on the way to continue to combat the issue of people trying to circumvent the payment system.

    Crops pay you when you break them, not place them. 81 blocks should pay at least 40 coins. Do you have a mod that breaks multiple blocks at once?

    Also did you break anything else on the tile? Starting with 2.0.20 the mod keeps track of breaks and placements and only lets you get paid for one action per time_interval.

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    Thank you ^_^!

    P.S. - Sorry for calling it a fork...
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    Dear author,

    I can by you some coffee :) when you have free time to intergrate support and talk to Duckdoom5 about it :) i use to use mcmmo but it wasnt as a great user experience for me. But dont get me wrong its a very good server mod where i would compliment the EXP GUI HUD.
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    Ahh yeah now its working! Thanks a lot!!! This is an amazing mod by the way my players LOVE it :D

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