[ECON/FUN] Timeismoney allows you to earn money per minute of connection [1.5.1-R0.2]

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    • Timeismoney allows you to earn money per minute of connection (Real server time).
    • Timeismoney is a system of cash machines where the player can get his money earned per minute of real time connection.
    • Timeismoney supports Vault, BOSEconomy, Essentials Eco or iConomy 7 plugins.

    • 1.3
    How to use:

    • To define a cash machine, just place 2 pressure plates, one sign and 2 buttons like shown in the picture.
    • The player earns money per minute of real time connection (by default 1$/min).
    • Money is paid into the Vault, iConomy, BOSEconomy or Essentials Eco account when the player go to a cash machine or when he disconnects.
    • There is a max time per session fixed by default to 120 min and a max amount per day fixed by default to 1000$.
    Commands :
    • /timeismoney : Show the time spent since last cash machine operation.
    • /timeismoney reload : Reload the configuration without restarting the server.
    Permissions :

    • If you're not using the Permissions plugin, Timer uses the built-in op.non-op system for permissions.Only ops will be able to create a cash machine.
    • Otherwise, the Permissions node is: timeismoney.create
    Configuration file:

    This file contains :
    1. money earned per minute (by default 1$/min)
    2. max time per session (by default 120 min)
    3. max amount per day (by default 1000$)
    4. Allowed AFK time, default is -1 (disabled), else if the AFK time is greather than this value, the AFK time is ignored by the cash machines.
    5. Message strings

    • Economy plugins: Vault, BOSEconomy, Essentials Eco or iConomy 7.
    • Just put timeismoney.jar in your server's plugin directory, then restart or reload the server.
    • You can then modify the configuration file if needed.
    • Add the Permission node if you use Permissions.
    Bukkit Dev Page:
    Download :


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    Wow nice!
    Will definitely use this!
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    Only 1 RB in title please.
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    Machine is not working...nothing happens when i step on the pressure plate.
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    Please check the way you build the machine. You're the first feedbak for this kind of problem.
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    Timeismoney V0.5 is ready.
    New functionnalities are:
    • /timeismoney reload command (reload the configuration)
    • AntiAFK system
    • Small chat message from the cash machine when you get money.
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    Nice, approved
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    Very cool, downloaded!
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    Whenever I use the machine, it doesn't give me my amount of time, nor does it give me money. Also, what is the time.txt for?
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    Thank u so much i really need this on my server and test it before i upload it on Planet Minecraft
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    Consider it downloaded...
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    Kouta Ayanami

    It isnt working for me, no time is displayed, nor money awarded.
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    Wow! Thank you that plugin is great! :)
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    Brilliant! Just installed reloaded server and Poof works like a charm!
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    Can you make it so people can't idle and earn money?
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    What about people trying earn money riding minecart circle avoiding AFK status?
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    Hey just wanted to say thank you for this plug its awesome and fun and unique...Thanks again !!
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    gooooooooooood is veri goood
    wat the same money wedeconected withdrawmoneywithoutabank??
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    New CB 1.2.5-R3.0 available.
    Multi languages supported and some bugs fixed.
    Thank you for your support..
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    added 2 my server working great love it thx Ypsilon
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    what exactly do you get when you claim money... I get a message
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    Two bugs with the latest version of TimeisMoney and Bukkit

    I am finding that after a few min randomly the /timeismoney command stops working. You type it and nothing happens. You walk in to the Bank and the sign shows no money.
    Note: once you walk in to the bank and the sign shows no $$ value you press the button, get no money, leave it and then /timeismoney command magically works again and your min. start adding up again.
    It's like it stops working randomly
    Any ideas?

    Also - a serious bug. Say someone goes in to the booth. He can get someone else to press the button for him and the first guy that went in gets paid. He goes back in, and he still has the minutes. He presses it and he gets paid again
    Duping the time and payout
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    Plugin is installed and working wonderfully!! However, I have no config file, because it never created a Timeismoney folder in my plugins directory. Please help?
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    How can it work if it didn't generate a config? lol
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    Thank you for reporting your problems, I will check that asap.
    No problem of config file generation on my server. Can you send me a private message with logs?
    BOSE will be also supported with the next vesion.
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    Nothing happens when I step on the pressure plates.
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    " Allowed AFK time, default is -1 (disabled), else if the AFK time is greather than this value, the AFK time is ignored by the cash machines. "

    thats makes no effin sense....... if -1 disables afk timer, then setting the value to +1- whatever, then the afk time is ignored, aka disabled ?? Im confused as hell

    it would seem that im still getting money from being afk, but im OP so not sure if it works differently for ops.

    oh i think i get it, if -1 then you CAN NOT go afk and expect to get money per minute. Where if its +1 then you can go afk and still gain minutes?

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    Hello this is a very useful plugin. Lots of people enjoy the opportunity for just being logged in! Although the layout of the machine is a little ugly but I have come up with a new one on my server. If you would like to come see this plugin in action you can join my server: mc.next-pvp.com!
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    New version have litle problem i install plugin and don't show time spend when add new txt day start working my english is bad sry

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