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    CrystalAuctions - In-game Auction House
    Version: v1.0

    CrystalAuctions brings a new way for players to buy and sell items safely and securely. It implements an auction system that can only be used at the Auction House, a location specified by the administrator that can be changed easily at any time. Players can browse through the items being sold by entering the name of the item or by viewing all of them at once. Every auction a user sets is given a unique ID that allows other players to buy their items. When an items auction time is up, 2 minutes, it will be given back to the seller. If a player sells an item(s) and logs out, the item(s) will be given back to them when they leave.

    • Allows a player to sell and buy items.
    • Allows an administrator to set an Auction House location
    • Players that sold items will be given them back when they log out
    • When typing a items name using the list command, if you type part of an item like "sword" it will show all of the items that contain "sword" in their name. Same with if you typed in "diamond" it would show all items with "diamond" in it.
    • /auction or /auction help - Shows all of the auction commands
    • /auction sell <price> <amount> - Sells the item that is in your hand at the selected price and amount
    • /auction buy <ID> - Buys the item by the auction ID
    • /auction cancel <ID> - Cancels an auction that is yours
    • /auction list - Shows all of the items being sold that aren't yours
    • /auction list item <name/id> - Shows all of the items being sold by name or ID
    • /auction list mine - Shows all of your current auctions
    • /auction setbounds - [ADMIN ONLY - Isn't displayed unless the player has the ca.setbounds node.] Sets the auction house location using the stick (left click to set first point, right click for second, then type this command)
    • <true/false> - Allows the player to use the auction commands
    • ca.setbounds: <true/false> - Allows the player to set the location for the auction house.
    Dev Bukkit And Download

    Version 1.0
    • Released
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    People have wanted very much to have auctions scopeable to an area for a while now. I'm looking forward to trying this plugin out. Good to have a little competition out there :).

    I would recommend github for your source instead of a rar file. It helps organize things better.

    Edit: Oh, and put it on dev bukkit too.

    Edit again: Also, I don't know if you can get approved using a mediafire url. I'm not sure, but it seems too much like
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    Yup I uploaded it to dev bukkit! The link is here: and it's also in the main thread. And yes I took out the mediafire link so you have to download it from dev bukkit. It has already been approved on there.
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    Great plugin but can I change the time to sell the item ? Because two minutes is too fast ='(
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    People have wanted very much to have auctions scopeable to an area for a while now.[​IMG]
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    Can you add npc auctineer's

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