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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by cronikkk, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm in the process of coding an Economy Plugin much like iConomy but a little bit more stable and a easier to use API. I'm just about done with it but not ready for public release. Here are a few of the features

    • MySQL
    • When a new user connects, they get inserted into the DB and given the starting amount of credits
      • Amount they get upon first entrance is completley configurable
      • currency name is configurable as well
      • After that upon every entrance, they can earn a certin amount of credits
        • Configurable amount
        • Can be turned on or off
    • Basic commands to view balance
    • Basic Administrator commands
      • Give users money
      • Take away money from users
      • Create voucher codes
        • Voucher codes can be money or a specific item
    • Market Place - Biggest Feature Yet
      • A command based marketplace that allows users to buy items
      • Prices are configurable by administrators
      • Every main items that are used
        • Armor
        • Weapons
        • Shovels, Picks, etc
        • Torches, Wool, Planks, Logs (all those types of things)
      • Convienient page system so it doesn't all pop up at once
      • Maybe the ability to sell items? (Comment on this)
    • API - For plugin developers :)
      • Get users balance
      • Give users money
      • Take users money
      • Few other things
      • Let me know if you want some more things added
    I will soon be looking for testers so if you have a database and would be willing to help me find all the bugs let me know by sending me a message or contacting me at cronikkk@minedev.net
    I appreciate all recommendations and take a look at all of them and seeing if they fit the concept.

    Few things I don't want to hear:
    - This is copying iConomy -- I don't care. This is a little different but with a few more built in features and easier to use API (Not slandering iConomy)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    iConomy 6 is already like this; But, I would like to address an issue.

    Currently this month we have seen two new "developmental" economy plugins, also two released.
    That's 4 new economy plugins, on-top of the already released 8.

    Instead of making a new plugin every time one little thing is missing or wrong, how about forking or editing ones that are open source (all of them)

    I'm not hating on you, or saying that you have bad ideas or that mine are better. I'm just saying this replication of plugins that already exist needs to stop. Open source is here for a reason.
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    I understand where you're coming from but I wasn't doing this because one little things is missing or wrong. I just figured i'd make something a little bit more lightweight.

    I code way different then everybody else. I don't like taking other peoples code and changing it i'd rather write my own. You know there will be absolutley no competition between iConomy and EC. I probably won't even get any people to use it. So why are you upset or why do you care? There are hundreds of duplicate plugins for every type of thing out there. Like iChat. There are tons of different chat plugins.

    But whatever. I'll stop developing it then.
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    I'm not talking about competition or anything of that sort, I'm not upset, but I do care about the end users.

    There are already 10 economy core plugins, not including the one you are making, if people keep going at this the same way and thought process "I code different, im not competing, i don't like using other peoples code" there are going to be at least thirty to forty by the end of the year.

    It's pointless to keep re-creating, the reason programming exists is move forward not create the same thing over and over, just help someone out it's best in the end.
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    Sorry but did you not read the part
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    Sorry, I didn't read it, I was going to work, if you want you can develop with me, and I think BOSE is looking for people to, I don't want to stunt your programming.

    Sorry once more.
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    Its fine. I'm gonna start a different project. Its fine.
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