[ECON/FUN] GiveAll v0.4.1 -Type Item in sign and Slap it, receive a Stack+more, W/Permissions [1060]

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    GiveAll - Good for Shops and a new Item Spawner
    Version: 0.4​

    Description: 0.4 This plugin lets users type on a sign line1: [GiveAll] line2:[ItemName] PLUS Many More Features!*Btw MUST put the [] on them both! Then just give the sign a slap and you receive a stack! Added Special Effects!
    For Permissions Put this for node Defaults GiveAll.no.use - Makes sure No one Can use this by typing this*

    • *Added [GiveAll] [Killmobs] - to get rid of those mobs!
    • *Added Weather Signs [GiveAll] [Normal], [Storm], [Day], [Night]
    • Permissions - node: *Put this for Defaults GiveAll.no.use - Makes sure No one Can use this by typing this*
    • Type [GiveAll] Then [Itemname] and hit the sign and it gives you a stack!
    • Colors and glows the sign when completed!
    • Special Sound Effect when sign hit
    New Video! v0.4

    Download the Plugin Here

    version 0.5
    • Added Armor and Weapon Sign Classes
    version 0.4

    • Adding Weather and Time Signs [day] [night] [storm] [normal]
    • Added KillMobs [Killmobs] and it kills all mobs
    version 0.3

    • Added Permissions and Nodes
    • Added Wool
    version 0.2

    • Added All Items To Spawn
    • Added Hit Sign To Recieve Item Stack
    • Ignore's caps for item
    • Added Sound Effect
    version 0.1

    • Plugin release
    thanks to Liam Allan narrowtux for Permissions!
    Thanks to BassettGoesPro we have another good video visit HERE
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    In the near future, this will be of The Undead Team quality. Keep working and don't stop! [creeper]
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    Thanks Good to hear! Were are updating it now!
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    Adding optimized and shorter code to find a data id or the name of the material.
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    Also getting all of items out there on 0.2
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    Daniel Heppner

    Very nice. Original. Just what I like. :)
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    I like you for just that.
    New parameters will be as follows and will give 64 of specified item.
    <name or dataid#>

    @emericask8ur i better see some mention of me and TeamUndead here... [zombie]
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    When v .3 is out that's the one me and u were working on I'll cred for some code bro:p
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    @emericask8ur That's fine. Lets just keep updating this until they release it. I'm getting an error on the names but the numbers work perfect. [zombie]
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    Would i be difficult to add so when it is right clicked with a certain item it spawn another stack in your inventory?
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    All in te new updates v3 so stay tuned!
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    I'm thinking we add
    if (noob punches sign){
    give him a stack of the goods;
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    Well sounds amazing ill keep an eye out for le next version!
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    We will continue this until it's at it's best!
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    Huge changes coming your way when sk8ur's back probably tomorrow. Player name added to the sign and you can specify a quantity. Will be adding a hit event so you can punch to get that much again and again.
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    And then permissions soon!
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    I cant wait till the other versions come out its going to be insane! :D :p
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    good job bro. [pig]
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    So it spawns one item when you finish the sign and thats it? Whats the point? Even if you made it so that every time you right click it gives you the item it still isn't as good as SimpleSign's give sign. Also,
    How is this original? I know for a fact that there are multiple other plugins that do this but with right clicking the sign, not when you finish editing it.
    @emericask8ur Also, the fact that in the source code you use this:
          if (event.getLine(1).contains("[Iron]")) {
            ItemStack item = new ItemStack(Material.IRON_INGOT, 64);
            event.getPlayer().getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack[] { item });
            p.sendMessage(ChatColor.BLUE + "[GiveAll] Gave A Stack Of Ironingot!");
    Is just ridiculous. Please please please change it to use Material.getMaterial(String).
    Also, I don't know if:
    event.getPlayer().getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack[] { item })
    is just JD-GUI messing with your code, but it should say:
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    Don't hate bro this is my 3 plugin and it's only version 0.1 we adding alot more
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    Show Spoiler

    Next version actually already has those exact changes. And the point is to make a plugin that lets users interact with signs. I promise you give this a week and it won't be what you claim to be unoriginal. I understand the crackdown on copycats but this is just an attack on a beginner and that's fucked up. This kid is trying and works very hard to make something new and all you can do is shoot him down.
    Your going a great job your getting better by the day. Haters gonna hate. Trollz gonna troll. Coders gonna code. Life goes on.
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    @(infected) @emericask8ur What are you talking about? As it is right now, this plugin is not original. As far as the code goes, the repeated if statements are terrible. Absolutely terrible. I do understand that as a beginner you might not know how to do it better than that, but you should at least ask somebody. Also, it doesn't tell you anywhere what the items that are usable with this plugin are. Why on earth would somebody want to type in [GiveAll] [Diamond] every time they wanted some diamonds when they could use the multitude of plugins that allow /i diamod?
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    Look the next version uses about oh? 1 if statement so when that's been debugged and done the problem wont exist and we wont be having this conversation.
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    People are offering helpful advice, you should be accepting it, not reporting their posts.

    Potatoes gonna potate.
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    Sorry I just don't like hatters :/

    New Updated Version out! Added alot more !

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    Im actually having some problems with the plugin.

    It seems that i can create the sign, and it changes colour and even gives me a stack when i confirm it, but its just not doing anything when i punch it..

    I have the latest version and doing it all correctly.
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    Try this download

    and tell me if that worked

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    doesnt work :confused:
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    Oops sorry ill work on that now!

    Im going to work on it now!

    New Version out! Download now! :cool:

    Note* If you are using Permissions there is a bug in it so MAKE SURE if you give permission you must type GiveAll.no.use for the People that CANNOT use it
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