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    CashFlow is an economy plugin that lets you create taxes and salaries that pay out at an interval you set. Permissions plugin optional (supports PEX, bPerms and PermsBukkit). Compatible with iConomy 4, 5, & 6+, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, Essentials Economy 2.2.17+, and MultiCurrency.

    • Uses the Register API, so it is compatible with multiple economy plugins.
    • Now permissions optional.
    • Supports PEX, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit.
    • Create multiple taxes with different amounts, intervals, and players receiving the tax (or no player receives the collected tax). Apply taxes to one group or many. Gives you the ability to add players to an "excepted players" list so if someone isn't going to play for a while you can freeze their tax without having to remove them from a group.
    • Create multiple salaries with different amounts, intervals, and players paying out the salaries (or no employer). Apply salaries to one group or many. Add players to an "Excepted Players" list so you can freeze their payment if they're going to be away, without having to remove them from a group.
    • Hits offline players unless onlineonly is set to true.
    • More features coming soon! (see the to-do list)
    Stuff you need:
    • Register
    • An economy plugin - BOSEconomy, MultiCurrency, Essentials Eco, iCo4/5/6
    • A permissions plugin (optional) - PEX, bPermissions, PermissionsBukkit


    See the BukkitDev page for more information.

    To Do:
    • Add World Guard support.
    • Add option to jail players who don't have enough money to pay their taxes.
    • Thresholds
    • Commands to edit taxes (maybe).
    • A little code cleanup.
    • What else? I've sort of lost track. Leave a comment if you think something should be added.

    Pull requests welcome!

    Version 1.0
    • PermissionsBukkit support! Yaaay.
    • Updated Register -you need to download this *here* and drop it in your plugins folder.
    • Added automatic tax/salary enabling on plugin enable.
    • Made onlineonly mode separate for each tax/salary.
    • Added economy plugins as a softdepend.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Updated Register
    • Bug fixes.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Edited plugin.yml to fix "Bukkit is sad" error being thrown in 1.8.1.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.4
    • Added support for bPermissions.
    • Added onlineonly option.
    • Made permissions plugin optional.
    Version 0.3
    • Added the option to create a tax as a percent or a flat amount.
    • Added the option to set taxes/salaries on individual players (or a list of players) or a group (or list of groups).
    Version 0.2
    • Rounded taxes to two decimal places.
    • Fixed removeException method always returning "Player not found".
    • Fixed not being able to check for offline players.
    • Added /cashflow setworld <world name> (to fix above).
    • Refactored commands
    • Cleaned up message sending.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial beta release.

    If you decide to use this plugin on your server, please let me know what you think so I can improve it! And if you like this plugin, please consider donating. It's a big incentive and it helps me buy things I need for school.

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    Can u sendme the version 1.0.9? im with some troubles with new releases, all players are being payed twice. The version 1.0.9 worked fine before, and i want see if is a bug on this plugin o is some other conflict with others plugins.
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    Err, at the moment, not the latest betas.
    The old release version 1.0.0 will... but I cannot support that version if you run into any issues... :\

    All old versions are available under the Files section:

    The multiple payment issue has been brought up a few times... but I haven't had the time to look into it.
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    add groupmanager plz!
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    Im getting this error

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    Hi!! Everything loads up fine. I can create Taxes, but when I apply a group to the tax i get this error:

    10:30:38 [WARNING] Task of 'CashFlow' generated an exception
    at com.platymuus.bukkit.permissions.Group.getPlayers(
    at mveritym.cashflow.PermissionsManager.getPermissionsBukkitUsers(
    at mveritym.cashflow.PermissionsManager.getUsers(
    at mveritym.cashflow.TaxManager.getUsers(
    at mveritym.cashflow.TaxManager.payTax(
    at mveritym.cashflow.Taxer$
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(

    If you can help me out that would be great. Im running permissionsBukkit with BOSEconomy. And I am running the most recent version of CashFlow :]
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    From what I can tell, when a tax attempted to get the players of a group, PermissionsBukkit attempted to look for the group you gave it... but it didn't find it and thus returned a null to CashFlow. I have no idea why that would happen as when you apply a group, we validate that group against what Vault says what groups exist...

