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    Money4Exp - Made by AlexDGr8r
    Money4Exp allows players to earn money for the amount of experience they have. This plugin also allows you to remove all experience orbs from the world every amount of seconds. The time in which it checks players' experience and removes orbs is customizable. How Money4Exp works is it gives the player money for his experience then resets the player's experience. Money4Exp is great because it doesn't require any databases or any kind of storage of data.

    Download: (Regular) (Direct)
    Source: GitHub
    BukkitDev: Here!


    Installation for Money4Exp is incredibly simple. Just drop the Money4Exp jar file into your plugins folder. Then run your server once for it to create a configuration file. Configure it to your liking then restart your server for the changes to take effect. More information on configuration below.j

    • /cashexp - Allows a player to cash in their experience at any time.
    • /payall - Allows a player (particularly an admin/op) to pay all players at any time.
    Permission Nodes
    • m4exp.exchange - Allow /cashexp - Defaults to true
    • m4exp.payall - Allow /payall - Defaults to OP

    There are 12 config options available in the file named "config.yml":
    • "ExpMultiplier" - This is how much you want to multiply your experience by to give the player money. Experience * ExpMultiplier = MoneyGiven
    • "PayDelayInSeconds" - How long in seconds you want the server to pay each player for their experience. Set to zero if you do not want players to be paid at a set interval.
    • "RemoveOrbs" - Do you want to remove all experience orbs on your server? true/false
    • "OrbDelayInSeconds" - How long in seconds you want experience orbs to be removed if "RemoveOrbs" is set to true.
    • "KeepExperience" - Do you want players to keep their experience? true/false The payout for this is balanced. Players will only be paid for the difference in experience from their last payout or since they've logged in.
    • "ShowNoExpMessage" - Do you want to show the message if the player wasn't paid for not having experience. true/false
    • "ShowNoExpGainedMessage" - The only difference between this and "ShowNoExpMessage" is that this message is called when you have "KeepExperience" set to true. true/false
    • "ShowGotMoneyMessage" - Do you want a message to be displayed when a player gets paid? true/false
    • "GotMoneyMessage", "NoExpMessage", & "NoExpGainedMessage" - These are the messages to be displayed during the appropriate events. In the "GotMoneyMessage", put "%money%" in the message to represent the amount a player is paid. This will be replaced. Leaving it out won't effect its functionality.
    • "ExpForBlocks" - This enables the ability for players to earn experience from breaking certain blocks. true/false (See Blocks Configuration)
    Block Configuration
    This configuration file is called "blocks.yml" and is used for customizing the amount of experience a player gets when he breaks a block.
    • "BlockExp" - All block names under this give the amount of experience a player gets when they break that particular block. You can set the block experience to zero if you do not want players to receive experience from that block.
    • "ExpRandomized" - This is if you want to make the amount of experience random from a block. It will take its set experience from "BlockExp.[block]" and make that the maximum amount of experience a player gets from that block.
    Economy compatibility

    Almost all economies are supported through the Register Plugin by Nijikokun. You do not need to have the Register Plugin installed in order for Money4Exp to work. You do however need an economy plugin so players can be paid.

    - Added ability to get experience from blocks
    - Made messages configurable
    - Added commands for cashing in experience
    TODO: Make block placements save and load from a restart to stop cheating
    - Added feature to keep experience while keeping the payout balanced
    - Plugin Release
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    Interesting plugin. Must try it out once 1.9 comes out! I don't want to handle too much plugins yet.
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    Looks great... except... does it have to say "You could have gained money" every update?
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    I could make the messages configurable I suppose.
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    Phantom Index

    Also, can it also be set so that a player decides whether or not to exchange his exp for money? like /expexchange
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    I like what you're getting at there. Basically let players cash in when they want to. I'll look into it. Should be fairly easy to work into it.
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    That would be amazing. Or at least an option to turn it off. I have been using it and I love it, but everyone on my server hates the message :( if you want you could give me the source and ill just edit it myself, or you could add the option. Thank you! Awesome plugin
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    Like the addon. It works like a charm. My only question is if it is possible to add a configuration option to disable the message from being displayed. Maybe something like: BroadcastMessage= false
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    I've been rewriting a lot of the plugin and adding some new features. I should hopefully have it all finished by the end of the day. One of the features will allow you to customize all player messages or even remove them if you please. I'm also adding other ways to receive experience. All this new features are configurable and can be turned off if you wish.
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    Awesome. Great to here it. Thanks
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    Very nice plugin. I was wondering though if you could make it able to give configurable items as well? I only ask because I'd like to see a better use for exp (rather than removing it from the game) and since they will soon have a use anyway, I figured I'd request an additional feature for your plugin.

    I await your response :)
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    I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are saying. Do you want the plugin to give players items for experience?

    About the next update: I'm almost finished with it. I just have to work out a few bugs with the way things are being loaded with the plugin and it should be up soon. I can't say a definite time, but maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. This is a major update so that's why it's taking so long.

    It's not finished like I want to be, but what I have so far is available for download. Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

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    You, sir, are amazing. More than I expected! Thank you, well worth the wait.
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    Sorry for the late reply. Basically, all I'm saying is that getting items for experience orbs would be an awesome feature in your plugin.
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    Could we get an option in the config to squelch all the server.log messages, please? Great plugin, thanks!
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

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