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    Gold2Economy v1.4
    Download: Dropbox | GitHub
    Source: GitHub
    Requires: Register & a supported economy | Permissions (Optional) | SuperPerms (Optional)

    Tired of having to sell things to a server to increase your monetal holdings? Then tire no more! This plugin allows you to convert the gold ingots (and now supports iron ingots and diamonds) in your inventory to a configurable amount in any economy system supported by Register. Permissions support is available as well for those that are looking to control who can and cannot use this plugin!
    Previous Changelogs
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    • Added support for converting iron and diamond
    • Added new permission nodes
    • Added new configuration nodes (Delete your previous config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one)
    • Added SuperPerms support (Permissions still supported)
    • Added new nodes to the config file. Again you'll need to let the plugin recreate your config file by deleting the config and starting your server
    • Minor bug fix
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.use to Gold2Economy.use
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.admin to Gold2Economy.admin
    • Re-wrote the config handler (You will need to delete your current config file if upgrading from anything less than Version 1)
    • Major bug fix when using /gi all
    • /gi-reload is now /gi reload
    • Added /gi to show conversion rate
    • Added /gi all
    • Colour coded response messages
    • Minor bug fix

    • Added Permissions support
    • Added OP only support if Permissions is not detected for the /gi-reload command
    • Fixed bug where typing anything but a number would cause an internal error and nasty error mesage
    • Added /gi-reload
    • Added /gi
    • Initial release

    I hope this plugin is useful to your server and would also like to add that this is my first plugin. I made it because I could not find anything that did this task and needed it for my server. I decided to release this for public use because I found it very useful. Any feedback and/or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.
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    I finally got a stable version of that version now. The only sad part is: Register is no longer supported because R5 will break it into at least 1000 pieces.

    G2E-Vault - Forums
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    Register is great and all but you can you please add support for vault? they're are some really good shop plugins that rely on vault and i cant use this plugin without it
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    I made a vault version of G2E.
    G2E-Vault - Forums
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    do this plugin work with 1.2.5 because i really need this and when i try it and try the commands it just pops up with the help text again so if there is a way to fix this then plz tell me or if it is not updated plz do so reply fast plz.
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    1) Yes, it works
    2) What commands are you typing.

    I hope I can help :)
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    ok i try to do like /gi and it pops up with the help screen then when i type one of the commands such as /gi rate it pops up with the help screen again...
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    (I just derped).

    I thought this thread was my version of the plugin, which does work (found here).

    I actually have no idea if this version still works.
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    ohh man thanks i just downloaded i hope this works if it does ur a lifesaver

    ok it works somewhat but there is some problems like when u try to use /gi convert it says u cannot do that
    also when u try to check the prices it says internal server error
    and when u try to sell all u have u always have 1 left can u fix this stuf for me...

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    On my thread (or through PM) send me the console errors. I'll try to fix it.
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    yo i dont think its that big of an issue i found a way around it it was just sort of a heads up but thx for getting the plugin working anyway giant help. my server now has a total new economy with new shops and it is all based around diamond iron and gold. THX SO MUCH!
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    You're welcome :)

    Enjoy the plugin :D
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    i will lol thx again

    to one more question is that i just got rid of creative control and put in ur plugin antishare and it works great except one thing. when you change the gm of a player or yourself (i deop myself before i do this of course) they have the same exact inventory and they carry the items they had with them. i really need this to get fix or mabey it is in the config but i have the switch inventory set on true. there is no errors in this its just it dont change. can u tell me what im doing wrong or fix it plz. and reply fast... thx in advance.

    nevermind creative control has everything i need and i did not know it updated so they are like the same plugin but creative control is not bugged so nvm but thx anyway

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    Does this support essentials plugin?
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