[ECON] HyperConomy v0.961 - Easily create a dynamic economy. [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    • HyperConomy is the all in one economy plugin. It can run using its integrated economy plugin, or connect to an external Vault based economy plugin. HyperConomy supports chest shops, Showcase style item displays, sign shops, information signs which can display price changes like a stock market, region based shops, global shops, and much more. HyperConomy even includes an integrated web page which can display all of your item and enchantment prices. For data storage, HyperConomy uses either MySQL or SQLite, allowing easy manipulation of data. If you're running Tekkit, HyperConomy supports that as well; it should allow the addition of an unlimited number of custom items to the shop, allowing Tekkit servers to trade custom items.
    • Supports all items and enchantments.
    • Integrated economy plugin.
    • Comes prepackaged with its own customizable web page.
    • Allows player to player, player to shop, and shop to player trading.
    • Dynamic pricing system based on a hyperbolic curve.
    • Showcase style item displays.
    • Localization.
    • Price floor, price ceiling, static pricing, dynamic pricing, initial pricing, sales tax, purchase tax, enchantment tax, static tax, and more.
    • Unlimited stock option.
    • Dynamic tax rates. (Rich players can be taxed more than poor ones.)
    • Supports MySQL and SQLite.
    • Supports Tekkit.
    • Allows an unlimited number of economies, which allows for economically competing towns, kingdoms, factions, or other groups.
    • No need to spawn items or "stock" your shop.
    • Supports command-free economies using transaction signs.
    • Price information, history, and more can be displayed on information signs
    • Price update notifications for any item, or all items.
    • Experience trading.
    • Supports enchanted books.
    • You can update HyperConomy yourself if new items are released.
    • Custom item names. Both capital and lower case letters are supported.
    • Shops can be joined together to form shops of any shape.
    • Shop detection. When a player enters and leaves a shop, HyperConomy displays a customizable message.
    • Powerful and easy to use commands.
    • Nearly everything can be changed while the server is running.
    • Unwanted features can be disabled.
    Alternate Versions
    New Features, Bugs, Problems, etc.
    • If you find a bug, have a problem, or would like to request a new feature, don't hesitate to make a ticket.
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    Looks like a really amazing plugin, nice work. Will test on Friday, this is awesome.
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    Approved, may wanna format your post a bit though.
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks for the approval. I'll work more on the post formatting.

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    Can you create Admin shops?
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    Not currently, but I can add that to my list. :) I'm thinking admin shops will require a certain permission node such as hyperconomy.adminshop or something like that. Is that what you had in mind?
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    Working well, Pushed all the medians down in the config to fit smaller servers, and have a bit more reactivity. Can post that if you want as a "reactive economy" template.
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    Yeah, that would be great actually. I can start a section on the main post for alternate items.yml and enchants.yml files that players provide.
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    I was thinking on how we could use this in our rpg world we are setting up right now and suddenly got an, I think, great idea.
    Could you make multiple systems of shops so shops in different country's have different amounts of stock, so players in A could sell a lot of coal in to the system so coal is cheap in A and players in B might use a lot of it so the price goes up there. someone wo would happen to know this could buy coal in A and sell in B to make a profit but has the dangers of travelling trough the lands inbetween the country's.

    These country's don't need to use towny or factions or something like that but just agroup you can set per shop

    This way you would get a peaceful way to make money and also pave the way for like bandits who rob these traders and hired guards to protect the traders and carry some load.

    I just thought this was a great idea, I haven't read anything after page 1 so if it's old tell me but if you can to this it would be amazing, you'll get a recommend,tweet and like from every player on our server in can convince doing so:p

    woops this is page one *facepalm* great idea btw, you got my like already.
    It's so simple i can't understand any survival server with shops not using this

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    I like this idea. It will be very complex to implement, but I'll see if I can add it after I finish some other things. I'll add it to my list. :) Like you said, it would allow for some very interesting competition and trading.

    BTW: I would have replied much sooner if not for the annoying "502 Bad Gateway" errors.
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    thanks, we will be working for a while on actually building A and B so we have time :p, I'm getting overexcited about the project :))))))
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    Version .91 is out. Here are some of the significant additions.

    - Added /renameshop command

    - Added information signs.

    - Allow "&" symbol to be used in shops.yml file messages. If you use this you will need to surround your message with ' ' New shops will no longer use the ยง symbol.

    - Added /setbalance command

    - Added automation when switching from initial to dynamic pricing. (halfway for /buy and /sell) It's fully automatic with /sellall though.

