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    Gold2Economy v1.4
    Download: Dropbox | GitHub
    Source: GitHub
    Requires: Register & a supported economy | Permissions (Optional) | SuperPerms (Optional)

    Tired of having to sell things to a server to increase your monetal holdings? Then tire no more! This plugin allows you to convert the gold ingots (and now supports iron ingots and diamonds) in your inventory to a configurable amount in any economy system supported by Register. Permissions support is available as well for those that are looking to control who can and cannot use this plugin!
    Previous Changelogs
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    • Added support for converting iron and diamond
    • Added new permission nodes
    • Added new configuration nodes (Delete your previous config.yml and let the plugin generate a new one)
    • Added SuperPerms support (Permissions still supported)
    • Added new nodes to the config file. Again you'll need to let the plugin recreate your config file by deleting the config and starting your server
    • Minor bug fix
    • Added BOSEconomy support
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.use to Gold2Economy.use
    • Changed permission node from Gold2iConomy.admin to Gold2Economy.admin
    • Re-wrote the config handler (You will need to delete your current config file if upgrading from anything less than Version 1)
    • Major bug fix when using /gi all
    • /gi-reload is now /gi reload
    • Added /gi to show conversion rate
    • Added /gi all
    • Colour coded response messages
    • Minor bug fix

    • Added Permissions support
    • Added OP only support if Permissions is not detected for the /gi-reload command
    • Fixed bug where typing anything but a number would cause an internal error and nasty error mesage
    • Added /gi-reload
    • Added /gi
    • Initial release

    I hope this plugin is useful to your server and would also like to add that this is my first plugin. I made it because I could not find anything that did this task and needed it for my server. I decided to release this for public use because I found it very useful. Any feedback and/or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.
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    Make the value of gold declines based on the amount of gold traded(eg: every 64 gold ingots converted will reduce the price by y%). And make it such that if 63 gold ingots have been traded, when someone trades in 10 gold ingots then the calculations will count it as he sold 1 gold ingot at x price and 9 gold ingots at x - y%.
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    Such a thing would have to be configurable if implemented because not everybody will want/need that option. There would also be the chance that if you run a very large server the money paid for gold could potentially fall to zero or a very low value. I will consider adding this though. Unfortunately I don't have a great amount of time to get updates pushed as quickly as I'd like however.

    Edit: Your suggestion has been added to the To Do list
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    You could have it reduce by a percentage, and/or have a floor for the price to bottom out at.
    I could see this being used more if the item was configurable too.
    I may or may not use this, but I see no harm in helping if you want, as I seem to have free time now, and it's a small plugin.
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    Will leaving out the <amount> value convert all held gold ignots, or will it give an error message? Sorry, havnt tested it out yet, will soon.
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    My source code is very messy at the moment (I haven't worked with Java in a LONG time) and I haven't set up a github for it just yet. I will probably look into cleaning up and getting github set up later today (it's 04:19am). Your offer to help is very much appreciated however :)

    Just quickly looked into it and doing /gi without an amount currently throws an error that I thought I had fixed. I was planning to make it so if you type /gi without the <amount> that it would show you how much each gold ingot would be valued at. I could make it so if you do /gi all it will convert all the ingots in your inventory into money if you wish?
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    I dislike Java so I know what you mean. Haha. Maybe I'll fork it and then send a pull request when you do set it up. :)
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    It's not that I dislike's just a lot of effort to keep it tidy and modular :D I don't suppose you know the best way to count how many of an item a player has in their inventory? I'm looking at my implementation and thinking it's not efficient enough.
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    Not really. I usually fool around with really small stuff, cause I tend to get distracted :)
    Just browse some other people's source code and see what they do.
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    Just used my own implementation for the time being. Set up a github for the project too...excuse my very un-clean Java :D

    Update: Now at v0.3.2

    In this version: Major bug fix for all those that have V0.3 installed. Please update to newest JAR file

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    well this seems like a gold standard stock exchange so why not let the process be reversible
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    Hmm not sure if I'll add such a feature if I'm honest. It's not that it would be difficult, it's just not what I intended this plugin to do. Thank you anyway, your suggestion is much appreciated :)
  14. I actually made and have been maintaining a plugin that can do exactly this. I call it GoldStandard, and it's really expanded since it's birth and has some fairly in-depth options now.

