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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Flobi, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Just an update: Yes, after a month, no complaints that I haven't been able to take care of. And now that Vault 1.2.19 is out, I have also removed the link to the dev builds.

    Once GoldIsMoney was able to take all the incoming requests Vault has to offer, I was able to figure out why so many plugins were having issues...fact is, those plugins are completely ignoring Vault in many conditions. Some of them will deposit or withdraw into accounts without checking they exist, and without even checking whether the transaction was successful. Another irritating thing is when a plugin writes it's own "setBalance" (or similar) function which withdraws the entire balance and deposits the new balance. It completely rearranges the gold in the inventory.
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    Is it possible to add a /balance top or /money top? I'd really like players to see who's the wealthiest so it creates more competition.
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    I understand the idea. I will consider it.

    EDIT: I've considered it and...

    The reason I'm not going to add it is because it wouldn't make sense with the way the currency is stored. Since the balance only shows what is currently in the player's inventory, it wouldn't actually give useful information about an individual's actual wealth as it is unlikely all people will be carrying around their entire stash of money items. This is especially true for those who have accumulated a lot, and should therefore be listed as the top, but also true for players in PVP worlds with any sort of chest protection where people wouldn't really carry around their valuables most of the time in the first place but store them for safety.

    I think you'll find that the only times most people will use the inventory space to hold their items is when they are actually going to make a purchase or when they have just received the money and haven't stored it anywhere yet. There's just no way to get an accurate depiction of who has more money items in their general possession (as opposed to their player inventory).

    Plus, think about the PVP worlds a little more. Since this would effectively lists items in the inventory, it would give PVPers an unfair tool to use when deciding who to attack. For that reason, I wouldn't want it on the server I play on, even though only part of the map is PVP, they do use all the tools they can get away with using, and they're hardcore enough without the foreknowledge that someone is carrying a stash of money.

    But thanks for the idea. I'm always looking for new ideas for these plugins.
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    So, if that wouldn't work, would it be less complicated to just allow players to view the balance of others? For example; /money <player>, and it would list how much gold that user currently has in his inventory. It would help during trades so I guess nobody gets ripped or scammed.
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    If people are getting scammed, then that's a problem with the shop side plugin. But it still doesn't address the issue that the command doesn't give any real representation of the amount of money someone actually has. It only shows what they're carrying at that specific moment.
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    Mu users reported an issue last night, and it was verified: If they put in a negative ammount for an item to be sold (say, -1000 diamonds), the plugin actually GIVES them 1000 diamonds for them to sell. The user who discovered this has millions of cash because of this.
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    I would point you here:

    Note lines 112 through 114. While GoldIsMoney itself would be more than happy to withdraw a negative amount of funds, Vault will never send such a request to it.

    I would ask which shop plugin you are using, but I can pretty much guarantee this is what's happening: The shop plugin has a unified deposit function or set balance function which it passes all withdraw (times -1, of course) and deposit actions into. That function then applies the withdraw or deposit from Vault as necessary. Since you can never deposit or withdraw negative numbers in Vault (at least not to GoldIsMoney), Vault is actually getting a request from the Shop to deposit 1000, not withdraw -1000. GoldIsMoney would only see a deposit request as well.

    The end result is that it's actually the shop which must be broken. There is no way for GoldIsMoney to check if the initial request was withdrawing -1000 because the shop plugin itself converted the transaction to a deposit of 1000.

    Recommendation: Change shop plugins and/or request this be repaired to them.

    Additional recommendation: Tell me what the plugin is and I can hound them too :).

    EDIT: Something to try first: Make sure the shop plugin is at the latest version. I would note that ChestShop used to have a problem with negative prices (according to the github edits). Might as well update GoldIsMoney and Vault too; couldn't hurt anything.
  9. Does the actual version works with 1.4.5 R1.0 of craftbukkit? If not, I suggest to update.

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    Yes it does. I keep the devbukkit page up to date, but I often forget to update this page. At one point, this forum was supposed to be getting phased out.

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