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    GoldIsMoney 2.0.2

    Download on BukkitDev!

    Having Issues Loading?

    If you're having issues loading GoldIsMoney with Vault, make sure you're using 1.2.19 or higher. There was a typo in previous versions. Vault 1.2.19+ supports GoldIsMoney versions 1 and 2.


    Help support development of GoldIsMoney: Donate (Total donated to date: 15 USD)

    Here's a great description of what GoldIsMoney does by igwb. Thanks igwb! "A plugin that works like all other economy plugins but 'reads' the amount of 'money' a player has from the number of gold in his inventory that is compatible with all other vault plugins so they can 'charge' gold out of the inventory or 'grant' in case of votifier i.e."

    In addition to that, it remembers how much gold a player has in their inventory when they log off so shops and stuff can work when people are offline. In a sense, it works like any other economy when people are offline, and syncs their inventory when they log back in. Read more...

    This plugin has been developed primarily for:
    Drop by and pay us a visit!

    Complete Features
    • Gold is money.
    • Offline purchases. Uses cache of balance which syncs back to inventory on login.
    • A config option to completely disallow creative transactions (default: true) (v1.1+)
    • A permission setting for allowing their gold to be currency (default: true) (v1.1+)
    • Metrics: (v1.1.1+)
    • Config to create custom currencies based on any groups (be careful with this). (v.1.2.0)
    • Config option to specify alternate item families, like diamonds or emeralds instead of gold. (v.1.2.0)
    • Bank technology (v2.0.0+)
    • Fake player accounts (v2.0.0+)
    In Development Features

    Under Consideration
    • Add enderchest as togglable inventory expansion.
    • Putting signs on chests to act as inventory expansion.
    • Togglable virtual storage capability.
    • /balance
    Version 2.0+:
    • /goldismoney test - Runs some simple tests to see if GiM is working (debug mainly).
    • /goldismoney reload - Reload configuration.
    • goldismoney.use (default: true) - Allow gold in inventory to count as money.

    This plugin is installed much like every other plugin. Put the GoldIsMoney.jar file in your /plugins/ folder and restart the server.


    Default config.yml
    name-singular: gnugus
    name-plural: gnugi
    format-singular: '%ngnugus'
    format-plural: '%ngnugi'
    allow-creative-gold: false
    currency-family: gold
    text-balance: '&3Youhave:&6%g'
    text-balance-perms-fail: '&6Youcannotuseitemcurrencyatthistime.'
    custom-currency: {}
    allow-fake-players: true
    allow-banks: true
    In format-singular and format-plural, %n will be replaced with the equivalent of the number of nuggets, e.g. 1 block would be 81 gnugi. You can change these names to whatever you like. The default naming scheme, gnugus/gnugi is a contraction of Gold NUGgut with randomly a Latin us/i ending. I myself have been silencing the first g as in the word gnome. I think it's fun, so I left it. Otherwise it would have been "nugget"/"nuggets" ...boring...

    The "allow-creative-gold" permission allows you to specify whether to ban players in creative mode from using their gold as money.

    "currency-family" can be one of the following: gold, emerald (once Minecraft 1.3 is out), diamond, iron, snow, clay or custom.

    If "currency-family" is custom, you can specify individual item values. Here's an example with dirt being worth 1, and enderdragon spawn eggs being worth 25. GoldIsMoney will automatically convert between items in this list to make change or fill existing stacks, so be considerate what you use for your currency.
      3: 1
      '383;63': 25
    "allow-fake-players" and "allow-banks" are version 2.x options which will allow a standard virtual (i.e. no items, but they seemlesly convert) support in those scenarios. Hopefully this will take care of everyone's factions, towny and kingdoms2 issues (no promises). If you set both these to false, GoldIsMoney will visually behave just like the 1.x versions (behind the scenes, there's a lot of differences, but your users won't notice).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I added a config option and some permissions to better help customize your server.
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    Did I mention I'm planning on having an option to use emeralds as money when they come out?
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    Is there something wrong here? I'm still in Plugin Submissions...

    Edit: Nevermind, I notice there are other plugins here longer than mine. I just don't remember them taking this long.
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    Not a whole lot of bugs, I'm happy with this...but 1.1.2 fixed a very important bug. Redownload now.

    Okay, sorry about the delay with the bug fix. I'm guessing my frantic flailing about the urgency to download it prompted a review. It's up now (hint: go to devbukkit).

    Okay, I added a changelog...maybe that's what is keeping me from being approved? idk, we'll see.

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    Normally I am ok with 'bumps' when new features are added, but that is just a bit over the top, can we please not let it happen in the future.

    On a positive note, approved.
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    This plugin would be more used if vault support was added.
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    Oops. I forgot to update this thread after I updated the devbukkit page. I updated it now, but to recap, 1.2.17 is planned to have support and dev builds 221 and forward have GoldIsMoney support: available here:
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    Steam Engines

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    Please this, when 1.3 releases!
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    Yeah that, but not till 1.2 (which should be before 1.3).

