[ECON/FUN] PanelMaster v0.8.1 - MultiLanguage sign only Shop and more, iConomy 5 [803-1000]

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    Important Information:
    Moving to bukkit dev with a new name): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/signmaster/

    v0.8.1 release uses Bukkit built-in Permissions. See this post for more information. No more Permissions 3.x support ! Stay in 0.8 if you have problems !
    Consult Wiki for upgrades from 0.7 and below to 0.7.1 and up ! There is now an upgrade tool !

    PanelMaster is a plugin that lets you create a shop based only on a sign. No chests or backend Database (other than iConomy) is needed.

    The panel can be customised with ease by modifying a text file. So this plugin can be traduced in every possible language (if the Minecraft characters supports it).

    There is a confirmation action for everything you can do, so there is no buying if you don't want to.

    PanelMaster permits you to create SellPoints, InifinteSellPoints, PurchasePoints, Exchange Signs, Save Inventory Signs, Suicide Signs, Heal Signs and even Trash signs.

    There are lots of Shop plugins, but none of them permits a custom Panel. It also doesn't rely on Database, uses Permissions and iConomy.

    • Create a lot of usefull signs;
    • Custom the title of the signs;
    • Easy to use;
    • whitelist items;
    • Store up to a lot of material (a lot more than in a chest);
    • Decide who is able to create shops or not using permissions;
    • Full iConomy support;
    • Multi-world support;
    • Console logging when adding ressource, destroying or buying to have feedback.
    • PermissionsBukkit or other Bukkit SuperPerm plugin.
    • iConomy plugin v5.* Post here
    • MineUtile, a custom bukkit lib. Included in the final package. Sources.
    • WorldGuard or similar plugin is important to protect the signs.
    Known issues:
    • Does provide some basic destruction prevention BUT if someone breaks the block that is supporting the Panel, it will destroy the shop without having anything in return. This protection features is left up to WorldGuard. You can also post the sign on BedRock blocks to prevent that.
    • When a player that hasn't the permisions destroys a panel, that panel go blank for the user (not the others). It is a problem when canceling the action, there is no easy way to solve so it won't be solved. A disconnect-reconnect will correct everything for that user.
    • WorldEdit SuperAxe destroys the pannel before PanelMaster can capture the event, So do not destroy Panels with the SuperAxe.
    • SignEditing plugins might break the Sign format!
    Known bugs:
    • None for now :)
    • All the people that report bugs or give ideas to do better ;)
    • I'm not an english native speaker, there sure are lots of mistakes, sorry for that;
    • I do not have the time to translate everything, So I will be happy if foreign people send me their traduction and messages files.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fix Purchase Sign;
    • Support for bukkit 1000;
    • Change Permissions to support bukkit built-in permissions.
    Version 0.8
    • Fix console spam;
    • Add Inventory Clean Panel;
    • Minor code fix.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.7.1
    • Change id saving file from Java serialization to YAML file.
    • Minor code fix
    Version 0.7
    • Fix being able to sell damaged tools;
    • Add items permissions list for Sellpoint Panel;
    • Add Trash panel;
    • Change messages.properties, noSpace and empty fields are renamed;
    • Change config.properties into config.yml
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fix Exchange price;
    • Fix a permission error, thanks to kaiyou.
    Version 0.6
    • Add Exchange Signs (An other name for "infinite purchase";
    • French messages.properties is not updated.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed minor bugs;
    • Add french traduction, thanks yttr1um and Nicogeta
    Version 0.5
    • Add Heal Signs;
    • Add a price for Save, Suicide, Heal signs;
    • Add current balance information to all signs in which money is substracted;
    • Fixed ugly player update inventory fix.
    Version 0.4
    • Adding Inventory Save Signs;
    • Adding Suicide Signs;
    • Adding messages to the shop owner and current balance;
    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixed not being able to add color whool direclty into a shop
    Version 0.3
    • Adding Infinite Sellpoint
    • Modifying Purchase Panel look
    • Correcting a few bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Adding Purchase Panel
    • Fixed Bugs allover
    Version 0.1
    • First bukkit release.
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    that's quite a good detailed explaination of your problem, thanks a lot, it gives me a lot of hints.

