[ECON/FUN] GiveAll v0.4.1 -Type Item in sign and Slap it, receive a Stack+more, W/Permissions [1060]

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    GiveAll - Good for Shops and a new Item Spawner
    Version: 0.4​

    Description: 0.4 This plugin lets users type on a sign line1: [GiveAll] line2:[ItemName] PLUS Many More Features!*Btw MUST put the [] on them both! Then just give the sign a slap and you receive a stack! Added Special Effects!
    For Permissions Put this for node Defaults GiveAll.no.use - Makes sure No one Can use this by typing this*

    • *Added [GiveAll] [Killmobs] - to get rid of those mobs!
    • *Added Weather Signs [GiveAll] [Normal], [Storm], [Day], [Night]
    • Permissions - node: *Put this for Defaults GiveAll.no.use - Makes sure No one Can use this by typing this*
    • Type [GiveAll] Then [Itemname] and hit the sign and it gives you a stack!
    • Colors and glows the sign when completed!
    • Special Sound Effect when sign hit
    New Video! v0.4

    Download the Plugin Here

    version 0.5
    • Added Armor and Weapon Sign Classes
    version 0.4

    • Adding Weather and Time Signs [day] [night] [storm] [normal]
    • Added KillMobs [Killmobs] and it kills all mobs
    version 0.3

    • Added Permissions and Nodes
    • Added Wool
    version 0.2

    • Added All Items To Spawn
    • Added Hit Sign To Recieve Item Stack
    • Ignore's caps for item
    • Added Sound Effect
    version 0.1

    • Plugin release
    thanks to Liam Allan narrowtux for Permissions!
    Thanks to BassettGoesPro we have another good video visit HERE
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    Hmm, simple and easy to use plugin. Really nice job! i like it! [presses 'like'] :D
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    Thanks! :D
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    So permissions is either the user/group can both create and use a sign, or neither? Any chanse of adding a permission to enable a user/group to use the sign, but not be able to create it? Or alternatively adding the permission to the description if it exists.
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    We can do that but the node for now is put that node for groups I don't want using it
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    This plugin is awesome! But, would love to see a permission that let's only admins create it, and not other users like others have said.
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    Does this plugins works with bukkit 1317? :)
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    I can't use signs to give items (I have not tested it, but I belive the normal command works).
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    I got problems with the plugin :( i have read what you said to Dubstein But it actually doesnt work. [GiveAll] Turns red but when i punch it doesnt give me anything
    Plz help me ;)
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    This is old that's why.
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    So it doesnt work :?
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    Btw u need permissions to make it work
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    I have searched for that :/ still cant find it
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    The plugin may be outdated too

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