    - Added closed economy support. Shop defaults to $20 million. This can be turned off by setting shop-has-unlimited-money to true in the config.yml file

    - Added /scalebypercent command. (Allows you to change all prices, medians, or stocks by a percentage.)
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    wait closed economy is my idea? or is it just a limit on a shop
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    Nope, closed economy means that money won't be created randomly, and it won't be removed randomly. It will just circulate between a server account and players.

    I haven't implemented your idea yet. It's far more difficult and complex than all of the other ideas, so it may take a while to figure out. :D
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    Nice plugin. :D

    However it is a pain to type for every item you want to sell. It would be nicer to just be able to toss the items out over the counter or whatever you have to a (hidden?) scanner chest with the use of the Item Scanner plugin. Or maybe some minimal implementation of it into this plugin. Of course items that get 'scanned' won't need to be held in a chest. Another idea is a chest like mondochest, where you actually put items into a chest and then right click the sign to sort, or in this case, sell.


    Edit: Ok I revise my statement about a hassle to type it every time, because I just found /hs :p But of course you have to place those items in the hotbar and then select them first. Still not as bad as I originally thought.
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    Going to test. It sounds AMAZING
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    I wish you luck, I have another idea which I think will possibly be even harder XD
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    What's that idea? :)
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    you sure you want to know? I still believe It's a hell lot of work

    well ok

    Say you have systems like I said so you can have cities or even countrie's have their own amount of stocks.
    In a city it would be kinda strange that the only thing that happens is players buying and selling stuff, this would mean that desert cities could get low grain prices while the price of fish in a harbour could rise to amazing hights.
    To prevent these excaggerated problems you could try to implent a system with which you can let the shop remove a some stock of a certain item or even add it to it's stock.
    So the harbour city would have 20+ fish per day, the city on the plains 20+ grain per day and the city in the desert -20fish and -20 grain per day as if the inhabitants of this city bought and sold this to shop. this would mean people could go trade certain cargo much easier.

    The only problem is that the person who makes these chanches in +x (item) and -x (item) would have to make sure there aren't any items leaking away. Like when you put all the + and - together you don't end up with 40 grain dissapearing from the system making it more expensive everywhere day by day and like 10 iron bars left per day making it cheaper day by day. This however is something the users must look after themselves by making a list or something like that with the + and - of each item.

    You could also play with it by putting in events yourself there has been a fire in the harbour so there won't be any fish production in that town anymore while the city will begin demanding more wood for rebuilding changing the +20 fish an +0 wood in +0 fish and -20 wood, this would mean that for a while untill you say they have rebuild the harbour, wood will become more expensive in the city and fish will become more expensive making it possible for traders to go there with wood and earn a lot of money and traders who normally bring fish from there to the desert city will have to travel farther away to get the fish and will have to take more risks.
    This could also be done with forestfires, collapsed mines, droughts in the grain area and other similair events.

    I don't know if you can do it and it seems to me like a lot of work.
    If you don't understand what I'm saying just tell me so I can explain you better.
    Hope my english was good :cool:

    sorry for the big post guys

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    That is EXACTLY what our server was looking for! THANK YOU for sharing!!!! I can't program stuff so you are God! ;)

    Anyway: I have not yet understood how to sell stuff that has different varieties, like different Wood plates or different woolcolors. I just don't know what to type on the sign, i mean the right way to use the ID-code.
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    After I get an accurate timer working, this could work quite well. I will keep it in mind as something to add after I finish adding some other features. :) Very nice ideas by the way.

    You don't have to use id codes or damage values to sell or buy things unless you're using the /buyid command. All you have to know is the item name. For example, bluewool is blue wool, oaklog is a standard log, junglelog is the new type of log from jungle trees and so on. If you want to know the name of an item just hold it in your hand and type /iteminfo or /ii for short. This will tell you the item name and other useful information about the item.

    As far as using the signs, you just type the name of the item on the top line, and then the type of sign on the third. (Unless it requires extra information, such as a history sign.)

    I haven't added transaction signs yet, but that's something I'm working on.

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    Thx. I finally got it now! I messed up the ID and the name and all the different kinds of how to tell minecraft which item i mean. Now everything is perfect and the players all really love it!
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    :D no problem
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    Hi all,

    i get this error

    any ideas ?
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    It looks like it's related to locale. I'll work on a fix. I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is. Out of curiosity, what country are you in? I just want to confirm that it's related to location/language.
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    Germany :)
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    Ah, that probably explains the error my friend was getting. He's also in Germany. I'll see if I can figure out a fix when I get off work.

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