    If the answer isn't: "there is a white list for materials now" try again.
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    Sorry was rushed.

    hmmm after reading your wiki again it appears this Plugin doesnt have a infinite Buy Sign?
    So players can farm wheat etc and sell them to a sign. Without a player needing to collect the wheat and it just vanishes and the player gets the money.
    If this could be added it would be awesome :D
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    The name might be a little confusing: https://github.com/creadri/PanelMaster/wiki/Exchange-how-to
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    Ahh thanks i got it working now :D
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    I've got a problem when a try to make a SellPoint.
    It didn't reconize the pannel, everything works well with others signs like Infinite, Buy ... etc

    I've got no error messages ingame or in the console, nothing. Just a simple Sign with text.

    Format i used :
    line 1 : SellPoint
    line 2 : quantity
    line 3 : price

    I've got all permissions as an Admin.

    Any ideas ?
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    Check messages.properties, I changed with Shop
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    @adreide can this plugin be used without the help of permission plugin or the custom lib file? :O
    and hip hip hooray! can the allow-list be set false? like using setting it off/on since if i don't want it.
    i still can't make shop :S
    i placed a sign
    1st: Shop
    is there any mistake on what i'm doing? please correct me if i did any mistake :S
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    That's it ! thank's.
    You should change the tutorial in the Wiki, there's still "SellPoint" ;)
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    I really dont understan. Nothings working
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    V0.6.1 work with b860. Good job.
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    v0.7.1 is out.

    Caution, new saving method for player ids (very important for those who do upgrades from previous versions)
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    Hello again, Could you put in the option to disable confirm action for all the differant signs? This would be great for mainly the trash sign since it would make trashing items faster and cut down on confirmation message spam!

    Also I am getting a error when I start up the plugin, the console says "New" for about 20 lines before stopping, any idea what is causing this? The plugin still works though...

    Edit* Also can there be a sign that clears your whole inventory? As a admin my inventory clutters up quickly hehe
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    @scout109 Will see what causes the console spam, surely a forgoten debug information. I'll get ride of that in the next version.

    A panel to clean the inventory, why not, easy to make. But the confirmation message are like the base of the plugin. Removing them will require some heavy code rewriting. I'll see if it's possible but don't have your hopes high.
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    if making a clean inventory panel is possible then dont worry so much about confirmation messages, but its up to you if you want to add the ability to disable and enable them :)
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    Is there no way to automatically upgrade the existing panels ? Manually doing it is going to be a lot of work for all the people who have many shops/users :$
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    @Pr4w I'll make a little program for those who upgrade from previous ones
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    @adreide Excuse me, what is the text to write for permission to add this plugin?sorry I do not speak English very well
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    Ah ! Brilliant, can't wait, thanks ! :)
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    v0.8 is out.

    @scout109 you have your clean inventory panel.
    @Pr4w you have your upgrade tool, see wiki for the link, should be quite easy to use.

    @Halaran see Wiki (link in the first thread)
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    I want to make a server shop. So the infinite sell will give the player the item, and the buy will sell it to the shop?
    when i do a purchase one, i keep getting "you have 0 of, destroy the sign"
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    @MetalMadness shops (sellpoints) and purchase points are for players to use. Admins should create Infinite Shops or Exchange points.

    Purchase works for players, if a player want to have glowstone for example, they can place a purchase panel. Other players will have the oportunity to fill that panel and the player can get the glowstones back by destroying the panel.

    Exchange points are for admins to place and permits players to "sell" their blocks to gain money.

    Everything is explained in the wiki though. If it isn't clear enough, tell me.
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    When i startup my server it says panelmaster config file error {0}
    And i didnt get a panelmaster folder in my plugins flder
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    @Sphynks copy the folder included in the zip file.
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    to wer?

    Adreide also, can i ask you to come to my server and show me an example? (and/or play if u want)

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    Aight now it says Panelmaster config error
    (not included in console: it doesnt say the {0} anymore)
    iconomy successfully linked
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    @Sphynks the plugin works, see wiki for more information on install procedure. If you don't get it to work then try another one.
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    Jazy Lopez

    Any possibility that this will be compatible with EssentialsEco? :)
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    Really nice plugin, everything seems to work. But please update wiki :)
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