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    DailyBonus - The Login Bonus Plugin:

    This awesome plugin was created by itsatacoshop247. However, it was discontinued. As it was a very good and requested plugin (also, by myself), i decided to try to port it for the latest bukkit RB with the lastest plugins.​
    Here its the old official topic:​

    Version: v1.8

    This plugin give a bonus once a day to players who log in.
    The amount is configurable.
    It can use an economy plugin or give items.

    • Daily amount given (configurable) when a player logs in each day.
    • Permissions, 'DailyBonus.get' or 'DailyBonus.getVIP'
    • VIP user group with different amounts
    Download the latest version

    Version 1.8
    • Updated to Craftbukkit #1000
    • Minor bug fixes
    Version 1.7

    • Updated to Craftbukkit #935
    • Support iConomy 5.0.1, BOSEconomy 6.0.2, EssentialEco 2.3 and iConomy 4.6
    • Minor bug fixes
    Show Spoiler
    Version 1.6
    • Updated to Craftbukkit #928
    Version 1.5

    • Updated to Craftbukkit #860
    • Support to iConomy 5.0.1
    • Automated detection of currency name
    Version 1.4

    • Updated to Iconomy 5!
    Version 1.3

    • Fixed some Non-Iconomy Problems, Start of timer added but unusable
    Version 1.2

    • VIP Settings
    • Options to turn Iconomy off and give items
    • Groundwork for delay to give
    • Randomize amount of Iconomy Given
    • It now gives money/item on first login!
    Version 1.1

    • Permissions, 'DailyBonus.get'
    • Configurable message
    • You can only use this version if you have permissions, but I'm assuming you do because of Iconomy anyways. I'll fix it once I add economy plugins that don't use permissions!
    Version 1

    • Release
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    Sweet. Big thanks for keeping life in this. :)
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    A few tips:
    • You can put all of your changelog except the latest two entries inside a spoiler
    • Add a wget compatible download. So in other words a download that doesn't take you off this page. I recommend using http://www.dropbox.com for hosting :D
    Otherwise it looks good (C'est Bon :D), nice first plugin.
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    I fixed what you asked.

    Merci but this plugin is just a fork of an inactive plugin that I love and I want it to continue to live. :)
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    Yeah, it did look a bit familiar :p - maybe you should give some credit in your post to the original developer.

    Good job anyway, I used to use this on my server.
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    Refresh the page ! :D
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    Anyway to add multiple items support and add a random chance rate?
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    I was also porting this plugin... but you was a little faster :p
    great port anyway :D
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    Are you developer ?
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    yeah... little bit, I did much with html and php and that kind of shit but I am trying java now.
    anyway, when I have useiconomy? turned to false, I still get the message "[dailybonus] no iconomy plugin found."
    and then nobody gets his reward.
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    Would you like to partner with me to keep update the plugin?
    For the "turned to false", I know the problem. I just forgot to code a condition.. :oops:
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    yeah, I would like to :D
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    Great ! :cool:
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    1st) this looks like a cool plugin and i have already started adding it to my server
    2nd) maybe you could add the ability to have special items given after logging in for xx days in a row and for logging in for a total of xx days

    example. You Have logged in for 7 days in a row here's a gold block/ you have logged in for a grand total of 28 days here's a diamond sword

    also maybe add in the ability to configure it to allow or disallow getting multiple bonuses so that if you log in on day 7 in a row and 28 days combined then you could choose weather or not they get the items for the daily log in and 7th day and 28 days

    and thanks fro porting this
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    I have an suggestion..

    I have a forum which have the score given by posting a message..

    I want to give different amount of money to each player according to forum-score or number of visit..

    Can you add this function?

    sorry for my poor english.
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    Hey @SkeletonGamer , a little bug report. :p
    When I have over 1000 files in /DailyBonus/ it stops giving out bonuses daily, I have to delete them all and then it'll work.
    Some sort of limit on 1024 ? :)
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    I work on this with @dralletje
  18. Great plug in.. Got a prob tho.. I have Enable_Iconomy? set to false. And when I log in i get a message in game and console saying "[DailyBonus] No economy plugin found!"

    Running bukkit 1000

    #^===DailyBonus Main Configuration===^
    #If you aren't going to use Iconomy make sure to set Enable_Iconomy?=false
    #The items for NonIconomy are only given if Enable_Iconomy?=false
    #Use the item numbers for now, items.db will be added later
    #The VIP system will be changed to a permissions system soon
    #I will make it mySQLite instead of 345436435 text files soon too!
    #Wed Aug 03 17:30:22 UTC 2011
    NonIconomy_message=[SERVER} You just got $amount$ feathers for logging in today\!
    VIPmessage=[SERVER] Hey VIP, You just got $amount$ feathers for logging in today\!
    VIP_NonIconomy_message=[SERVER] Hey VIP, You just got $amount$ feathers for logging in today\!
    message=[SERVER] You just got $amount$ feathers for logging in today\!
    Also Is there Color Support for the messages? If so using what format...

    Found another bug sorry.. lol.

    If the persons inventory is full and then log in for that day to get their bonus it says they receive it but it doesn't since their inv is full...

    Maybe a message that says "your inv is full. please have an open slot and then relogin.." or maybe have that a custom setting in the props file...

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    Humm I am just an amator developer so make this will be long. Sorry
  20. I understand. I would be extra happy in you just got the "in game and console saying "[DailyBonus] No economy plugin found!" taken care of... Thanks for all your hard work. Would love to see this plugin go far!
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    What about PermissionsBukkit?
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    Nothing. I don't know how does it work...
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    Permissions 3.1.6 <3
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    A mysql support would be very nice, because if mysql is used you can handle the daily Bonus on a Website. This is would be much easier & better. So you must not upload always the file and so on if you change something.
    Is it avaiable to give items too, when iconomy is on true?
    Because today the Players should get 20 Coins or so and tomorrow maybe a weapon and it would be nice if it work without put iconomoy 1 time "true" and 1 time "false" :=)
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    To see but I have no time to develop at the moment. My server takes me all my time... Sorry but I don't drop the plugin ! ;)
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    can this plugin setting group?
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    Yes VIP and Non-VIP. Just 2 groups.
  28. I have the same problem here. I'm not using iConomy and I set the setting false but it still doesn't work. Also running bukkit 1000.
    This is a plugin that I always wanted, and I'd love to see it work on my server! :)
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    This problem is known ;)
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