    I can throw an update to catch it, and log it in the console what exactly happened, but that won't resolve the main issue in that the players of that group will not get the tax/salary due to PermissionsBukkit not finding the given group.
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    Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I had the time at which the Tax occurs ever 10 seconds, just to test it to make sure it was working. I changed it over to 1 hour. But the tax never actually occurs. But no errors. Any advice?
    Thanks :]

    Tax fired, With the same error :[
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    Well yeah, I'm still going to log the exception in the console so that you know something went wrong. It should have added a few lines before it. posts a ticket about it with a copy of the warning.
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    Changed out my permissions system to PermissionsEx and everything works fine... seems permissionsbukkit downs want to work with it :[[[
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    Bank Support for BOSEconomy? I tried to figure out, but without $ the plugin use a player account with $ before he does not find anything
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    Sorry, can you explain that a bit more? Are you saying it only does player accounts and not bank accounts for BOSEconomy? I will try and look at it at some point.
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    Well, i want to create a new Tax:
    /tax create (working Params) Payee
    I created BOSEconomy Bank:
    /econ bank create spawn
    If i type /tax create (Working Params) bank
    CashFlow use the User bank
    if i type /tax create (Working Params) $bank ($ is the Bank Symbol in BOSEconomy) the Account is not working and not found.#

    I hope this is is more explained.
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    Is this (banks) specific to BOSEconomy?

    I will need to write the special case for those, but I'll get around to proper bank support in a future release. Thanks for bring this up.

    EDIT: Made a ticket for you on BukkitDev:
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    K thank you.
  18. is the interval in hours, seconds or minutes?
    ow ya great plugin!
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    And thanks for the support.
  20. and how do you put like 10 mins?
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    Use decimals. So, maybe like 0.16 for close to 10 minutes.
  22. they don't get there money and were playing for like 20-30 mins now :s
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    Did you apply a group to it? :confused:

    Make a ticket on BukkitDev with your config.
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    Hey this is awesome by the way :) but I have 2 questions.

    1) factions
    Can this be used with factions so that faction leaders could tax their faction members? (If not, it would be an awesome feature to add ;) )
    is it possible to restrict a group (faction owners) to only tax people from their faction without being able to tax other players?
    would it be possible to tax/pay people according to their power, and give the faction owner a salary according to their faction's power.

    2) Bankruptcy
    What happens if someone is taxed but cant pay the tax, does his money go in the negatives or does it go down to zero?
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    Factions support has been requested, but I haven't had the time to get around to doing it.

    Player-made taxes/salaries is planned for release v2.0. It will require a complete overhaul of the code, not to mention I need to find time to do it.

    I have no idea. I'd have to look at how to hook into Factions, when I can. To be honest, I probably won't bother with Factions until after I've started, finished, and released v2.0. We've been stuck in betas for a while, and its because I've had to divvy my time between the various minecraft plugins that I support/maintain and real life.

    If someone cannot pay a tax, by lack of money, the plugin will take out as much as possible: in other words, they will hit rock bottom. However, because I do not believe that all (if any) economy systems support a "negative" balance, I only take what is available. Therefore, no, players will not get a negative balance through CashFlow's tax system.
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    update to 1.2.5?
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    It should already work with the latest CB builds. Make sure you are downloading the correct / latest version from the BukkitDev page:
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    I have a suggestion, would there be anyway to make this mod compatible with MineCalander so you can set up a day people get taxes on? I was thinking along the lines of every Friday? Excellent mod by the way!
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    i love this plugin, and would really love it even more if you did this "Add option to jail players who don't have enough money to pay their taxes." im running a harcore economy server with a friend and we would love to have this working, maybe if you cant get this working ill see if i can learn some java this summer and put it together myself! :3
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    This is perfect for the server I want to create! :D

    So this will work with just Essentials?

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