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    CashFlow is an economy plugin that lets you create taxes and salaries that pay out at an interval you set. Permissions plugin optional (supports PEX, bPerms and PermsBukkit). Compatible with iConomy 4, 5, & 6+, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, Essentials Economy 2.2.17+, and MultiCurrency.

    • Uses the Register API, so it is compatible with multiple economy plugins.
    • Now permissions optional.
    • Supports PEX, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit.
    • Create multiple taxes with different amounts, intervals, and players receiving the tax (or no player receives the collected tax). Apply taxes to one group or many. Gives you the ability to add players to an "excepted players" list so if someone isn't going to play for a while you can freeze their tax without having to remove them from a group.
    • Create multiple salaries with different amounts, intervals, and players paying out the salaries (or no employer). Apply salaries to one group or many. Add players to an "Excepted Players" list so you can freeze their payment if they're going to be away, without having to remove them from a group.
    • Hits offline players unless onlineonly is set to true.
    • More features coming soon! (see the to-do list)
    Stuff you need:
    • Register
    • An economy plugin - BOSEconomy, MultiCurrency, Essentials Eco, iCo4/5/6
    • A permissions plugin (optional) - PEX, bPermissions, PermissionsBukkit


    See the BukkitDev page for more information.

    To Do:
    • Add World Guard support.
    • Add option to jail players who don't have enough money to pay their taxes.
    • Thresholds
    • Commands to edit taxes (maybe).
    • A little code cleanup.
    • What else? I've sort of lost track. Leave a comment if you think something should be added.

    Pull requests welcome!

    Version 1.0
    • PermissionsBukkit support! Yaaay.
    • Updated Register -you need to download this *here* and drop it in your plugins folder.
    • Added automatic tax/salary enabling on plugin enable.
    • Made onlineonly mode separate for each tax/salary.
    • Added economy plugins as a softdepend.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Updated Register
    • Bug fixes.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Edited plugin.yml to fix "Bukkit is sad" error being thrown in 1.8.1.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.4
    • Added support for bPermissions.
    • Added onlineonly option.
    • Made permissions plugin optional.
    Version 0.3
    • Added the option to create a tax as a percent or a flat amount.
    • Added the option to set taxes/salaries on individual players (or a list of players) or a group (or list of groups).
    Version 0.2
    • Rounded taxes to two decimal places.
    • Fixed removeException method always returning "Player not found".
    • Fixed not being able to check for offline players.
    • Added /cashflow setworld <world name> (to fix above).
    • Refactored commands
    • Cleaned up message sending.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial beta release.

    If you decide to use this plugin on your server, please let me know what you think so I can improve it! And if you like this plugin, please consider donating. It's a big incentive and it helps me buy things I need for school.

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    Woah dang, its in hours ? i tought in seconds >.<
    ok got it working now, tough i get errors spammed in the console =/

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    @Jiggy Edit, nvm, I will add that to the list of errors to look at tonight!
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    Ok thanks, for the rest
    I love your plugin :D
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    @hedich @mctrue @Jiggy I've uploaded 0.4.2. Let me know if you still get the same errors. You may need to remake your salaries - the salaries were being set as Doubles not Strings, I've changed it, but see if they work without changing your config first.
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    yehh it work but OP only can use command?
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    Feature Request - can you add an option to apply taxes to players more/less than a specified amount?
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    @mctrue I don't support PermissionsBukkit yet, so CashFlow is running without a permissions plugin in your case so only OPs or the console can use commands.

    @HSAR Probably, although I'm not sure I understand quite what you want. Can you give me an example?
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    I think I failed at grammar there. My meaning was, could you implement a way to apply a certain tax only to people who have more than X amount of money, or less than X amount of money?
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    @HSAR Ahhh I see what you mean now. :p I can definitely add that, it'll be in 0.5.
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    Is there suppose to be a message that comes up telling you that you have been taxed/earned some tax money? Cause at the moment it seems like nothings working...
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    @Dev909 Yes it should message you every time you're taxed or paid. How long are your intervals (remember they're in hours not seconds and they don't pay out the first time they're enabled)? Also have you remembered to apply the taxes/salaries to a group or player? If those aren't the problem, post your config.yml and I'll take a look.
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    @mctrue I'm working on it! The main problem is that the PermissionsBukkit API doesn't have any option for me to get the right instance of the plugin so I physically *can't* get the information I need to have PermissionsBukkit work. I put in a ticket to their bukkit dev page about a week ago and they still haven't answered, so we'll see. :(
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    I originally set it to 5, thinking it was minutes haha. But I noticed it was hours and changed it up to .01 hours for a quick test. Does decimals work with this? If not, then can that could be the problem?
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    @Dev909 Decimals definitely work - when I test I set my intervals to 0.08333 (5mins). That's interesting that it still doesn't work. Can you post your config.yml for me?
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    In my server, we have a mall with player shops. I'd like to be able to tax people for making shops. Currently I region-define each shop for people. This would be the PERFECT way to make people not open a shop just to sell crap. Plus, if they can't pay their taxes then they get jailed, and I'll know to remove their shop!