    Also, @TGU_Roboto

    I think my plugin might also suit the needs you are looking for.

    To the OP, I'm sorry as I really don't mean to "steal" your users, but it seems like some people are are thinking that this plugin is doing something it wasn't intended for, and I think that mine might suit them better.
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    I haven't been getting the impression that anybody thinks this plugin is doing anything else than stated in the description (or the title). Nevertheless, my plugin and yours are two completely different plugins in regards to your plugin's functionality. Your's is more aimed at being a trading system rather than simply converting gold into money like mine does, so there is no need to apologise :)

    Update: Supports latest recommended build with no need to re-download the .jar file.
    Added to-do: Support PermissionsBukkit (Bukkit's Official Permissions Plugin)

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    Please also add the BOSEconomy
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    I am intending on adding that economy system :)
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    thank you sire
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    Update: Plugin is now at Version 1

    Included in this update:
    • BOSEconomy support!
    Attention users updating to Version 1:
    Your current config file WILL NOT WORK with this new version. When updating ensure that you first DELETE the entire Gold2iConomy folder inside your server's plugin folder. Also DELETE Gold2iConomy.jar as the new plugin is now named Gold2Economy. After you have done both of these things you can download Gold2Economy and place it inside your plugins folder
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    Mathew Alden

    Hi. Great plug in. I was really looking for something like this. The only thing is, can you make it so we can change the money back into gold ingots?
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    If I get maybe a few more requests then I'll add it in :)
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    Mathew Alden

    Turns out, I got it to do this using Showcase along with this and iConomy. :)
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    Funny you should mention that; I sell gold in my showcase shop too :p
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    Think you could add other items such as diamonds, please? Thought I would ask as I didn't see it requested! :)
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    i have loaded your mod on my server and whenever i try to use it i receive an error message in game(no crash) "internal error"

    i have BOSEconomy, permissions, command signs, economy punga, essentials, showcase, vanish no pickup, test wrap, and (of course) gold2economy

    these mods all work and i believe your mod will make the perfect addition in order to introduce more money into the system but i can't get it to work

    this is my server log

    what is wrong and how can i fix it?
    thx ahead of time even if you can't help

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    Nice plugin, added you to the list of supporting plugins! :p
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    Hey. First off BIG SORRY for the delay. I've been working for days without a break and have had no time for anything but sleep and work. I'm looking into this. You have A LOT of errors there but I am pretty sure I know what is causing the error my plugin throws.

    Thank you very much :D Although I seem to have a problem with your new version 7.1 (and I realise that this may not be the best place to post this), but Eclipse is telling me that addPlayerMoney and getPlayerMoney has been deprecated. I haven't tested but what are the new API calls for both features?

    I've fixed the bug being thrown in relation with BOSEconomy. However I cannot fix the error related to Permissions. Looking at your log file it would seem permissions is disabling itself when it comes across an error in your actual permissions file (the .yml file for your world). I would suggest you look at that and make sure it's all formatted correctly and also change "permissions: true" to "permissions: false" in "plugins/Gold2Economy/config.yml" until you have sorted out your permissions problem. If you don't quite believe that it's a problem with your actual permissions config then look at this

    05:12:52 [SEVERE] [Permissions] Unable to load permission data.
    05:12:52 [SEVERE] [Permissions] Shutting down Permissions due to error(s).
    05:12:52 [INFO] [Permissions] (Yeti) was initialized.
    05:12:52 [INFO] [Permissions] (Yeti) disabled successfully.
    05:12:52 [INFO] [Permissions] (Yeti) disabled successfully.
    Make sure to re-download and replace the plugin before starting your server again as well as making the other changes I've mentioned.

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    So I have BOSEconomy and set true to it. I set false on iConomy as well.
    I get this when I run the server:

    I know it runs fine, but it's scary. Everything works (command-wise and config). Can you tell me what's wrong?
    For that I'll give you 12 [gold], ;).
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    Already fixed. I made one fatal mistake in the code and hadn't noticed it myself. Re-download the latest file from dropbox or github :)

    Edit: Away to play some Xbox. I get email updates so I'll be back soon :D
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    Thank you so much!
    srixs: /gi all

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