    EDIT: Wow, didn't realize how close the 1.3 release was. Guess I'll have to do this tonight.
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    A lot of people seem to be forgetting that! That would be awesome, if you need any help testing just let me know because I am eager to have Emeralds as currency for when I public release my server.
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    Yeah, Mojang isn't know for hitting estimates with Minecraft releases...but Dinnerbone is known for trying hard to hit them, provided he has enough pizza, and he's on the project big time...and it looks like Mojang is paying him in pizza.

    I appreciate the offer to help test. I got a few people to help me test. This had been a little bit on the low priority because 1.3 isn't out yet and I don't think Aerial Heights (the main reason this plugin exists) is going to an emerald currency.

    Just a warning about emerald currency: if you have admin shops (that's what we've been calling shops that buy or sell from out of nothing), make sure your prices in the same range as the villagers trading so your players don't use them to duplicate their money. Also, if you have user shops or auction software (e.g. flagrant self-promotion) make sure you make it so they can't sell/buy emeralds themselves via item ban lists in those plugins.
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    Yeah I can understand that not everyone is very eager to completely change their currency system, even if they are using this plugin for Gold currency, as they will have their own established economy. However for me, I am starting a new server, and ready to implement Emeralds from the start which may be awkward and tricky at first but I think it will be worth it, I am trying to keep as true to standard Minecraft elements as possible, and I think it would be a great feature to include.

    Yes thanks for the warning, I knew I'd have to get round to creating a solid market priced economy and that will help me to accomplish, I'm going to start on it now. I only plan to have NPC trading aside from the villagers, whereby players can sell items to them for Emeralds, as well as buy items from them in exchange of Emeralds, so it would essentially work exactly like the villagers trading. But I will be cautious of adding any future plugins that involve the currency.

    I look forward to EmeraldIsMoney ;D
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    can you or anyone else point me in the right direction on how to set up shops with this plugin, I can check my balance.. but that's about all. What other plugin can I get that will work with this that will allow me to have sign shops, etc. Thanks!
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    Make sure the shop plugins you have support Vault or Register. If they support only Register, you'll have to have Register and Vault, otherwise you'll only need Vault. As far as setting GoldIsMoney up, as long as you have the Vault and/or Register combination you require, and you only want the basic GoldIsMoney with default settings, all you need is the GoldIsMoney.jar, which it seems you have.

    Technically, Register doesn't support GoldIsMoney, but somehow Vault hooks into it to provide support for other plugins. I don't know how that works really. And one last thing, Vault only supports GoldIsMoney from 1.2.17, which hasn't been released, and beyond. So you'll have to download a dev build if you want to use GoldIsMoney before then. You can find that here:
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    I just noticed on BukkitDev a 1.2.0, with the changelog:

    Does this mean Emeralds? I am excited!
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    Yes, but you still have to wait for bukkit to support minecraft 1.3 to use them. Not sure what errors will happen if you try before that.
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    I think my server depends on this plugin, but hopefully, the adding of emeralds as a currency is an option / editable? And Y U NO UPDATE?? Still working?
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    It's updated on dev.bukkit. Just forgot to update the thread here. Emeralds have been in since before 1.3 was released. I'll update the OP here now.

    EDIT: The OP post and thread title have been updated.
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    You know what? This goes GREAT with GoldWallet! :D And I'm glad you updated... never viewed the BukkitDev.
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    Hmm...would seem better if something like that were built-in, that way it could be used by the economy plugins (togglable, of course).
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    Does this support essentials plugin like can people able to use the money to buy an iitem with sign?
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    Flobi - has the Vault bug already been fixed for the current version? If so I'd appreciate removing the download link and instead linking over to the Vault download, makes it easier to make sure people are using versions that have best compatibility. Also, instead of linking to your own builds, you can link to direct dev versions that have the fix on our ci server
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    Will do that as soon as I can.
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    Sleaker Sorry that took so long, (skip long list of excuses), I've removed the main links to the download links I had and the files themselves. I'm only linking to your files now.
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    It's all good, everything should be in order with the latest version though correct?
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    I believe so. I'm still testing the actual GoldIsMoney 2.0 code, specifically inventory interaction, but the stuff in Vault seems pretty stable.

    And I have now uploaded 2.0.0. Don't have time to update the thread here, will do tomorrow, but check it out on devbukkit. Frankly, I didn't have time to do that, but ... I don't really have time to make excuses up either.

    EDIT: That was weird, when I was typing that, my previous reply wasn't on the screen. I'd have just edited that one if...sorry, no time.

    EDIT AGAIN: Oh, I see, it was on a new page, lol. Makes sense why I didn't see it.

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    Me and my friend are running a server and we are trying to get goldismoney plugin but we can't find the download any help? would really appreciate it.

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