    My mall is region defined as new_mall.
    The shops are then defined to the individual user.

    Could something like this be added to the plugin? So I could set a tax on a parent-region (such as new_mall). This way if a player has any Worldguarded territory within the mall, he can be taxed?

    If this is at all interesting to you, you could also use my test server (with a copy of my server's mall/plugins) for testing with me. I also use Mumble, you can see our Mumble/server details here if interested:

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    @CoffeeCrazy I can certainly take a look at adding taxation to WorldGuard regions as a feature. It might take a little while as I am currently in the hospital with appendicitis but I'll take a look as soon as I can.
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    Can you possibly make it to where the taxes would maybe go to a bank account or a person
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    I was thinking maybe you should add the option for someone to be able to pay the tax or not. So if i put you in this group to pay me taxes you cab refuse to pay taxes to me.
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    Get well soon.
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    Does this work with The Latest version of essentials (2.6.1?) Very interested in using this, however it did not recognize any of our permission groups
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    @Paintballlaws You can make salaries and taxes pay to a person, you just have to specify that when you make it/specify it in the config.yml file. See the bukkit dev page for some help with commands.

    @CRussian That is an interesting idea. Because I have so much else I want to add first, I'm going file this away to maybe implement later.

    @nicholosophy Thank you. :)

    @TobyZ28 Uhh, it should... maybe not, I haven't checked Essentials/Register. I might have the wrong version of Register plugged in, I'll check before I update next, thank you for asking.

    I haven't abandoned this I promise, I'm just very behind on everything at the moment. At the moment I've added automatic tax/salary enabling when the plugin starts up and I'm working on separating the online only modes into taxes and salaries separately. The way I think works best is if each tax/salary can be online or offline and you can set an interval for each one. For example, I set duketax to be onlineonly: true and onlineonly-interval: 24; this means that duketax will only collect from players who have been online in the last 24 hours. The problem with this is that I now have to add player logging, which isn't super hard, just a hassle. Other stuff I'm getting around to is listed up in the to-do section, but these two things will be added first in one little update because they seem more critical than the other stuff. Questions, comments?
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    Just want to say this is an awesome plugin :) Hope you get bukkit permissions working. Can't get it to work with that or the SuperPerms bridge. Creating taxes, hooks into the economy etc all work fine. It's just that it can't find the groups. When you do get groups working heres a question:

    Group C inherits from B
    Group B inherits from A
    Group A

    If we tax group A do users who belong to B & C get taxed as well since they inherit A's permissions? Or do users get taxed purely on the group(s) they are directly assigned to with no inheritance rules applied?
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    Yes, I wait PermissionsBukkit support .. D:
    When will you work on ?
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    @TobyZ28 Thank you :) PermissionsBukkit is on my list, it's just kinda yucky, but it's coming. Inheritance does not apply to taxes and salaries. If Group A inherits from Group B and you tax B, only B will be taxed, not A as well (but you can very easily just add A to the list of groups to be taxed. I could maybe add it if it was really really necessary but I'd rather not considering how behind I am with the list of things to do with this already!

    @BalavoinePLot Hopefully soon. The next update will be automatic enabling, individual online only modes, and an update to Register (which is seriously giving me hell). The update after that will be PermissionsBukkit (or maybe I could squeeze this into this update? I'll think about it). Thanks for being so patient!
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    Thank to you for this plugin!
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    FYI People on my server are building you shrines of worship hoping it will speed up the development of this plugin for permissions bukkit. ;) I'm actually not joking!
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    @mctrue @TobyZ28 @BalavoinePLot Upload the latest version for PermissionsBukkit support. :) Let me know how it works for you. You now also need to download Register and drop it in your plugins folder. It doesn't do anything it hasn't already been doing, it's just no longer bundled in with CashFlow's code.

    Shrines of worship are a real motivator rofl.
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    Oh yeah ! Thanks =)
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    People are rejoicing in the streets! :) I'll put it through the ringer and see if i can find any issues, already had register for another plugin :)

    Update: Groups were detected just fine! Will let you know how the first cycle goes in a few hours :)

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