Inactive [ECON] Karmiconomy v0.173 - Action based economy / Daily action limiter [1.2.5-R4]

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    Version: v0.173
    BukkitDev page
    Github source

    This plugin allows for an Action-based economy by giving / taking money based on a players actions, with a daily limit per action. It can also act as an action limiter, by having actions being denied once a player hits the daily limit or cannot pay for that action.
    Originally made with the idea of making an active cash flow system. Action denial and daily limits were added during initial planning and design.
    This plugin is NOT a standalone economy bank plugin. You will need a Vault-supported economy plugin for this to hook into.

    • Highly configurable settings for a vast array of player actions / events.
    • Deny player actions based on lack of money or the daily limit for the action.
    • Per-item configuration for associated events
    • Per-command configuration
    • MySQL / SQLite database storage
    • Vault support
    • mcMMO support
    • PlayerPoints support
    • Heroes support
    • Multiworld support
    • Custom localization
    Example use cases
    • Reward players for being active on the server
    • Fine players for specific actions
    • Daily bonuses for any action
    • Create block-type build challenges, limit the number of times they can use any block
    • Make incentives for players to care about their money.
    • Create a player-driven cash flow for your economy.
    • Blacklist any supported action
    • Make commands use economy, or have daily limits
    Commands and Permissions

    Supported Events (open)

    • Active (Cancellable)
      • chat
      • block place
      • block destroy
      • craft item
      • enchant item
      • create portal
      • shoot bow
      • tame ocelot / wolf
      • painting place
      • bed enter
      • bucket empty / fill lava / water
      • item pickup
      • item drop
      • game mode change
      • sneak
      • sprint
      • mcMMO:
        • Party join
        • Party leave
        • Party kick
        • Party change
        • Party teleport
      • Heroes:
        • Class change
        • Experience change
        • Join party
        • Leave party
        • Health regen
        • Mana regen
        • Skill use
    • Passive (Listen only)
      • enter portal
      • bed leave
      • world change
      • death
      • respawn
      • egg throw
      • join
      • kick
      • quit
      • mcMMO:
        • Skill level up
        • Skill experience gain
      • Heroes:
        • Level change
        • Combat enter / leave
        • Hero kills
        • Skill complete

    • Configuration options to choose what economy plugins to pay out to.
      • economy.vault and economy.playerpoints, both will automatically be added and set to true.
    Show Spoiler

    * Register bypass permission nodes to the server.
    * Register custom bypass permission nodes.

    * Fixed typos on a few bypass permission nodes.

    * Add per-command support
    ** All commands will go in the commands.yml, and will follow the structure provided on the [[|Configuration]] page.
    * Added bypass permission nodes
    ** Bypass means it will not deny the action and will also ignore the limits for any action.
    * Added per-item/command custom bypass permission nodes
    ** You can define your own permission node for each specific item / command that you have in your configuration files.
    * Fixed the deny by limit localization message to use the correct message.
    ** Before, it was using the deny by money message.
    * Item/block names will now follow the built-in Bukkit MaterialData conventions.
    * Reduced complexity for the main event listener.
    * Minor refactoring.

    * Items in the values.yml can now specify worlds to act on.
    * Updated to new PlayerPoints API.
    * Minor cleanup.

    * Fix NPE on missing permission message.
    * Internal changes to permission handling.

    * Fixed error regarding taming animals
    * Minor internal cleanup

    * Major internal changes -> slightly reduced size of file (for what its worth)
    * Added options to send player message on when they are paid for an event / action.

    * Initial multiworld support
    ** To specify what worlds the event should listen for / act upon, just add another section under the event called "worlds:" and make it a list of the worlds you want to apply it to.
    ** If the list is missing or is empty, then it will simply apply to all worlds. Thus, this does not break the current standard.
    * Initial localization support.
    ** Just edit the strings in the localization.yml config file. It will parse color codes (no other types of codes yet, such as bold or italics) appropriately and apply certain field tags if given. Not all messages support all fields.
    * Fixed the heroes attack mob event to utilize the correct fields and config options.

    * Fixed mcMMO to actually pay out money / points on events
    * Refactored and restructured some internal code / packages
    * Support for Heroes
    ** New config file for Heroes events

    * Support for PlayerPoints
    * Support for mcMMO events
    ** New config file specifically for mcMMO stuff

    * SQLibrary changes
    If you use any of the following plugins, update them as well due to this internal library change:
    * KarmicShare
    * KarmicJail
    * CashFlow

    * Fixed SQL query for items. Should fix the message regarding SQL error on field 'pickup' not having a default value.
    * SQLite to MySQL import edited.
    ** Still not tested, so mileage may vary till I get around to testing it.
    * Other generic edits.

    * Initial alpha release.
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    Just reformated the type tag to capitals, approved
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    Looks like a stable plugin.
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    Majority of it is...

    Although, looking at the list, I haven't tested a few of the things... such as tame wolf / ocelot... :confused:
    How did I miss that? ... is that why I made it alpha? ... IDEK XD

    Anyways, I have thoroughly tested the per-item aspects. So anything to do with items is pretty solid.

    And most of the player events work as described, like respawn, join, quit, etc.

    If you run into any issues, let me know. If you comment on BukkitDev, you're more than likely to get a faster response than on the forums as I get email response for BukkitDev.
    And if you have any suggestions or improvements, I'd be glad to hear it as well XD
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    sorry that this has nothing to do with this plugin, but does anyone know of a plugin that you can teleport offline player??? so the next time that offline player logs on he will be in a certain area? Please reply to this message if you have heard of one of these plugins... Im going to try to post this message on a few popular plugins so i can get this plugin... i need this plugin desparately so please reply to this message and give me a link to the plugin if you find one! Thank you so much for spending the time to read this :p Thanks!​
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    Added initial Heroes support.
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    This plugin should be more popular then it, is just saying.

    Approved :D
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    Hi there.
    First off thanks for this plugin!
    I have it up and running on my server and it's hooked into Mcmmo perfectly. My players are being correctly paid.
    The only thing is that no messages are output when they earn money. I'm not sure if I need to edit localization.yml or whether message support for earning money is not supported. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks :)
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    Thanks for the support. :D

    Someone on the BukkitDev page already asked for message support on event. I just havent had the time to get around to it. And yes, I believe I will put it into the localization config and then you would have an option to enable / disable the message per event.

    Thanks. :p
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    Brilliant, thanks very much! It would help a lot with balancing my economy for my players. It's alot easier to do when you can see the money rolling in. Otherwise great plugin! Cheers [diamond][diamond] :)
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    Version 0.16 should have optional message support. It has been submitted for approval on BukkitDev. If its not readily available on the project page, you can also grab it from the GitHub downloads page:
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    Thanks for such a fast update. Got everything working perfectly now. Having all messages on tends to lag the server, so atm we just have the Mcmmo and crafting messages displaying which is working nicely. I was wondering if there was any chance of being able to customize messages a little more. It would be nice if only the items from values.yml displayed a message? That way the players would see the reward they get for less common items. Sorry if it's asking too much :))
    Keep up the great work!
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    All the messages? :confused: God, that must have been spammy :\

    Yes, I'll add the localMessage option in the per-item config if you wish. I'll work on it either tomorrow or within the following week.
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    Brilliant, thanks so much :) We are loving your plugin on the server!

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