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    I'm from Germany. Sorry for my bad english.

    So I want a plugin for my minecraft server.
    This plugin will mark two points and calculate the size (no height) and the price. The price should be defined in a config file.

    first mark: x = 1
    second mark: z = 9
    Size: 9x9 = 81 x price
    Price: 1.5
    Result: 81x1, 5 = 121.5
    121.5 in purchasing from iconomony the user account to the account iconomony: State are posted

    I hope you understand everything and can help me


    Ich komme aus Deutschland. Entschuldigung für mein schlechtes Englisch.

    Dieses Plugin soll zwei punkte markieren und errechnen die größe(keine höhe) und den preis. Der Preis soll in eine Config Datei definierbar sein.

    erste markierung : x= 1
    zweite markierung : z= 9
    Größe: 9x9 = 81 x price
    Preis : 1,5
    Ergebniss: 81x1,5= 121,5
    121,5 sollen beim kauf vom iconomony account des Users auf den iconomony account : staat gebucht werden

    Ich hoffe ihr habt alles verstanden und könnt mir helfen
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    There was a plugin, which was working like that but it was much easier: it was using regions defined in WorldGuard. Unfortunately this plugin is no longer developed and it doesn't work with iConomy 5.x.

    How it worked? The basic idea was that admin or op was selecting region using "wand": click on first position, click on second position (you can expand selection "up" after that). The name was given: "/region define name" (so far it's all standard) and the region was created. Then you could put region on sale: "/rm sell name price" and everyone could check market by typing: "/rm list" and buy it "/rm offer name price".

    Everything was integrated with iConomy and WorldGuard. Plugin was called RegionMarket.

    Would this be possible to develop similar plugin?
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    I also am looking for a RegionMarket replacement!

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